Load your Payoneer Card: by Paypal, ACH coming

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Payoneer is a very good solution for free lancers to receive money and is compared to services like Paypal and Moneybookers. Up until now, the card could only be loaded by funding through a Credit Card but behold. I believe Payoneer is going to offer loading funds via Paypal as well as ACH.

How to load and add funds to Payoneer by Paypal?!

They have introduced a NEW load to page on their website which can be seen here. When the checkout page loads, Paypal and ACH options appear for a very short time and then they disappear. However, these can be seen under source code.

I should point out that my Payoneer card is not activated yet so it is possible that adding funds/loading funds to your Payoneer card by Paypal and ACH is showing up for users with already activated cards. What this means? Users will be able to receive Paypal funds anywhere in the world, this is specially good for users that Paypal keeps ignoring and their services are not available.

This could mean a simple and a cost effective way for webmasters/freelancers to accept Paypal payments without having a Paypal account. A good way to receive Paypal in countries where Paypal is not available. If their fees are good enough, this could mean trouble for Paypal too since the users even in Paypal supported countries will move to Payoneer.

You no longer have to do searches like receive Paypal in unsupported countries OR having to create a fake Paypal account and searching for ways to activate Paypal by virtual credit cards :).

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February 27, 2011

It sucks, they have not added the said payment method yet.

Posted by Jack
March 16, 2011

The ‘glitch’ that made the Paypal payment option visible, for a short moment and thus I was able to check it under source code of the page, seem to have gone i.e. Paypal is no longer there…

They perhaps will add the option in future.

Posted by The Patri0t
May 26, 2011

payoneer faq,

Can I Load funds from PayPal to my Payoneer card?

Payoneer offers a service that enables you to receive funds from PayPal and other big US companies directly to your Payoneer card.

The US Virtual Account is available to selected card holders by invitation only.
To be able to apply for the Virtual Account you need to have at least 3 partner payments in the last 3 months.
We suggest that you contact us again when you have 3 or more partner payments.

If you meet the criteria, please contact Payoneer Customer Support (by clicking ‘Ask a representative’ link below)s o we can consider your application for this service.

Posted by SD
June 16, 2011

aw! i have money with paypal that I cannot withdraw. I thought I can transfer account to my payoneer but it wont let me. such a mess.

Posted by ella
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