BudURL Review & Alternatives

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I recently had a chance to try out BudURLservice, it is basically a URL shortener like bit.ly except for some additional so called features. I won’t go into much details, just tell you that I will not recommend BudURL to basic users, with just a single reason which factors the most for me:

Premium Click Stats, BudURL’s service – which is supposed to give IP address, referrer etc. of the visitors, the number of clicks this advanced information is showed for is VERY limited i.e. starting from 500 for 8 US$ / month. Now, when I signed up, I knew very well what this meant, the advanced stats only show for 500 visitors but I was under the impression that after the 500 clicks, it WILL be showing the basic information which all redirect services are offering i.e. basic details of the clickers like country they visited from – which is a standard with all free URL shortening services but to my surprise, they do not offer this. Only the following information is shown after your Clickstream quota runs out.

As you can see from the above screenshot, once your Clickstream/Premium Clicks quota runs out, you won’t get any information at all except the number of clicks! My clicks ran out on the very first day and I knew that would happen but after that day (12th March) there is virtually no information given about the clicks except vague numbers about the clicks.

If you are looking for a simple URL shortener that gives you extra information like IP address, Referrer etc. It’s just better to use a URL shortener service on your own hosting account/domain name, something like YOURLS should do. A reliable shared hosting with unlimited domains, bandwidth and good up-time should cost you less than 4 US$ per month so why spend 8 US$/500 clicks, 12 US$/2000 clicks and 49 US$/50000 clicks.

You CAN get the advance information of IP addresses/referrer etc. from your RAW logs or the stats service which will come with your hosting account.

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Display and Highlight Code in your WordPress blog without any plugins

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If you have ever tried to add PHP or some other programming code like CSS, HTML etc. in your WordPress blog, you will know what happens, WordPress will run it instead of showing it as code if you put it using HTML editor. There are many WordPress plugins out there to make the job easier but I wanted the functionality of displaying and highlighting code in WordPress posts without having to use any plugins.

WordPress will only show the code properly if characters are used for code elements, see below:

< = &lt;
> = &gt;
/ = &#47;
] = &#93;
[ = &#91;
" = &#34;
' = &#39;

Displaying Code properly without using any Plugin

Its not very simple to use characters instead of the code elements. What you should keep in mind is to always write your post/paste code in Visual mode of the WordPress editor instead of HTML, it will convert the code elements into characters automatically, displaying it correctly within code tags.

Highlighting Code without using any Plugin

Now the code will be shown correctly on your blog but thanks to easy CSS management in WordPress, you can add/edit a few lines of code in your theme’s stylesheet (style.css) to highlight the code so it stands out from rest of the post. Edit your theme’s stylesheet either by FTP or within WordPress Admin area and look for:

code {

You can edit it to your liking, setting background colour, text colour, border, margin, padding, everything that CSS can do for you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in comments.

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How to remove comment author’s URL from your WordPress blog?

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I recently came across an excellent read about the secrets of comments.php in WordPress by Gilles Maes at Net-Tuts, and I thought of testing this immediately, how to remove comment author’s URL from your WordPress blog. Now it is there for a reason, and I do not really recommend doing this but then the quality of some links is extremely low. I usually edit out questionable links from author and allow the comment when reasonable but I can’t imagine doing that all the time and certainly not on a blog with very big audience.

You can also simply remove URL field from comments.php but I won’t do that if I were you, simply because down the line some day you might want to get them back, so let them live in the database but not show if you have a problem with it.

Now in order to remove comment author’s URL, link or website, look for the following code under comments.php of the theme you are using.

<?php comment_author_link(); ?>

and remove _link so it looks like,

<?php comment_author(); ?>

that’s it, you are done. If you are having any trouble then feel free to ask me.

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“Fatal error: Class ‘scbWidget’ not found” Solution

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New version of the popular WordPress Plugin WP-UserOnline version 2.60 has arrived but with a problem. A small piece of code is missing for some reason and it gives the following error when its being enabled.

Fatal error: Class ‘scbWidget’ not found in /wp-content/plugins/wp-useronline/wp-useronline.php on line 515

The solution for it is very simple; if you have upgraded to version 2.60 and are getting the fatal error then login to your FTP and edit wp-useronline.php file, the fault lies in very first line so it’s very easy to find. It currently looks like,

< ?php
Plugin Name: WP-UserOnline

All you have to do is add include ‘scb/Widget.php’; under the very first line so it looks like this.

< ?php
include 'scb/Widget.php';
Plugin Name: WP-UserOnline

(Remove the space between < and ? php

and you are done, just activate the plugin. For those of you who are either lazy ;) or do not understand what I am talking about. Here's updated version of the Plugin with the fix applied to it. Just download it, login to your WordPress and add it via upload.


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