“Fatal error: Class ‘scbWidget’ not found” Solution

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New version of the popular WordPress Plugin WP-UserOnline version 2.60 has arrived but with a problem. A small piece of code is missing for some reason and it gives the following error when its being enabled.

Fatal error: Class ‘scbWidget’ not found in /wp-content/plugins/wp-useronline/wp-useronline.php on line 515

The solution for it is very simple; if you have upgraded to version 2.60 and are getting the fatal error then login to your FTP and edit wp-useronline.php file, the fault lies in very first line so it’s very easy to find. It currently looks like,

< ?php
Plugin Name: WP-UserOnline

All you have to do is add include ‘scb/Widget.php’; under the very first line so it looks like this.

< ?php
include 'scb/Widget.php';
Plugin Name: WP-UserOnline

(Remove the space between < and ? php

and you are done, just activate the plugin. For those of you who are either lazy ;) or do not understand what I am talking about. Here's updated version of the Plugin with the fix applied to it. Just download it, login to your WordPress and add it via upload.


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February 12, 2010

works now!

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I just bookmarked you on my reddit account, will be back for more!

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