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BudURL Review & Alternatives

Posted by 16 March, 2011 (0) Comment

I recently had a chance to try out BudURLservice, it is basically a URL shortener like except for some additional so called features. I won’t go into much details, just tell you that I will not recommend BudURL to basic users, with just a single reason which factors the most for me:

Premium Click Stats, BudURL’s service – which is supposed to give IP address, referrer etc. of the visitors, the number of clicks this advanced information is showed for is VERY limited i.e. starting from 500 for 8 US$ / month. Now, when I signed up, I knew very well what this meant, the advanced stats only show for 500 visitors but I was under the impression that after the 500 clicks, it WILL be showing the basic information which all redirect services are offering i.e. basic details of the clickers like country they visited from – which is a standard with all free URL shortening services but to my surprise, they do not offer this. Only the following information is shown after your Clickstream quota runs out.

As you can see from the above screenshot, once your Clickstream/Premium Clicks quota runs out, you won’t get any information at all except the number of clicks! My clicks ran out on the very first day and I knew that would happen but after that day (12th March) there is virtually no information given about the clicks except vague numbers about the clicks.

If you are looking for a simple URL shortener that gives you extra information like IP address, Referrer etc. It’s just better to use a URL shortener service on your own hosting account/domain name, something like YOURLS should do. A reliable shared hosting with unlimited domains, bandwidth and good up-time should cost you less than 4 US$ per month so why spend 8 US$/500 clicks, 12 US$/2000 clicks and 49 US$/50000 clicks.

You CAN get the advance information of IP addresses/referrer etc. from your RAW logs or the stats service which will come with your hosting account.

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Load your Payoneer Card: by Paypal, ACH coming

Posted by 2 August, 2010 (4) Comment

Payoneer is a very good solution for free lancers to receive money and is compared to services like Paypal and Moneybookers. Up until now, the card could only be loaded by funding through a Credit Card but behold. I believe Payoneer is going to offer loading funds via Paypal as well as ACH.

How to load and add funds to Payoneer by Paypal?!

They have introduced a NEW load to page on their website which can be seen here. When the checkout page loads, Paypal and ACH options appear for a very short time and then they disappear. However, these can be seen under source code.

I should point out that my Payoneer card is not activated yet so it is possible that adding funds/loading funds to your Payoneer card by Paypal and ACH is showing up for users with already activated cards. What this means? Users will be able to receive Paypal funds anywhere in the world, this is specially good for users that Paypal keeps ignoring and their services are not available.

This could mean a simple and a cost effective way for webmasters/freelancers to accept Paypal payments without having a Paypal account. A good way to receive Paypal in countries where Paypal is not available. If their fees are good enough, this could mean trouble for Paypal too since the users even in Paypal supported countries will move to Payoneer.

You no longer have to do searches like receive Paypal in unsupported countries OR having to create a fake Paypal account and searching for ways to activate Paypal by virtual credit cards :).

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How to Add External IR Keyboard to iPhone Without Jailbreaking

Posted by 24 March, 2009 (0) Comment

Yes, this has been done by the hackers! iPhone lacks an actual keyboard since its all touch screen and unlike Smart phones from Nokia, it cannot support a Bluetooth keyboard either. This may change with the upcoming OS 3.0 of iPhone since apparently Apple is opening access to iPhone’s Bluetooth.

Anyway, returning to the original topic now. See below:

iPhone with a keyboard

Zack created a modified version of the microcontroller firmware used for the audio port modem, expanded to detect an infrared signal or read from a USB host controller, then read the data transmitted by an attached keyboard and convert it to an FSK signal for transmission to an iPhone.

George then modified the iPhone application to interpret the keyboard data and display the appropriate characters on-screen.

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Google Earth Direct Download Link – v 5.0.11337.1968 (beta)

Posted by 17 March, 2009 (10) Comment

Google Earth can only be downloaded now using Google Updater. You download, run Google Updater and then it will grab Google Earth. I don’t know why Companies choose this way of installation. Broadband is indeed spreading, bandwidth and speed isn’t an issue. It will only take a few moments but I am someone who still wants a back up of installation file residing somewhere…

Following is the direct download link to late version of Google Earth 5 setup or installer, complete version number is 5.0.11337.1968 (beta), total size of the installation file is 9.90 MB. You don’t need Google Updater now. Just copy the following link, paste it in the browser or download manager and download.

Do leave a comment if this is what you were looking for and tell why do you like a standalone installer.

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NOD32 false alarm! Win32/Kryptik.JX

Posted by 9 March, 2009 (28) Comment

Latest update: Scroll below

NOD32 went kahoots sometime ago with me as soon as it updated to 3918. It detected some critical system files as Win32/Kryptik.JX, started deleting them and putting them in quarantine. I was under the impression that my system has been infected with the trojan but after looking at the topics to which I am linking below, it turned out to be a big blunder on NOD32′s part.

NOD32 was deleting very critical and required Windows files and Windows Files Security prompt popped up as well telling me that some files have been overwritten or missing and that they need to be restored. Eset – maker of NOD32′s take on all this is here for everyone to see:

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PC in a Keyboard

Posted by 6 March, 2009 (0) Comment

Yes, a PC in a Keyboard would have been fantasy talk few years ago but not now. Thanks to Intel’s Atom processor – this is possible now.

A little while back Asus was toying with the idea of fitting a home theater PC inside a keyboard, and now we can happily say that this product is finally on its way.

The Eee Keyboard will come with wireless HDMI and a small touchscreen, and is expected to arrive in May or June, costing only $400-$600. Jerry Shen, Asus’ CEO, says that there are two models being worked on, a wired and a wireless version. It’s reported that the wireless capability is the difference between the $400 and $600 machines.

Underneath the hood it will have a 1.6GHz Atom processor, 1GB RAM, a 16 or 32GB SSD, WiFi and Bluetooth built in. It will also feature wireless HDMI, 2 USB 2.0, VGA, HDMI and audio in/out ports.


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