KB971033: How to hide and uninstall Windows piracy check update?

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Microsoft has just pushed Windows 7 piracy check update, which is also called Windows 7 Activation Technology Update by Microsoft, to Windows Update. It has been tagged as important by Microsoft so if you have set to install important updates automatically, it will be installed without any prompt. This post is about KB971033 update by Microsoft, it will tell you exactly what to look for, how to hide the KB971033 update and how to uninstall the KB971033 update, if it has already been installed. If you don’t want the update, change your settings and hide the update. Here’s what to look for:

For Windows 7 64-bit
Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB971033)

For Windows 7 32-bit
Update for Windows 7 for x86-based Systems (KB971033)

Description of the Update as it appears in Windows Update:
This update to Windows Activation Technologies detects activation exploits and tampering to key Windows system files. These exploits try to bypass regular Windows activation and are sometimes included with counterfeit copies of Windows.

There are some concerns about the said update, it is supposed to block 70 or so methods present for breaking Windows 7′s activation but it will also keep checking in on Windows even if it passes as Genuine the firs time.

How to Hide the KB971033 update?
1. Go to Windows Update by clicking Start, typing Windows Update and running it.
2. Right click on the update “Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB971033)” or “Update for Windows 7 for x86-based Systems (KB971033)” depending on the version of Windows 7 you are running.
3. Click Hide

How to uninstall the KB971033 update?
If you face a problem with the said update or you simply don’t want the way its going to keep checking your Windows, you can uninstall it by following these steps.
1. Go to “Programs and Features” either through Control Panel or by typing it in Start Menu.
2. Click “View installed updates”
3. Look for update KB971033, right click and click Uninstall. Restart might be necessary.

According to user reports, they are not able to uninstall the said update. I am looking into this and the post will be updated accordingly.

-Genuine Windows Blog entry about the said update
-Description of the update for Windows Activation Technologies/KB971033 information from Microsoft

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