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I have been getting few search queries from search engines, inquiring about Asus Distributor in Pakistan. Well, here is there complete information:

    Authorized Distributor for Asus in Pakistan – Contact Details:

Shing Technologies Inc.

Karachi Office:
D-22, Block-9, Gizri Road,
Clifton – Karachi.
Tel: 021-5824561/2
Fax: 021-5824563
E-Mail: [email protected]

Lahore Office:
Suite-9, 4th Floor Hafeez Center,
Main Boulevard, Gulberg III, Lahore.
Tel: 042-5762041/2
E-Mail: [email protected]

I think Karachi office is their HQ. I recommend buying from the Distributor directly instead of going to a retail shop because at least I was not offered full THREE years warranty by their retail dealer, just 9 months. They also refused to order the motherboard for me. You will save money too by ordering directly from the Distributor.

Best method of communication is Telephone. You can inquire about any product of Asus from them. They will let you know it’s price and shipping cost to your city. You make a bank draft in the name of Shing Technologies Inc. Karachi or Lahore [depending where you contacted them] of the amount they ask for, make a photo copy of it, send original by courier to their address. They will send it right away or it will take sometime if it’s not in stock with them. You can send the payment later too when it’s available in stock. Just keep in touch with them.

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March 2, 2008

i really appriciate your post here, its beneficial for ppl like me searching for asus distributor. i live in karachi can’t i just pay cash at thier location and get the product. and do they have display as well. for asus casings, and main-boards and other devices.

hope u will reply soon.
please reply at my e-mail.


Posted by waqar
June 3, 2008

Never buy anything from this cheater company, they will never give you warranty (even after 10 days),
My motherboard failed while updating bios (this covers under Asus warranty terms) and sent the motherboard to ShingTech Moth@r F@CK#R they gave me my board back after 15-20 days and said that processor socket pin is damaged (which they did).
So I suggest never buy anything from those Mo#her Fu@kers.

Sorry for my bad language, but i spent 15000+ on that board.

Posted by Arshad Khan
June 14, 2008

Please anyone let me know abt shingtech ppl being CHEATERS :shock:
I want to buy a brand new ASUS laptop and heard them being sole distributors in Pakistan .. genuine n all
Plz guide me ..anyone

Posted by Hermy
July 27, 2008

Every business must follow a clear and distant policy regarding their products and sevices. every given service being charged and provided in due limits.
millions of units product being sold every year ranging from simple chasis or optical drive to sesitive products. one must get traind to handle/install properly/use as per instructions.
warranty is for products std. for three years excluding any physical damages to products.
this is being like following sbp rule if write or mark quaid’s face on a note will not be entertain as valid currency.
please consult the warranty detail before dicide to buy.
thank you.

Posted by Afridi
August 16, 2008

Hey sir,
I m stephen. I buy Asus computer (laptop) from south Korea. Model is A6R.
Kindly let me know how much is the CD+DVD room price.
It’s not working well. Automatically it eject out.

Posted by stephen
September 24, 2008

Hi, dear friends
I bought an Asus laptop, Model E-9 series when i was in china in Jan.2008. Now when i backed to my country Pakistan, the battary is not charging. Anyone who know Asus dealer in Islamabad. I wana chage/replace the battary cos its still in warranty.
Thank you very much
Ghafar Ali, Islamabad

Posted by Ghafar Ali
March 14, 2009

hi,dear sir please tell me intel 3.04 board,prosser and 200gb hard disk,sony combo dvd writer give me information to email price in pakistan currency.thanks.

Posted by m.shafiq
September 27, 2010

AOA sir,
i have Asus Laptop W5F slide show its not working due to board problem i checked in Blue Area Islamabad (Extreme Technology) now plz tell me the solution or suggestion how could i make this in working condition

Posted by Imran Malik
October 6, 2010

I bought P6T Deluxe V2 directly from the supposed distributor Shingtech. The motherboard failed after a few months there was no display it was dead. I gave the motherboard back for warranty.It was with great difficulty that they accepted the motherboard making all sort of excuses that it was damaged etc. But when I protested they relented.One of the personnel also spotted me at one of the main retailers fixing another ASus motherboard of the same make and he knew that I was no ordinary customer.They then started delaying in replacing the motherboard. I then asked the retailer to phone them. Within no time they replaced the motherboard but with a ghastly note that they are replacing the motherboard as a very special favour the previous mother board was damaged which was an outright lie; and there will be no further warranty for this motherboard. They finished off the 3 year warranty.They had to listen to the retailer because he buys motherboards from them in bulk and they could not afford to make him angry.I happened to have a good relationship with retailer of some years. I do not recommend to any consumer to buy directly from Shintech because in case of the product being defective they try to wriggle out knowing well that it is only a consumer with just one product. They cannot do this to a retail shopkeeper who buys in bulk from them.It is better to spend a few thousand rupees more and buy goods from a retailer with whom you have been previously buying goods from.

Posted by Saleem Siddiqui
April 12, 2011

I want to purchase one laptop which is recently announced in US model G74SX with a very high specifications for gaming purpose basically and i want to purchase from Pakistan because right now i am not in Pakistan but i want to purchase from there because that is my own country and i feel satisfied dealing with my own kind. so can someone guide me where i am can get and if i buy from these guys described above will it be a good deal or bad if someone had any experience dealing with them plz kindly guide me.

Posted by Kamran
June 19, 2011

hey pz help me to change language of my asus pro78v.its in Germon language.i want to change its language in english

Posted by sunny
August 13, 2011

Saleem Siddiqui thanks man.You gave everyone a great tip from your experience.You are good man.

Posted by Khalid baloch
November 3, 2011

Salam sir i wont X52S asus laptop mother board plz let me know the prosseger how i get this plz u must rply
im in trouble

Posted by abdul
December 8, 2011

Is There Any Authorized Dealer Of ASUS In Islamabad
Please Let Me Know

Posted by Hassnain
January 21, 2012

i bought my laptop from australia it was under the warranty. I am now in Pakistan n my battery has gone it runs only for 20-25 minutes and now i can’t go there just for the lappy n warranty is going to expire v soon can anyone tell me from where can i get a new battery?

Posted by saadia
May 30, 2012

To all and sundry,get this priceless piece of advice from an experienced person,the 3 year warranty that is touted so loudly is a sales gimic,a senior person who works at shingtec told me himself that they cover warranty claims for only one hear and the rest is bullshit.I my self say a guy bring his viewsonic lcd to their warranty centre which was showing no display,he had bought it from them two years ago and it had one year warranty left,the person who was incharge told him that it will cost him 4ooo rupees to repair his lcd and the warranty is invalid after one year.
Get it from an ordinary joe,buy from Galaxy or some other reputable retailer,at least they dont lie to you.

Posted by Khalid Baloch
May 30, 2012

Please correct a little mistake i made in the above post,”I my self say a person”should be read “I myself saw a person”.

Posted by Khalid Baloch
June 16, 2012

Stay away from these people who consider themselves Gods.

I submitted my notebook which required LCD replacement service. I called their customer service at this number 923218224380 to get status and got answer “We are on lunch, call us later”. I tried another number 923219224380 and no one picked the call.

I thought I made a mistake by calling mobile numbers (even though I got them from their support service) because support centers always have shifts for lunch breaks. Then I called on a land line number 021-35824561. The same person (a girl) picked the call and talked to me in a very rood manner saying that “We have a lunch break and if you have a problem, talk to people who don’t get lunch break” and disconnected my call without even listening me.

I am surprised that these guys are representing Asus in Pakistan. I am going to report Asus in Austratia about their pathetic customer support service and will never try to get their services again.

Posted by Saqib
August 19, 2012

Salam i have ASUS Laptop but it broke and i need its parts. Do anyone tell me from where i can get its parts ? Its an emergency! reply ASAP!

Posted by Arbaaz
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