How to remove UPS speaker to get rid of the annoying beep forever

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If you happen to have a Computer UPS and are living in a 3rd world country with a lot of power outages then this is for you. Be warned that it may void the warranty of your UPS if there happens to be a warranty sticker somewhere which will rip apart if you open the UPS. In my case, there was no warranty sticker.

The beep is very loud and can get on your nerves. Even if you get used to it, other people around you won’t enjoy it each time there is power outage. Yes it indicates things like when there is a power outage or when its battery is about to run out but that can be told from the LEDs on the UPS it self and I think you should know what not to run on UPS to “overload” it. This is why I did not consider the beeping speaker of UPS to be of any importance to me and removed it.

It can be very annoying in middle of the night when UPS is running and there is a power outage, it disturbs your self as well as of everyone around you. Anyway, without further ado, here is the procedure to remove UPS speaker to get rid of the beeping sound.

Do this at your own risk. Take necessary precautions before opening the UPS because it has batteries and you can get electric shock if you are not careful. I will not be responsible for any damage to the UPS or your self!

1. Turn off your UPS. Make sure no LEDs are turned on.
2. Turn off the power switch connected to it and remove all outgoing power switches from back of the UPS.
3. Take your UPS to a plain surface and make sure it is turned off then open it up.
4. Look for the speaker now. They are easy to find. You must have seen such speakers on computer motherboards. Often it’s a little black cylinder about 1/3″ in diameter with a small hole in the top. It will be soldered to UPS controlling board. This is how it may look like:



If you cannot confirm it visually. Press the UPS powering button just for a second so you hear the beep from UPS. Try to locate the beep source then. You can do the same to confirm that the speaker is indeed one you found. You don’t want to remove some transistor instead of the speaker now…

5. Now if you have the proper tools and skills you can de-solder the said speaker easily. This way you can attach it again in future but most of you I suppose will have no such skills or tools so just get pliers, hold the speaker in it and slowly move the speaker left and right so its solder break. Then to confirm that the sound is not coming you can press the UPS power button for a second. No beep! Congrats!

If you want, you can tape the speaker just on top, so the hole is covered. It will reduce the beep noise but then again sensitive ears will be annoyed with that too so I chose to completely remove the said speaker.

You should not worry. In case you need the speaker again, you can always take it to some electrician, de-solder anything left of the speaker you removed and solder another speaker.

This is a safe practice and will not harm your UPS if you do what I said and take all the precautions and not harm anything else but the speaker during all this procedure. If it does then your bad luck and please don’t hold me responsible. I did the same without damaging my UPS.

Again – do this at your own risk. Don’t blame me if anything goes wrong.

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January 9, 2009

lol man it worked! i did it last night and got rid on that bloodywanker

Posted by lol
February 24, 2009

Just what I was looking for. Will try to use this idea.

Posted by keshav
July 25, 2009

right, i did this immediately after buying the UPS. i soldered a long wire in place the speaker and stuck it out of the holes of the UPS cabin. Then soldered some short wires to the small speaker. This way i can install the speaker immediately when i need. it.

recently my 12v 7ah built in battery went kaput and i hooked a 12v 35ah battery instead of a 7ah one. it gives me a backup of about 45-50min. The speaker removal comes very helpful now. a bad thing about all this is that i had to install a pc cabinet fan into the UPS since it was getting too hot. we have too many power outages here so the trickle charge doesn’t help most of the times. im planning to get a 10a charger soon.

Posted by yet_another_hindu_infidel
July 25, 2009

one more thing… the terminals of the speakers carry high voltage so don’t try to fuse back the speaker in a running state.

Posted by yet_another_hindu_infidel
February 24, 2010

Thanks a ton buddy, will do it immediately. I just had a small doubt whether it will break any circuits if I do so.
I already placed a tape and other junk on the speaker but it is not helpfull:( …. so anywawys
Thanks you dude….

Posted by Sai Prathyush
May 15, 2010

Whoa!! that was awesome, it suddenly just came right in from of my eyes, and it actually worked. Thanks man !!

Posted by Fabio
June 30, 2010

There is also software available at for UPSes. You need a cable between your USB and the RJ45 connector on the unit. Connect the unit, then download the software. Click on “notification”. There are choices to turn on or turn off the audible alarms. Good Luck!!

Posted by Ed Mallett
September 6, 2010

I tried to cut out that obnoxious beeper before but did not understand what it looked like. My ups happily has been lobotomized and sits quietly as it should. Terrific! Thanks so much!
Bob the (deck of cards) Builder

Posted by BobBuilder
August 10, 2011

Just what i was looking for,i just got a new ups and i was searching the internet for the right way to ‘shut it up’, thanks man.

Posted by Biohazard-UN2814
August 10, 2011

I opened my usp cover and tried to remove the speaker with pliers, but when I tried to pull it out the upper half of its plastic cover came out instead of the whole thing, well I noticed a small metal disc (the one that makes all the noise) I just took it out and put the cover back.
no more annoying beeping.
thanks again for your post.

Posted by Biohazard-UN2814
November 20, 2011

It works! Thank you.

Posted by Garik
March 4, 2012

What about this idea..
If we cut one line of speaker and then connect a switch , and take that switch outside ups.
when we use beep turn it on and respctly off.

Posted by Ubaid
May 7, 2012

Thanks friend this is exactly what i’m looking for the sound was so annoying. Thanks again

Posted by Mohammed
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