‘Your iPhone activation session has expired’ solution

Posted by 24 June, 2010 (1) Comment

It seems that users always have to face problems with each release of iPhone, the early adopters at least. Users are reporting bad screens and a conspiracy theory is also on the rise about iOS4.

Some users have been reporting an error “Your iPhone activation session has expired” when they tried to activate their iPhone 4 via iTunes. The solution is very simple. Restart your iTunes and try, if that doesn’t solve your problem then restart your computer or MAC and that should do the job.

Enjoy your new iPhone 4!

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How to preview iPhone/iPod apps in browser?

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Apple has recently allowed users to preview iPhone/iPod Touch apps in browser without starting iTunes. It was a hassle before, iTunes was the requirement to preview but not anymore.

It gives a detailed view of the apps, their requirements and ratings etc. It’s very nice. Here’s how you can preview all the apps in AppStore without the use of iTunes.

1. Go to AppStore page on Apple’s website.
2. Click on an App of your liking, once the page loads just click on the App/iPhone screenshot and it will take you to the App preview page with complete details.

Here’s an example of how the AppStore preview looks like on a browser: Zipcar

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How to Add External IR Keyboard to iPhone Without Jailbreaking

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Yes, this has been done by the hackers! iPhone lacks an actual keyboard since its all touch screen and unlike Smart phones from Nokia, it cannot support a Bluetooth keyboard either. This may change with the upcoming OS 3.0 of iPhone since apparently Apple is opening access to iPhone’s Bluetooth.

Anyway, returning to the original topic now. See below:

iPhone with a keyboard

Zack created a modified version of the microcontroller firmware used for the audio port modem, expanded to detect an infrared signal or read from a USB host controller, then read the data transmitted by an attached keyboard and convert it to an FSK signal for transmission to an iPhone.

George then modified the iPhone application to interpret the keyboard data and display the appropriate characters on-screen.

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