Google Checkout is down in UK and US

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Google’s alternative to Paypal, Google Checkout is down in the UK for last two days without any kind of explanation from the company which is making the merchants very uneasy and frustrated, reports on Twitter also suggest that the service is down in the US.

Unlike Paypal, they do not have technical support line by phone so the merchants and users are in the dark about what’s happened to the service. According to Google they are looking into it. Google usually is on top of their game but something seems to be wrong with them, i.e. the privacy woes with Google Buzz release were also not expected by the tech community.

Head over to Twitter for real time updates by Google Checkout users for the latest information.

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How to turn off Google Buzz

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Update: Seeing the strong reaction by its users, Google has made it more privacy friendly now, when you click Turn Off Google Buzz in the footer or Google Options, you will be given choice of taking all your public profile listings off line as well and then disable it.

Thanks for being so generous Google as to enable Buzz on my Gmail account without asking me first and thanks for the great feature :sarcasm: “Automatically follow the people you email and chat with the most in Gmail.” which will sound better if it reads “Automatic invasion of privacy”. I thought Facebook was pretty bad privacy wise but Google Buzz has topped it, as soon as I clicked Buzz in my Inbox today, to see whats it about, I find out I am already ‘registered’ for it and not only that, I am following people and I am being followed and there was no sort of notification about this, no kind of permission needed… it just did. So I’m bidding farewell to Google Buzz, I don’t need it. Here’s how I turned off Google Buzz.

Step-1: Don’t just scroll down to your Inbox and click “Turn off Buzz” because if you have made your profile, updated your status and buzzed around, those will not vanish but remain public to your followers. So the first thing you should do is delete all the buzzes and status updates you made. Luckily, I did not make my profile.

Step-2: When you click Buzz, you will see your Profile image and text box for buzzing i.e. sharing, above that you should see a link to your followers, click that and unfollow everyone then block.

Step-3: Now you are safe, scroll down in Gmail and click “turn off Buzz”.

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How to Install Chrome OS in Windows 7

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Guide by Redmond Pie via

Step 1: Download and install the latest version of VirtualBox for Windows 7. (download link)

Step 2: Download .vmdk file for Google Chrome OS. (from gdgt)

Step 3: Start VirtualBox and click on “New” button. This will start a wizard that will help you create a new VM in VirtualBox.

Step 4: Name your VM “Chrome OS” and select “Linux” from Operating System dropdown menu, and “Other Linux” from Version dropdown menu.

Step 5: Assign your VM some Ram in megabytes. For this tutorial, I have allotted Chrome OS VM 512 MB of Ram.

Step 6: Now Select “use existing hard disk” option and select the .vmdk file of Chrome OS that you downloaded in Step 2.

Step 7: Click Next and finish the wizard.

Now simply click on the green colored “Start” button as seen in the screenshot above and wait for about 7 seconds for Chrome OS to boot up. You will need a valid Google ID to login into the operating system.

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Google Earth Direct Download Link – v 5.0.11337.1968 (beta)

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Google Earth can only be downloaded now using Google Updater. You download, run Google Updater and then it will grab Google Earth. I don’t know why Companies choose this way of installation. Broadband is indeed spreading, bandwidth and speed isn’t an issue. It will only take a few moments but I am someone who still wants a back up of installation file residing somewhere…

Following is the direct download link to late version of Google Earth 5 setup or installer, complete version number is 5.0.11337.1968 (beta), total size of the installation file is 9.90 MB. You don’t need Google Updater now. Just copy the following link, paste it in the browser or download manager and download.

Do leave a comment if this is what you were looking for and tell why do you like a standalone installer.

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How Google flagged all search results as harmful? – Human Error

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As posted earlier, Google flagged all search results as harmful. Marissa Mayer, VP, Search Products & User Experience for Google has posted an entry on Official Google Blog about the said incident and how it occurred. Here you go:

We periodically update that list and released one such update to the site this morning. Unfortunately (and here’s the human error), the URL of ‘/’ was mistakenly checked in as a value to the file and ‘/’ expands to all URLs. Fortunately, our on-call site reliability team found the problem quickly and reverted the file. Since we push these updates in a staggered and rolling fashion, the errors began appearing between 6:27 a.m. and 6:40 a.m. and began disappearing between 7:10 and 7:25 a.m., so the duration of the problem for any particular user was approximately 40 minutes.

Google gets away with it. It happened on Saturday – stock markets are closed or this would have meant a decline in their stock. LOL – that’s just my theory. A lot of people I am sure were near fainting to see that Google was not working. Some law suite might show up actually! ;)

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Google gone wrong – shows all search result as harmful

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Something is wrong with Google. It says that the site might harm your computer under every search result…

Update: It has been fixed. Someone might be in trouble ;)

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