KB971033: How to hide and uninstall Windows piracy check update?

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Microsoft has just pushed Windows 7 piracy check update, which is also called Windows 7 Activation Technology Update by Microsoft, to Windows Update. It has been tagged as important by Microsoft so if you have set to install important updates automatically, it will be installed without any prompt. This post is about KB971033 update by Microsoft, it will tell you exactly what to look for, how to hide the KB971033 update and how to uninstall the KB971033 update, if it has already been installed. If you don’t want the update, change your settings and hide the update. Here’s what to look for:

For Windows 7 64-bit
Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB971033)

For Windows 7 32-bit
Update for Windows 7 for x86-based Systems (KB971033)

Description of the Update as it appears in Windows Update:
This update to Windows Activation Technologies detects activation exploits and tampering to key Windows system files. These exploits try to bypass regular Windows activation and are sometimes included with counterfeit copies of Windows.

There are some concerns about the said update, it is supposed to block 70 or so methods present for breaking Windows 7′s activation but it will also keep checking in on Windows even if it passes as Genuine the firs time.

How to Hide the KB971033 update?
1. Go to Windows Update by clicking Start, typing Windows Update and running it.
2. Right click on the update “Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB971033)” or “Update for Windows 7 for x86-based Systems (KB971033)” depending on the version of Windows 7 you are running.
3. Click Hide

How to uninstall the KB971033 update?
If you face a problem with the said update or you simply don’t want the way its going to keep checking your Windows, you can uninstall it by following these steps.
1. Go to “Programs and Features” either through Control Panel or by typing it in Start Menu.
2. Click “View installed updates”
3. Look for update KB971033, right click and click Uninstall. Restart might be necessary.

According to user reports, they are not able to uninstall the said update. I am looking into this and the post will be updated accordingly.

-Genuine Windows Blog entry about the said update
-Description of the update for Windows Activation Technologies/KB971033 information from Microsoft

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February 25, 2010

After the KB971033 update i don’t see anything in“View installed updates”.

Posted by bob
February 25, 2010

bob – are you sure the said update is installed? Check under Windows Update, it might still be there.

Posted by The Patri0t
February 26, 2010

I have the same problem. Im 100% sure it is installed, but the KB971033 isnt in the list

Posted by Atomic
March 7, 2010

this is horrible information the update isnt able to be uninstall-ed this way its not an update its a trap, think of it like a microsoft virus for thos who are less fortunate why [edited] cant they just leave thos of us who simply cant afford it alone were not hurting anyone its not like the ppl that get the cracked version are actually going to buy it or even have the option to buy it, they think this is saving ppls computers when all its doing is wrecking them and doing nothing to thos FEW who have payed for it has anyone read the paranoid bullshit that there trying to justify this update with? do they even realize anyone can offer anything on the internet and the ppl that put viruses in these copys of windows cant be stopped like this i mean ud have to be pretty [edited] stupid to not notice the difference between a bad download and a good one …or a noob

Posted by drake
March 8, 2010

drake, yes it is unfortunate esp. for the genuine Windows users who are also caught up in all this but there’s nothing we can really do about this.

Posted by The Patri0t
April 14, 2010

Just an update, I just recently became a victim of this important update from microsoft, and found that if you look for Windows 7 Installer 1.77 and find a good copy, it will remove issues resulting from the update. Remove the update first, then run the force activate, restart pc and tada, fixed.

Posted by Elf
April 27, 2010

The fact that Microsoft has given the option to turn off or un-select an update that is supposed to combat OS piracy tells me MS really does not care about those few who have the motivation (for what ever reason)to crack their Windows 7 OS…I suppose the only reason MS puts on a show of anti-piracy is to appease the OEM’s..If MS did not pretend to be concerned about OS piracy the OEM’s who give MS Billions of dollars every year would be kicking and screaming and wanting a huge discount..The overlords of Windows at the Redmond palace were once like those few who do crack and hack today and I’m sure those overlords smile at those who have the savy to crack their OS’s..I’ll go as far as to say that Mr. Gates himself tells his people to release an OS key 90 days form an OS’s Release just so he can watch from his Ivory tower as those who marvel at his creation try to exploit a way to get around the faux anti-piracy Schemes…Folks enjoy your cracked Windows 7 OS..Think of it as a gift from the Gods…MR.Gates thank you Sir..

Posted by Gadget
April 27, 2010

The update KB971033 is showing in the update history, but it is not showing in the programs and features window in control panel. So i do not know how to uninstall it.
Any help would be appreaciated

Posted by user
June 4, 2010

That’s right, there’s no way to uninstall this THING :( this black background is just so depressing, but at least it’s working…

Posted by Olga
June 14, 2010

So you can hide the update before its been installed but you can’t delete it once its installed?? why would that do that? =( this makes me very sad, the pop ups are so annoying. I can’t find my update on the list or anywhere but I know its on here somewhere!

Posted by solar-280
June 16, 2010

I just hunted down the update, and uninstalled it. Pretty easy to do. Make sure the KB971033 file is not hiding in a security update package like mine. Luckly It didn’t catch anything…

Posted by Devious
June 20, 2010

i just uninstalled this update in the way it was described above on a pirated copy of win7 64bits – all went smooth and after restart the not genuine nagging screen just dissapeared. Thanks for your info!

Posted by ringo
July 11, 2010

Great post, I learned a lot! Looking forward to checking back soon!

Posted by lawyers in miami
July 27, 2010

I can’t find it in the installed updates list so I can uninstall it, but I find it in the updates list. How do you uninstall it?? :(

Posted by Oni
September 13, 2010

If yuo want to get rid of update KB971033, just dowload remove WAT.
Worked for me…

Posted by Kalle
January 8, 2011

On “View Installed Updates” you should look for: Update for Microsoft Windows(KB971033) and then click on uninstall. That’s how you will find it.

Posted by MasterMind
February 22, 2011

I am unable to uninstall KB971033 via Programs and Features in the Control Panel. I get an error stating: “An error has occured. Not all of the updates were succesfully uninstalled.” Anybody know how to uninstall this since I think I have been flagged.

Posted by J Kizer
March 6, 2011

If you find it on the “Updates History” but can’t uninstall it, hopefully it wasn’t too long ago.. If you didn’t clear recent restore points, restore the system to a time before the “Pirate Catcher” update was installed.
This method wipes out all “Cannot be removed” updates.

Posted by Miki
July 10, 2011

check the windows updates before hutting down nd if the kb971033 is on the list just uncheck it

Posted by trii stan
July 10, 2011

shutting down i mean

Posted by trii stan
July 20, 2011

I followed the steps and it seems windows has found a way to hide KB971033 so it wont be unistalled how can I unhide it and unistall it anyone?

Thanks in advance.

Posted by gee
August 6, 2011

@J Kizer
You can uninstall it in safe mode.

Posted by Kenyu
December 28, 2011

I have a pirated version of windows 7 ultimate x64, I ran into this update before and couldnt get rid of it by the mentioned above, now I can and heres what Ive done. Since my version is pirated I have completely disabled windows updates and blocked them on my firewall and I mean completly disabled, or so I thought, theres a program for windows called “advanced system care” (free version) this program will install all windows updates when ran in “deep care” BEFORE restarting the computer to finish the updates is the ONLY time you can get rid of that update, otherwise you wont be able to unless you download another windows loader to activate it again then afterwords uninstall said update, I have had to do this twice now on two computers! Hope this helped :)

Posted by Ben
December 28, 2011

OH YEAH almost forgot, if you are unsure weather or not you’ve been flagged by the update go look in control panel, system, and look at where it would normally say “activated” “serial” blah blah somewhere near the bottom, if it says anything other than the fact that its activated or if it says “unknown” anywhere, then id assume you’ve been flagged :P

Posted by Ben
March 11, 2012

click start then type “view installed updates” then press ctrl+f then type KB971033 then uninstall it.

Posted by GOOSE
April 3, 2012

For those of you who cant find it, it’s located under “installed” updates”, you have to find that button, and it’s in the list. Then you can uninstall it. For some reason MS hid that button…

Posted by Lee
May 25, 2012

ya encontre el KB971033 pero reinicie la maquina y no habia pasado nada alguno save q tengo q hacer haora???

Posted by NICO
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