How to Unlock the Windows 7 Hidden Themes

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There are hidden themes present in Windows 7. To unlock the Windows 7 hidden themes do the following:

  • Open the Explorer (Windows + E) and go to C:\Windows\winsxs
  • Enter *.theme into the search field. Alternately you can use the * sign on the number block.
  • You’ll get the Click me prompt
  • Double-click the themes ZA, US, GB, CA, AU to install them

Enjoy! and if you would like to know more tips please leave a comment.

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Content Cream – New Theme

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Changed my WordPress theme after a very long time and hoping the same for this one :p. It’s Content Cream by my friend at Blogging Bits. Have altered it’s header and may do some other slight changes as well in future.

Content Cream is a soft looking WordPress Theme that is all about content.

I designed this theme for personal use, but used it only for a month before I decided that I needed to change it. So I am making my old theme available for download for a very low fee of… $0!

Here are some of the features of Content Cream.

  • AdSense ready – You can put you two AdSense ad blocks in very prominent places. If you blend your ads (as shown in preview) with the background, they’ll appear to be a part of your content.
  • Widget ready – Though I prefer not to use widgets because directly modifying the code gives me much more control over customization.
  • Pretty Icons – Some pretty icons here and there to guide the eyes to the right places.
  • A feature box – A featured box right under the navigation bar that can hold three items of your choosing.

Other than that, this is a very minimalistic and content-oriented theme.

Get the Theme if you like it!

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