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Paypal Pakistan – ? ? ?

Posted by 28 February, 2007 (29) Comment

What is taking Paypal so long to introduce their services for Pakistan? Online Banking has started already here and there have been laws too regarding Internet and what not. We do need Paypal’s payment services since it’s reliable and affordable too. Everyone can easily use the said service.

Sending money to someone abroad or someone abroad sending money to Pakistan is always pain. I remember ordering a USB kit from a shop in China, I had no other choice but a TT and that was costly. I had to pay a fee equal to the amount I was sending… Other options for sending money to Pakistan are through Western Union and Money Gram. Never tried International Money order. UBL also offers sending money to Pakistan from abroad, they have very little presence in other countries though. There are other Private Companies working too, like Maliks Exchange but it was no use for me and yeah the “DESI” style of sending money is always there. You pay someone in Dubai, that someone calls his brother back home and gives the said amount to the person for whom it is meant.

I really am wondering what is taking Paypal so long to arrive here. We have got Online Banking now, not all banks but a few, UBL – I have personally used their netBanking and it’s “AWESOME”. They offer managing multiple Bank accounts, debit cards, transfering funds to any UBL Account holder in Pakistan – I hope they offer this for all Banks very soon, if you want to send money to someone in Pakistan who does not have a UBL Account then you can send them an eCheque, just write their name and address, set an amount and send it. The person will be sent a Cheque on their name through Courier. Plus I feel it is very secure, you will know that the moment you try to login there.

I tried to see if Paypal has registered any domains for Pakistan. I hit a few results, is registered by Paypal! Bad news for Paypal though, not really bad since they can WIN over the guys owning “THEIR” domain names. Yes, is registered to “Mr.Tanveer Aslam of Bahawalpur!” and is registered to “CyberCottage of Lahore”. I guess these guys were thinking of selling off their domain name to Paypal when it wanted to arrive in Pakistan? or something else perhaps. They will be either paid by Paypal or own3d by them. I am listing ONLY. The said domain was registered in January 2006. A year now, c’mon Paypal!!!

Domain Name:

PayPal International Limited
eBay Admin

Create Date:

Expire Date:

Agent Organization:
VeriSign, Inc.

Technical Contact:
eBay Inc.
eBay Hostmaster
San Jose, CA95125

Billing Contact:
VeriSign, Inc.
DBMS VeriSign
Mt View, CA94043


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E-mail from Asus about JMicron problem

Posted by 17 February, 2007 (6) Comment

I have received e-mail from Asus, officially and not through usual Support method. Thanks to Gary [from Anandtech] for that! and ofcourse Thanks to Asus… It seems to have solved the problem with performance lag when copying files from or to the devices connected with JMicron, even when you use default driver of Windows XP, the usual “Standard Dual Channel IDE Controller” but I am not satisfied about the BOOT time . . .

It seems as though the when installing the Jmicron controller the default could be DMA/PIO which it must be detected as Ultra DMA 5 in order for these controllers to speed up (with the device/drives attached).

The BIOS for the Jmicron must be set to RAID.

The problem probably is when installing both the Jmicron controller along with the sound drivers, both are using a lot of CPU resources at the same time. You must make sure that one of the drives are set to UDMA mode 5 to have the sound drivers and the Micron Controllers work at an independent process simultaneously.

Please follow the steps below:

1) Please go into the P5B Deluxe BIOS.

2) Set your secondary RAID controller (JMicron one under Advance–>Onboard devices) in the BIOS to RAID/Enabled (even if you only use IDE).

3) Boot into Windows XP.

4) You may continue to use the Jmicron controller driver from the CD –OR– you may use the drivers from the actual manufacturer of the controller chip from Jmicron. You can get these here :-

5) Install the JMicron installation package – even when you’re not using RAID.
6) The OS
will find the IDE controller.

7) Go to device manager, open IDE/ATAPI controllers tree.  Right click each channel and select properties.  Click on advanced tab settings. Make sure that each channel is set to DMA Mode and the device that is attached to one of these channels should be Ultra DMA MODE 5.

8) Reboot your system

At this point your system should operate as normal even having the sound drivers installed - The IDE controller speed should also be optimal and you should be able to navigate without any lag. The optical drives should be able to copy files fairly quickly.

Another quick note is that you may need to do another fresh install before trying the steps above.

Please let me know if this works for you.

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AMD in Pakistan

Posted by 14 February, 2007 (41) Comment

AMD was on high side of things until release of Intel Core 2 DUO Processors. They had done very well in sales and everything in most of the countries EXCEPT Pakistan. I feel like AMD did nothing to get hold of the market in Pakistan because last time I inquired, it was I think June last year, there was only ONE Reseller for AMD in a city near ours and no one offered AMD in our city. People over here do want to get computers but most of them want to save money too, that is where AMD could have won over Intel in the past…

I have noticed that after release of Intel’s Core 2 DUO Processors and aggressive price cuts by both AMD and Intel, AMD finally woke up and wants to get hold of things over in Pakistan. Intel has dominated Pakistan’s computer market since years, they can’t be beaten any soon. Plus resellers/dealers will have a hard time selling AMD to their customers because everyone seem to have “Intel is the best” on their mind. It is very true, they look for “Genuine Intel” everywhere! So much that they don’t consider Intel’s Celeron processors “Genuine Intel”!!! Both are of course made by Intel and are not fakes, but try telling that to someone here.

AMD’s official Distributors for Pakistan, IDE@L Systems/IDE@L Distribution Line is “SPAMMING” Intel’s dealers. Yes, you heard that right, they are SPAMMING! and few weeks ago, they offered FREE Motorbike on purchase of AMD Bundle [Asus Mobo+AMD Processor], today there is yet another offer which might make a few resellers greedy. They are offering Car, Laptop, Motorbike, TV, Computer and a cell phone based on the number of AMD Bundles you buy from them!

Intel is going to have a little hard time with their new Core 2 DUO’s too. Reason is simple, the folks in Pakistan, they are so much “Computer Literate :p” that they will prefer Intel Pentium 4/Core DUO 3.4 Ghz over Intel Core 2 DUO 1.86 Ghz! No, not because the first one is cheap but because the first one is 3.4 Ghz and second is 1.86 Ghz!!! Yeah, trying selling that to people here…

Oh and Good Luck AMD!!! and please find your own resellers, don’t SPAM Intel one’s!

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Palestine – Peace Shattered

Posted by 2 February, 2007 (2) Comment

Sorry folks but for not replying to your comments, esp. on P5B Deluxe issue was away. Back now so will answer all insha’Allah. Meanwhile, I am finding it very hard… Palestinians KILLING each other. Someone who say slept in the year 2000 and used to hear Palestinians getting killed by Israelis, say he slept in 2000 and wakes up today, while hearing TRUCE broken, he would be like the hell with Israel but as soon as he hears it’s Hamas and Fatah fighting with each other and killing one another, he most probably would commit suicide.

With due respects, I am not a fan of Fatah, they are what you can call the “traitors” but what the hell. HAMAS? Why? I do know Fatah and Western countries are not being just with you but for heaven’s sake don’t kill each other over a damn Government control! Just have patience, do peaceful protests and the people of Palestine and the muslim world will be with you but if you start acting like this, sorry to say but you (and Fatah) are mocking Palestinian Freedom movement and muslims and not to mention saving Israel some precious “ENERGY”.

May Allah guide us all on the right path.

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