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If you came here from a Search Engine, please just scroll down to the “Problems & Solutions” area. LOL. All this ranting below is for friends of mine umm well I am not sure who will read it all :p.

The Ranting!

Hmm, so I have got hands on Asus P5B Deluxe on 30th September, sadly it became the reason for me not being able to give enough time to other things around me. I love this motherboard, it’s simply awesome, speaking of the Hardware components it’s made of but ALAS it has disappointed me when it comes to drivers for the Onboard HD Audio device and Jmicron controller (which has been included in it as the Intel’s South Bridge did not have PATA/IDE Interface). Further disappointing is the fact that I must have read like LOTS & LOTS & LOTS of Reviews online before opting for this motherboard and none of those mentioned problems with it’s drivers & performance!!! I prefered it over the ASUS “DIGITAL HOME” Motherboard with 975 chipset as there were lot’s of reports coming up that it won’t support Intel Core 2 DUO out of the box & if that’s the case then you have to get a non-Core 2 DUO processor and flash it’s BIOS to the newest.

Anyways…I was really frustrated in the first week because of this Motherboard because I paid a hefty price for it & when I pay ENOUGH I don’t expect it will give me a headache and when it does, well it _____ me off. I was almost going to call the Distributor and exchange this Motherboard with the 975 chipset one (which is OLD) but then I decided to wait and research before going ahead. Here are the problems I found with this Motherboard, not Motherboard to be exact but two drivers.

The motherboard arrived on 30th around 11 am. I set everything up till 1 pm and due to very easy installation of the front panel controls, it booted just fine on the very first try. LOL. I have dealt with cheap Intel motherboards only before. It’s a pain in the posterior to set the front panels (power button, reset button, hd & power led, front USB as well) as the Motherboards usually does not come with a manual & the sticker which comes with it sometimes is I don’t know why sometimes now up2date! So you end up being like a moron as you won’t be able to switch the system ON if you don’t set those properly. Then the screw driver technique comes in, what you basically do it that touch all of the front panel pointers present on the Motherboard with a screw driver, you will see a spark and the system will boot up, then do all the installation and get a manual from the driver’s cd or from Internet and set it properly!

With ASUS P5B Deluxe it was no pain. They provided EZ installation modules, you set it up on the front panel module on the Mobo, every thing’s written on it. Install each cable according to it and you are done. Same modules are provided for front USB and firewire ports. So the Motherboard boots, I boot it by Windows XP cd and do the installation. Noted the time, it took 12 minutes for the installation :D! Was happy with it, Windows boots up, I install Nvidia drivers then inserted ASUS drivers CD and chose automatic installation of drivers. It installed drivers for the Intel chipset, HD Audio and JMicron SATA/PATA controller. I also installed the softwares by ASUS to monitor and overclock the motherboard. So when everything was done and I restarted the system, I noticed SLOW boot time. I ignored it and thought it’s because of all the clutter on start-up perhaps? I was not worried about it at that time as I was going to optimize the boot related matter later.

Next step was installation of the required daily use Softwares. I did, until I had to reboot after installing Alcohol 120% because when a reboot took place after it. The boot time which was taking around 5 XP tickers now took around 12. I was like WTH? I was thinking about it when Windows boots, I go in My Computer, as soon as I double click on a Drive letter to see a few things, it would double click, I would hear the clicking noise and then it would be jammed then go in the folder. This was definitely not a good thing. I had an open mouth to see this and the very first thought came was, this Motherboard is screwed up! I did not think any thing else than formatting the whole installation and doing it again. This time, I wanted to see things in detail. So I installed the Windows then drivers. Then with each program installed, I would reboot and check for the boot time. Alcohol caused the problem again, I did a System Restore and it worked fine. I decided to disable all the Windows services and enable them one by one to see what is causing the problem. The problem appeared to be with “Plug & Play”. I disabled it and the boot time was fine and there was no jamming either when I would double click folders or get back but wait do you know what Plug & Play does for Windows XP? No body can live with it disabled. Your printer won’t work if it’s disabled, to put it simple, it’s looking over all the hardware your computer HAS and which might be plugged in it in future. This thing never gave me a problem before, so I decided to see what services depend on Plug & Play. I disabled those and enabled one by one, the problem thing came up…guess what was it? The Windows Audio service!!! I could disable it but then there would be no sound in Windows. Then another thought came. I went in Control Panel and disabled the Windows sound scheme as a whole. No Windows sounds but I could still hear the games I play etc. There was no lagging after double clicking then! Next, I enabled the Windows sound scheme but disabled the CLICK for STARTING, as in when you double click a folder, you hear a sound. I disabled that, enabled all the rest and it worked! I knew something’s wrong with the Onboard Audio. Oh & when you played the audio, you would hear cracking sound, it won’t be clear!!!

After hours of search on Internet, I came across a few people having same complain as me. The culprits appeared to be the Onboard Audio driver (which I had already an idea about) and also the driver for Jmicron controller!

The Problems & their Solutions

    (1) HD Audio Driver :

This Motherboard is using High Definition Soundmax AD1988B chip for it’s audio. The CD which came with it had version x.x.4530 drivers for the said audio chip. I even installed the latest x.x.4570 drivers but the problem remained there. The slow down on double clicking folders with Windows sound scheme enabled and the hissing in background while playing sounds. The solution for this is simple, which I am not going to do for the time being, go to BIOS and disable the Onboard HD Audio device…which means you will not be able to hear anything unless you have got an extra PCI Audio device! Most of the people on Internet who own P5B Deluxe are not using the onboard audio device. Not that it’s bad but because they are NUTS, lol, they are using extreme sound cards like the Creative X-FI which cost in thousands!!! I paid thousands already, I expect to use the Onboard audio. I don’t have the funds to pay extra for the audio. Anyways. Let’s hope they release a newer audio version soon which will solve the problem.

    (2) Jmicron driver :

Download the latest from ASUS website. Install it BUT you will I am very sure feel slow down during boot time and perhaps during Windows too. Install it as you will see Unknown Device (which is a bother). Install it, reboot, then go to Device Manager and under SCSI and RAID controllers see for Jmicron. Rite click it and click Update driver. Select No, not at this time and click Next then select Install from specific location and click next, then select Don’t search. I’ll choose the driver to install (from a list). You will see two options there, “JMicron JMB36x Controller” and “Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller”. Select the later one, “Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller”, click next and allow the Computer to do the rest. There is no need to reboot after this change, though do reboot to see that the boot problem is gone. If you want to use the RAID capabilities then there is enough offered by the Intel chip, use that instead of this. I would have disabled this in BIOS but I can’t do that as using two IDE/PATA optical drives.

Remember, the boot time problem and performance lag was gone ONLY when both of the above solutions were adopted. Which means getting a seperate PCI sound card and changing driver of the Jmicron controller. Or if you can live with it like me, just disabled the Windows sound scheme all together or disabled the one which happens when you double click.

I will say again, I am very much disappointed by all the review sites which praised Asus P5B Deluxe. It is a sweet thing indeed but they have no where mentioned it having a problem in performance due to the stupid drivers offered by Jmicron and Soundmax!!! They should have mentioned this…Another very simple idea is there in my mind too, I will not offer it here yet as I have not tested it yet. As soon as I do and the problem is solved (I am sure it will) then I will announce it. I have contacted ASUS about the said problems, basically I want to see what have they got for explanation. I hope they “acknowledge” the problem that it’s there due to drivers or if it’s hardware related (which I am sure is not) then they better say I can return this Motherboard and get an exchange. I am loving the MOBO already so I just hope it’s only the stupid drivers.

Oh & anyone of you drove a car @ 320 KM/HOUR? I did :D, in “Need for Speed Most Wanted Black Edition 2007″, lol and when I mentioned that I wrecked a few police cars which were trying to chase me…the friend mentioned it as “VIOLENCE” :\. C’mon, I did not hurt anyone! I guess I did but well, it was the computer, they don’t feel any thing!

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October 26, 2006

Hey, thanks for writing about this. I feel exactly the same way, I’ve got the P5B deluxe wifi board and it looked like a really good mobo when I bought it. But after installing I encountered the same probs as you, been searching for an answer ever since…

I bought this mobo ’cause of it’s abillity to overclock and it’s features. I also bought my brothers and dad an ABIT AB9. After installing al the PC’s, I must say, the ABIT AB9 is the better board. Imagine how dissapointing: paying €65,- more for a board that doesn’t work like it should. Why didn’t all the review site’s mention this?

My problem is even worse. In 5.1 mode only my left-front en sub speaker work like they should, the rest almost don’t work, well only if I place my ear at about 2 cm’s in front of it I can hear something. I connected everything like it should.

Maybe the best thing is, as you stated before, “return to sender”. I’m seriously considering replacing this board with an AB9 or a Gigabyt DQ6. I hope Asus fixes this before, ’cause if I replace this board (for a problem with such an easy solution, like: build BETTER drivers!) I’m sure I won’t buy an ASUS board, ever again!

Well that’s my two cents,

with greets from The Netherlands,


P.S. Might you find a solution, please do mail me………..

Posted by Benoit
November 5, 2006

Had the same audio problem … but its working now here is how i did :

Removed audiodrivers
Removed Microsoft HD audio fix
Ran Regedit and removed everything with soundmax in it
Downloaded newest soundmax drivers from Asus site

Restarted the computer

Installed the drivers via setupprogram in driver dir
noticed that it didn’t give me the control program for the drivers

restarted the computer

Ran driversetup again
didnt remove drivers when it asked me … this gave me a working Soundmax control panel
Ran the soundmax setupguide from start/soundmax group

And …. now the hole sh.t seems to work … been bugging me for a while
Hope this works for others

Posted by Neffobold
November 9, 2006

Hello People.

Well its good to hear these comments. I too thought this was a great board but once I got it up and running I had (still have) issues with the sound and DVD writer… I think we are all competent and we know how to setup PC’s it definitely is the fault of ASUS and the good for nothing software engineers at soundmax…

Lets start with the DVD writer.

Model: Plextor 716A (firmware 1.10)
The drive is not recognised by XP has a writer, therefore I can not “right click” and send to burner… I have no idea what the problem is here. When I rebuild the PC the writer is recognised but then for some reason it goes, I thought it was nero at first but it wasn’t.…..Anyway I can live with this because I can use third party software to burn my data.

Onboard Soundmax

Well after owning a previous ASUS board P5GD1 (I think) this was using a realtek driver and it was brill absolutely great, I had 6 speakers working perfectly without any problems at all.

So now I get this board and I thought it would be the same…. but no! it was now using soundmax (who) and the only time I can get good sound is when I set the system up to stereo. When I select quad system the sound screws up on the front speakers and on the rear ones you can only hear the backing vocalist, its just not right….

I’m hoping the above suggestion by Neffobold works….
I’m beginning to wish I never got rid of my other PC it work great, I just wanted more power and opted for a duo2…..

All the reviews that I read never mentioned the sound problems…. I really want the sound system to work….. really don’t want the hassle of sending the board back…

Good luck to you all….. if you figure it out please drop me a line….

Cheers folks

Posted by Rum
November 10, 2006

I have the same problems and worse. i think is better to change to Gigabyte, I format my computer, and when it boots with XP Pro go directly to the CD again and so on

Posted by Ramon Gonzalez
November 10, 2006

Thanks for the replies everyone. I brought the matter up because there is almost nothing right now about the current issue with P5B Deluxe. I cannot afford to change this board right now. We do not get to RTM the computer hardware easily here (unless the Company from which you bought it from is owned by your friend or family).

The IDE devices issue is because of the JMicron’s faulty driver. This issue is not just there in P5B Deluxe from ASUS but in Gigabyte boards too which have got JMicron IDE/SATA Controller on them. Installation of the JMicron driver is not recommended if the SATA RAID capability of the said controller will not be used and it will only be used for IDE purpose. Who cares about JMicron’s SATA ports when you already got 4-6 SATA available on Intel chip which I am sure are superior in performance too. I am not able to get enough time but has anyone tried to test Vista drivers released on P5B Deluxe driver page by ASUS with Windows XP? I think they might work, worth a try. I will check as soon as I can. Other than that, the board is excellent. I will overclock our current E6300 to 400 from 266, resulting 1600 MHz of FSB, even more if I make my mind to do it. It’s no problem to get even 500+ or 2000-2100 Mhz of FSB on the said board. People have reached the said OC all over the Internet.

Posted by The Patri0t
November 11, 2006

same here.
having some problems with the audio driver, will try the vista drivers, but doubt they will work…
i have 2 SATA 500 disks in RAID 1 (mirror), but i can not check whether they are working good.
in device manager, disk management, you see one disk. only when i start up, press CTRL I , then i can see the two disks are belonging to one volume and they are up and running.
i could pull out one disk to check if i get a warning when i start, but that shouldn’t be the way to check your system…
anybody had this?


Posted by tommyboy
November 17, 2006

Until today my 2 IDE drives was identified as SCSI drives, i did as you said and chose the standard windows driver instead of the Jmicron driver and rebooted… VOILA! now my drives are recocginzed as IDE again.

Posted by Malk
November 18, 2006

“Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller”
i dont get this option when trying to select my controller, i only see the jmicron

Posted by gybp
November 19, 2006

Hi all,

The sound problems with the borked drivers is well known – people complaining all over the net. I am bitterly dissapointed as what is the point of supplying onboard high definition audio only to destroy it all with very poor drivers? Come on Asus/Soundmax get your act together and sort out this problem.

On a side note regarding the j micron driver issue i would point out to people that you don’t actually need these drivers to run ide devices – windows xp has it’s own drivers which work fine. I would also point out that unless you intend using raid you don’t need the intel driver either as long as you set it in bios as an ide device – my setup found my sata drive just fine, although i did install the intel inf driver after setup – but get the latest one from intel direct not asus.

Hope this helps


Posted by Mark
November 19, 2006

The sound quality with this chipset is pretty poor I must say. Everything works fine, sounds are played, the only exception is that the new drivers from soundmax remove the Stereo Mix recording option, and this sux because from time to time it comes in handy recording the audio that comes from the computer.

Posted by Tlacuache
November 23, 2006

Update on sound issues,

Hi all – i have found that if you download the driver package from asus for the M2N32-SLi board which uses exactly the same sound chipset.This driver works much better than the one for the P5B.It is not perfect but boot times are much quicker with these drivers & the sound works ok. Make sure you uninstall the old soundmax first though – but DON’T uninstall the Microsoft UAA driver for High definition audio. Your mileage may vary but it works ok here.


Posted by Mark
November 23, 2006

All of you having problems with the audio driver i suggest you download the driver from here:
Do not remove the previous driver, just update it! Works just fine and shortens the boot time a lot!!!

Posted by Duder
November 26, 2006

Well guys tried all the advises but nothing helped. Pretty disapointing cause I just got the P5B Deluxe and had that annoying static soud (a beep when browser on, or wmp) plus hearing hdd and all the action inside coming from from my speakers. I had no conflicts whith the drivers tho. Finally found a reasonable solution on the net, from someone who saved my day! just unplug the internal pc speaker! check your p5b manual, its on the lower right hand corner set of pins on the motherboard.

what a relief!

Posted by soty
November 27, 2006

@gybp: Look carefully. It should be there.

@Mark: Yes, Windows does recognize drivers for the JMicron IDE controller but when they are offering JMicron chip and the drivers too, they should work without a flaw.

@Duder: Thanks for posting the link to version 4580. I have checked the Audio driver provided there. The boot time was reduced 5 seconds approximately from the older driver but the Sound problem is still there. Asus has officially released 4580 version. I will be checking it tonight [since I am on a dial-up] to see how it works.

@soty: I don’t know if that will solve the problem. Most of the motherboards these does come with a speaker of there own which cannot be disconnected or anything.

Posted by The Patri0t
November 27, 2006

Mr. Patriot: Read my post again… I was talking about Asus P5B Deluxe and it does work! Thx

Posted by soty
November 28, 2006

Soty, I am aware that you are talking about Asus P5B Deluxe, I am telling you that it comes with a speaker of it’s own too just like others. A black round sort of, it is there on the Motherboard. I am using a casing WITHOUT internal PC speaker and the problems I mentioned above are there.

Posted by The Patri0t
November 28, 2006

I am confused right now…are you saing that you have done the same (upluged the mb’s internal speaker cord) and it doesn’t work for you?…strange.

Posted by soty
December 8, 2006

Anyone have issues with the USB ports recognizing anything you plug in??? I Have an issue with XP and XP Media Center and just cant for the life of me figure out how to get the OS to recognize the USB devices. They are listed as found in device manager etc. and I installed the Intel chipset update?

Any help would be very very appreciated?


Posted by Seb
December 12, 2006

there is no creative X-FI card that cost in the “1000s”. try 360 for their top of the line model. get your facts straight before you talk shit.

Posted by are you dumb?
December 12, 2006

Dear Mr, “Are you dumb?” I am not talking “shit”. I live in Pakistan.

Creative X-fi Fatal1ty costs 179.99 $ on ZIPZOOMFLY. Now kindly go to some currency converter website and convert 179.99 $ in Pakistani Rupees. It is equal to something around 14,500/- RUPEES here. 14,xxx Rupees for a sound card, that Mr. “ARE YOU DUMB” is in thousands.

I already paid ENOUGH for the motherboard I don’t expect its sound to work like “SHIT” neither have I 14xxx Rupees to spend on a Sound card.

GET IT NOW? Now, ask your self, “Was I dumb?”

Posted by The Patri0t
December 14, 2006

Hi , The same problem i have here!
but there is something more with it , i got my new P5B-Deluxe just two weeks ago and since that time i have this problem in the games that i see freezes while playing and it seems that the system has problems in processing. it realy sucks and i dont know what is the problem . i still have the long boot time and poor sound quality but the main problem is those freezes in the game(Battle Field 2 – Splinter Cell4-NFS Carbon and…) here it is my hardware list :
Intel Core 2 Duo E6300
Asus P5B-Deluxe
LeadTek 7900GT Extreme
Patriot 1GB Memory

Posted by HaMeD
December 15, 2006

Do SATA HardDrives work fine with the P5B Deluxe?

Posted by TheDude
December 15, 2006

Yes All the drivers work fine but there is something strange with this board, seems it slows down everything connected to it

Posted by HaMeD
December 15, 2006

@ HaMeD: Did you install JMicron driver? You should remove that and instead use Windows default one for CD-ROM drives etc. Also you should download and use the latest drivers for your 7900 GT Extreme Card.

@ TheDude: Yes, they run fine. Just don’t use the Jmicron controller driver.

I have been told by someone reliable that Asus Engineers are looking in this problem right now. It’s hard to troubleshoot this one because they are saying the problem is present in some Motherboards not all. Let’s see…

Posted by The Patri0t
December 15, 2006

Hi Mr.Patri0t!
Tnx for early response. First of all i must tell you that i just installed an Audigy2 sound card on my P5B Deluxe and it seems that im free of sound problems. but still i have short puses in the games,and as you know i run all the games on extreme quality and resolution but for a game like “Battle Field 2″ that have not a real heavy graphics these short puses and freezes are so strange.when i move the mouse fast the game freezes for a short time and jump over some frames i know you must get what does it look like.
I what to know some numbered questions below:
1- How to uninstall J-Micron driver completly
2- Can you give me a link to the latest driver for 7900GT Extreme?
3-What can cause those freezes i see in the games?

here it is my hardware list :
Intel Core 2 Duo E6300
Asus P5B-Deluxe
LeadTek 7900GT Extreme
Patriot 1GB Memory

Posted by HaMeD
December 16, 2006

@ HaMeD: You are welcome :!: I want to know something too, where do you live? Just curious, if the answer is Pakistan where did you get the Patriot RAM? Answers to what you asked:

1- Already posted it above, here it is for you, “Go to Device Manager and under SCSI and RAID controllers see for Jmicron. Rite click it and click Update driver. Select No, not at this time and click Next then select Install from specific location and click next, then select Don’t search. I’ll choose the driver to install (from a list). You will see two options there, “JMicron JMB36x Controller” and “Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller”. Select the later one, “Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller”, click next and allow the Computer to do the rest.” Go to Add/Remove programs under Control Panel also after this and remove anything with Jmicron.

2- Here is the link:

Official Leadtek website it is. Just see your 3D Card’s model and download it’s driver. You can also download from

Posted by The Patri0t
December 17, 2006

Hi Mr.Patriot…
-Answering your first question i am living in Iran.
-Finally i reInstall my windows and after installing all the drivers (Except J-Micron) i didnt find any SCSI and RAID controllers in hardware list but there was already a “Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller” under IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers and my CD-RW drive is reachable without any problem,let me know if thats the right thing or i must do that you said?!
-Tnx for those links to driver pages i found them ;-) .
-As the last question i am looking for a chance to exchange my motherboard with a Gigabyte DQ6 one , in your opinion is it wise doing that or what?

Thank you for paying attention.

Posted by HaMeD
December 18, 2006

I’ve had this board for a while. It’s a great overclocker, but that’s about it TBH! The audio is pants, as is the BOOT issues and this is with the latest BIOS (0804). It is an expensive board and shouldn’t have stupid probs like this.

Why did the are you dumb guy go poking his nose in when it was pretty obvious you were speaking in a different currency!

PS: I like the site, I’ve come across it a few times on Google.

Posted by thestocky
December 18, 2006

I forgot to mention that my audio is currently playing back like I’m living in a fishtank or underwater. It’s very odd :(

Posted by thestocky
December 18, 2006

@ HaMeD: Hmm, Iran? Cool. :smile: You don’t need to do any thing if Standard Dual Channel thing is coming up already. Umm as for exchanging this Motherboard. I can’t say any thing about it. I don’t have any experience with that board. Search around and I am sure you will be able to find something.

The Games problem is solved after you installed latest Drivers or not? The board as thestocky has said is not bad. The drivers from Asus are taking very long to come which should have not taken this long. I would not recommend people buying this Board until this problem is solved, otherwise the people who already own this board, like me and you and the rest of us, should just *sigh* and wait.

@ thestocky: Thanks for liking the site and your comments :).

HaMeD and TheStocky: Have you guys tried Vista RTM on this board? It’s running great. I am going to do a little trick, let’s see if the XP audio gets fine then. I currently only have 512MB of RAM, I heard that won’t be enough for Vista but hell it’s working almost like XP!

Posted by The Patri0t
December 18, 2006

@ I installed not actually the latest but just a version before the latest driver for my “Leadtek 7900GT Extreme” but i still see puses and lagging in the games(just very short lagging but for a VGA like this i think its not so normal),some friends told me if my “Intel core 2 dou E6300″ is a fake one!.Im realy confused with it.

@ Im going to install an ultra version of Windows VISTA to,but my “US Robotics” external modem is such a pain in my ass cause there is no VISTA/64bit driver for it on official website of US Robotics.However im not using VISTA right now and my modem might work with it under current driver but i dont want to spend such a long time to install VISTA on my pc and after all i find out that my modem is not installable on it.Anyone can guide my on this prob?!
-Model Of My Modem Is : Us Robotics 5633(External)

Posted by HaMeD
December 19, 2006

Guys I was wondering if anyone has a solution to this problem with Soundmax HD audio card . first my system configuration
P5B Deluxe WIFI AP rev 1.xx
Intel core 2 duo and the usual refinements
my problem I have used mp3mymp3 ( on other machines and was able to record any sound coming out of sound card now with this configuration and sound card I cannot so I thought well might be old software so I used Absolute Sound Recorder still it shoes things moving I mean the eq bars records nothing updated the software from Asus site now out of ideas any one ??????????

Posted by awanone
December 19, 2006

@ HaMeD: It took only 30 mins for me to install Windows Vista Ultimate. I have USB Modem too from US Robotics. It did not pick the driver by it self. I had to use Windows XP’s driver for the said USB Modem in Windows Vista and it worked!

@ awanone: Sorry, I am not able to understand what you are saying completely. :oops:

Posted by The Patri0t
December 22, 2006

What I am trying to say in a nutshell is that with soundmax HD audio chip on P5b board one CANNOT record “what u hear” . I tried every solution (updates , reformat, various software head banging with Asus people). 5 days on this problem I finally solved it , I disabled the sound Max from BIOS went out and bought creative X-Fi XtremeMusic sound card cost me a bundle in Pak Rupees (if one is doing conversion) and guess what now I can record and also manipulate some what the quality of the recording as well :shock:

Posted by awanone
December 23, 2006

Hi,I finally installed that Ultra version of VISTA and i installed all the drivers successfully.But there is some thing with my VGA(Leadtek 7900GT Extreme). i Installed a version of driver for it i had on the crack cd for VISTA. but i see some graphic problems in games. Is it because of VGA driver or its about DirectX? let me know if you had any prob in games? actually its not such a big problem but the screen seems to melt at once.

Posted by HaMeD
December 23, 2006

Any solutions yet for the sound driver on the P5b deluxe?

Posted by TheDude
December 23, 2006

@awanone: Hmm, you know, I wish I could do something like exchanging this board or returning it. *sigh* Your problem is still not solved man. Yeah sorta but the problem is in Drivers, so unless Asus release good drivers… I mean you changed hardware, that’s not possible for everyone you know.

@HaMeD: Did Vista not load Drivers for your NVidia 7900GT Extreme? You should use the default drivers provided by Vista. Vista has been sort of advertised as having lots of Drivers and it’s true. I did not install any driver on my Core 2 DUO system. Vista did everything.

@TheDude: *sigh* Nothing yet… They sucK!

Posted by The Patri0t
December 25, 2006

installed asus p5b motherboard and duo core 2 processor, now it wont read any usb devices

Posted by john baldwin
December 25, 2006

patriOt I did not come to the conclusion lightly 5 days of head banging with all the possible venues to resolve the issue taught me that it is pointless to do that as I cannot recall who was it but some one did point out that Asus /soundmax are emulating HD sound through software or in simple English they are giving the effect of HD sound through software thus problem like mine is unlikely to resolve as it somehow becomes impossible to carter for everything/every aspect through software thus comes the requirement of hardware where as soundcards such as creative x-fi have both the necessary hardware and software combination to provide for the claims they make , I do understand your point of view as well that not everyone is capable of changing the hardware outright but I seriously suggest that this should be “in works” in the long run if one really needs to achieve which one desires

Posted by awanone
December 26, 2006

Hi Mr.Patri0t and every one reading this ;-)
The i still have probs with my new pc , I installed an ultra version of Windows VISTA and it loaded the default driver for my Nvida 7900GT VGA card. so it was ok in windows and i realu liked it untill i installed the first game on it (Never Winter Nights 2) the installation was ok but when is ran the game the initiating menue was ok but as i entered the option menue all my screen mixed up so i wasnt able even to adjust the graphic options.First i thought it might be a compatibility issue betwen my VGA and the game but after i installed some more games i found out that its something about my VGA or the VISTA or may be something betwen both of them.I am so confused with this prob and i dont know if i will be able to use VISTA as my primary OS or not.

Posted by HaMeD
December 26, 2006

Hi, I’ve just bought this ‘awesome’ mobo but this has just been a pain in the ass, bad points to asus no doubt.
I read the comments you guys have posted and tried everything said here and those audio drivers are just not working ok, even with the 64 bits version of vista ultimate the rear and center speakers don’t work though I can hear them when I run the tests, the good new is that the boot time is fine. Conclusion, even the drivers provided by microsoft won’t work, at least not like they should.
I have a question, anyone knows if Call of Duty 2 has issues with windows vista?? or is just with the 64 bits version?? I can’t run the game :cry:

Posted by Rull
December 26, 2006

Thanks for the comments everyone!

@john: WoW, mine did not have such a problem. Perhaps the hardware is defective? Don’t know. Contact Asus about it. They suck at Support too I know. If you can return the board then DO it.

@awanone: Yes, I understand your point. I am really not someone who cares for sound or banging audio system (speakers). I am running a few years old Creative 2.1 speaker system with P5B Deluxe, lol, it’s fine. I don’t really need any thing extra ordinary sound wise.

I do know that the integrated audio is emulated and takes CPU power. Last motherboard of ours was by Intel with integrated Audio too and it ran fine without any problems for years. For people like me who don’t care much about the audio system, at least the integrated Audio should work fine :(, it should at least work without any problems the quality won’t be better than the last integrated audio motherboards I have seen. At least it should WORK you know. That’s all I want, really not concerned with that or would have bought a separate audio card from Creative too.

*sigh* Just don’t buy this board people until the stupid problems are solved.

@HaMeD: Greetings to you too brother! :) I don’t think it will be wise to use Windows Vista as Primary OS right now because older games and softwares might not be compatible with Vista and problems will be there. I as I said earlier suggest a Dual Boot right now. Perhaps after a few months when Vista Games & Drivers or Patches for Games are coming out then it would work perfectly.

This time reminds me of years ago when we were migrating from Windows 98 to Windows XP. Hehe. Had lots of such problems. Games not running and softwares too. Had to keep a dual boot even then.

@ Rull: Don’t mind m8 but I feel SORRY for you. You said you just bought this Mobo :(. Did you not look around Internet for problems with the said Motherboard man? The time I bought this was when it had newly arrived. The reviews were cool and everything and had no mention of the problem with drivers and that is what I came to know after actually using it. You have installed 64bit version of Vista? Compatibility problems will be there on it bro. I think Call of Duty 2 runs fine on Vista 32 bit. I think I have seen comparison of it being run on Windows XP and Windows Vista. I have installed 30 days trial of Vista Ultimate 32bit and it’s working fine without any problems. I have not tested 5.1 speakers on it though. 2.1 are working fine…I really have no clue regarding high priced speakers though.

Posted by The Patri0t
December 26, 2006

I disabled the simulated subwoofer on the sound card and all the crackling and static went away. Played some dvds through optical on my receiver. Sounds fantastic.

Posted by TheDude
December 27, 2006

@TheDude: Where did you disabled it?? On the DTS config?

Posted by Rull
December 27, 2006

Hi all,

I have just noticed today that asus have put so called updated drivers for the sound on there site – these are dated 25.12.2006 & are 5.1.1001 4580 DTS or something like that. I have just tried them & they make no difference to the slow loading & DTS does not seem to work – sigh!!!

Anybody else care to try rhem and see how u get on.


Posted by Mark
December 27, 2006

@Mark: yea under the dts configuration

Posted by TheDude
December 28, 2006

No new comments about the problem?? I’m using a temporal soundcard :sad: everything seems to work just fine.

Posted by Rull
December 28, 2006


I’ve received this motherboard today from the post. I don’t have time to order another one, or to return it as I need my PC built ASAP for my work.

From what I’ve been reading, it seems like the Onboard sound is the source of problems. If I get the onboard sound disabled and use my own Soundblaster Live card, should I be free of problems?

Also, what is Jmicron? Will I need it if I have 2 DVD drives and 1 hard-drive?

Posted by blah
December 28, 2006

@TheDude: Congrats man! Will test it too and see if the problems are gone with our board.

@Mark: Thanks for letting know about the latest version of the drivers. I have not downloaded them yet, you can’t do those things fast on a dial-up. :shock: Will be crediting you shortly when updating the P5B Deluxe drivers page. Thanks!

@Rull: They have released a new version of drivers but looks like nothing has come up yet. The problem is probably not solved yet.

@blah: HeHe, you could not think of another name? :razz: If you disable Onboard Audio and use another sound card the problem won’t be there.

JMicron Controller is there to provide PATA Ports, IDE ports in other words. You can use a maximum of 2 IDE devices on this board with the said controller. So yeah, you will be able to use 2 DVD Drives and a harddisk [I assume is it SATA - There are plenty of SATA ports on this one. IDE is only one through which you can connect a maximum of 2 IDE devices]. If you require more than two IDE devices you will have to use an add on card, that won’t be the case really I guess.

Posted by The Patri0t
December 28, 2006

How do I disable the onboard sound?

Posted by blah
December 28, 2006

By the way, if I follow your steps about installing the Jmicron driver, will it eliminate the Jmicron problem?


Posted by blah
December 28, 2006

@blah: You can disable the soundcard from BIOS, when booting hit del when the AI logo apears, then under advanced menu select “onboard devices configuration” then change the status to “disable” on “HD Audio Controller” hit F10 select Yes and you’re done.

Posted by Rull
December 28, 2006

I also have that annoying bug: Can’t record audio on my Asus P5P with the internal Soundmax crap. I am Sysadmin for 10 years and build all my PCs from selected parts. Thank God I still have an SB Audigy Card lying around which I will install now since there’s no hope that Asus or Soundmax will ever solve this Bug. It’s probably a hardware bug since they seem to have disabled Stereomix totally in their new drivers (so i read).
My next board hopefully won’t have crappy onboard Audio. Too bad manufacturers always seem to prefer cheap stuff over quality!
Another weird thing is: with that crappy soundmax card I can literally hear what my computer is doing: freeing up RAM, burning CDs, etc. everything makes some little noise… (esp. with headphones it’s clearly audible).

Asus – once the best – are making more and more crap boards… Soundmax SUX!!! don’t use that shit on your boards!!!

Besides that, I’m satisfied with my P5B. (2Gig Ram, 9700GT, core2duo E6600) very fast machine :)

Posted by Werner
December 29, 2006

Checking in Asus forums I found that another mobo (called crosshair) had the same problem with the same audio chip, but seems that was solved with the latest version of drivers (4580) that was not the case with our mobo (p5b deluxe).

Posted by Rull
December 29, 2006

Thanks for the help Rull. :smile:

Posted by blah
December 29, 2006

Don’t know if anybody can help me here.

Just built this fine box today, using a ASUS P5B mobo. The driver CD that came with the mobo just didn’t want to work so I had to download the drivers off the net. Yup, it’s about the sound drivers. Basically I tried to install them and it complained of the HD audio bus (something like that), so I installed the microsoft fix (UAA HD driver). And it (the SoundMax audio driver install) still complains that it is missing and also I’ve noticed no trace of the audio device can be found in windows device manager. Really need help with this one.


Posted by Theoretic
December 30, 2006

You’re welcome blah :grin:

Posted by Rull
December 30, 2006

Hey guys, I know this is stupid, but I have a PS/2 mouse connected to my p5b deluxe but when I turn off the PC the mouse remains on :mad: does anyone knows how to fix that?
Thanks :grin:

Posted by Rull
December 31, 2006

Hey you guys! :smile: I´m some sort of a beginner in the PC business. I was wondering if any of you could help me on this…

I just bought an:
-Asus P5B motherboard
-A GeForce 8800GTS
-Intel E6400 Processor
-2GB memory

I was wondering if all of my stuff is compatible with Windows Vista and if I can take full advantage of my PC on that OS?
If the problem are the drivers, where (or when) can I download the most recent drivers so I can run the machine ok?
I am trying to prepare my PC for Crysis! And I want everything to be perfect. I really enjoyed the previews.
:grin: Thanks for reading. Hope you guys help me. Peace Brothers!

Posted by TheKid
December 31, 2006

To the Kid,

Your components you have chosen should all work fine with Vista – just download latest drivers from Asus site for Vista, and latest video drivers from Nvidia.

If you have problems you can always post here, and i am sure someone will help you out.


Posted by Mark
December 31, 2006

;-) Thanks Mark… I´ll do that. Thanks!

Posted by TheKid
January 2, 2007

@Theoretic: Just install them over again?

@Rull: That’s a funny problem :p. I don’t have it though. HeHe.

@TheKid: Windows Vista will load up all the drivers except your graphics card. Download that from manufacturer’s website and use that. Should work like a charm. :)

Posted by The Patri0t
January 3, 2007

I was a big fan of ASUS, buying graphics cards, mobo’s dvd writers… well not anymore. ASUS are out of my shopping basket for good… still trying to get this damn onboard sound to work… fingers up to soundmax/ASUS partnership

Posted by Rum
January 4, 2007

I have an ASUS P5B-E Plus with two Western Digital WD2500KS in RAID 0 and I’m having problems with Windows Vista and this board, probably because of the faulty drivers. Vista often gets stuck, as if i would just unplug the HDD’s power, this does not happen in XP so it’s not a hardware problem, but rather a software problem. Did someone manage to get Vista working on this board using HDD’s in RAID:?:
Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 processor
2x Western Digital WD2500KS in RAID0
Gainward 7600GS Golden Sample @ 710/1600
FSP Bluestorm 400W power supply

Oddly, but I can’t complain about my Soundmax, it works fine, only the Vista drivers are junk, but when using Vista’s own drivers for it, it works even in 5.1 and in XP it works ok in 5.1 using Soundmax driver. Although I can’t complain about mine, I would have preffered they put a Realtek in the board, because my old P4GPL-X’s Realtek HD Audio was better, it even had very good drivers for Vista.

Thanks! ;)

Posted by ThEDaMn3d
January 4, 2007

Well!!! I’m from Portugal and i got this board P5B about a month and have the same problem. I don’t any slowdown on the startup but the stereomix problem is there!!!!!!!!!!! The rest runs perfectly. I just can’t use the stereo mix item to play some music on the net!!! Maybe i pick up my old SB Live…it should work…

Posted by warmthboy
January 4, 2007

Does anyone has experience with ATI crossfire?? I’d like to know if the array of 2 x1950pro is supported by this mobo.

Posted by Rull
January 4, 2007

Hey you guys :smile: I´, having another problem now!
Damn I´m such an amateur. I instaled Windows XP (I´m waiting for the oficial release of Vista) and when I try to install all the drivers of the motherboard (Asus P5B), the system restarts and a DOS Menu appears to choose one of 4 options:

-Jmicron 32bit controller
-Jmicron 64bit controller
-RAID 32Bit controller
-RAID 64bit controller

I Think it´s something like that. I tried to install one of the options to a disk, but then I dont know what to do. If I restart the computer that menu appears again and I cant get into Windows. I know I´m doing something wrong, like always. What should I do? Are those drivers really necessary? How do I install them in order to have everything workin perfectly and take full advantage of my system? Hope u guys help :grin:

Thanks in advance ;-)

Oops! I forgot. Sorry for bring a pain in the ass. Which Antivirus, Antispyware, Firewall should I isntall? Is there any that is really good and it´s not too heavy to the system? On my prevoius PC I had ZoneAlarm but after a few hours you could see that the system was getting slower and slower, not to mention the internet that was always a bit slower than it should be. I already tried PC Cillin but after the install some sofware stoped working. Is there any Antivirus, Antispyware, Firewall you guys recommend? :razz:

Once again thanks in advance brothers ;-)

Help ME!!! :roll:

Posted by The Kid
January 4, 2007

@The Kid: For antivirus, I would personally get NOD32 or Kaspersky.

For antispyware, I would download Adaware and Spybot Search and Destroy. They’re both free. Get that at I would also get Windows Defender, available at:

For firewall, I would if you have a router with an inbuilt firewall, that would be fine.

Posted by blah
January 6, 2007


The problem you have with the startup is pretty simple, I thought it happened to me aswell. The reason why you get to that meny and not into windows is because your DOS boots up with the CD-Drive in which you have your ASUS Setup disc. Remove the CD and reboot. Now you won’t get prompted to make a disc and you’ll be taken straight to windows.

I’m looking forward to what ASUS will do about the drivers, I still can’t get them to work.

Posted by Demi
January 8, 2007

About the drivers to fix the SoundMax stereo mix problem. I sent a mail do Asus Portugal last Thursday and got any answer…

Posted by Warmthboy
January 8, 2007

Hi guys, i would like to emphasize the USB problems that have already been brought up here. My brother has the exact same problem, is it just an RMA case or could it be fixed by various settings?

Posted by Morten
January 9, 2007

I got my P5B (rev 1.03G) for Christmas and couldn’t be happier, having none of the problems I’ve been reading about. I was afraid to press the power button the first time feeling that it would surely fail. But, thank God, Windows Prof x64 installed smoothly, as well as all the drivers. I’ve got no yellow question marks. Thank you all for your advice which surely saved me many hours of grief.

As I bought an OEM version of the P5B cheaply I received no accessories (no ASUS drivers, no cables, etc.) I bought the IO plate and the Q-connector from the ASUS on-line store. I downloaded the latest BIOS, drivers and software from the ASUS and Microsoft web sites.

I was worried about my 1.9V Corsair 5400 RAM (4 @ 512KB), but the system booted to the BIOS on the first try. I made a few minor changes manually to the BIOS (1.9V memory, PnP OS, numlock off, boot IDE ROM) afterwhich Windows was found on my optical drive and installed without any problems. I had five devices without drivers (ATK ACPI, RealTech LAN, SoundMax Audio, Microsoft UAA Sound, SM (Intel) Bus Controller.)

The first thing I did was to flash the BIOS from 0509 to the most recent version (0908). Rebooted.

I then installed the most recent NVIDIA display driver to get a nice, digital presentation for the rest of my work. Rebooted.

I then installed the drivers/sofware in the following order, rebootting after each install:
* RTL8111b_564607272006 (LAN driver)
* ATK0110 v.1043.2.15.37 (ACPI pseudo interface for ASUS Booster)
* Microsoft Hotfix KB901105-V3-x64 (UAA)
* SoundMax Audio v. (integrated digital audio driver)
* Intel P965 Update v. (inludes SM Bus contoller driver)

I had no use for RAID so I didn’t install the JMicron driver or any other JMicron software. My IDE controller driver is provided by the OS.

I did get what looked like an error when installing the SoundMax Audio Driver, but the SoundMax splash screen came up and the wizard allowed me to configure my sound system which consists of simple stereo speakers. (I found that unplugging and then replugging the green connector during the configuration but before the wizard allowed the wizard to do its job.) During the driver configuration there were a lot of hissing and popping sounds, but after the configuration completed and I rebooted those disappeared. The stereo sound is very satisfactory for me. I haven’t tested the 5 or 7 speaker surround sound options.

Even if you don’t plan on using the ASUS AI Booster (overclocking) program you must install the ATK0110.

Perhaps I was just lucky with my set up, but I’m very pleased with the P5B. After a couple of weeks of burn in I haven’t experience any problems with the OS or any hardware. I upgraded for gaming and I’m very pleased with CtD, MOHAA, and BF2 performance.

Thank you all for your advice; I owe you a lot.

Posted by Bernard
January 10, 2007

Congratulations Bernard|| ;-) But did u try to use the stereo mix function from the SoundMax??? Did it work?

Posted by warmthboy
January 11, 2007

@Bernard Finally good news :grin: but where did you get that BIOS update version?? I only see the 0804 :sad:

Posted by Rull
January 11, 2007

Yeah, i bought a ASUS P5B-E, but i use another networ card for w-lan. trouble is, it causes a conflict with the onboard lan, and internet locks up regularly. oh, and my sub speaker randomly doesn’t output sound. asus sucks, seems like they haven’t kept up the quality they used to have. i’d by msi now.

Posted by Toby
January 13, 2007

@warmthboy: You asked if my P5B SoundMax stereo mixer was functioning. To find out I did the following test. I began by playing music coming over the network. I then clicked on the blue square in my tray and the SoundMax mixer opened. I was able to easily change the master volume and stero balance. I checked all the sliders for the various audio input and output devies and they all were functional. I went to the graphic equlizer and all of the sliders were dim (not functioning). I clicked on the little triangle in the equalizer header, checked the box “enable equalizer” and then closed the drop down. At that point all of the equalizer sliders were functional. I adjusted the sliders to meet my needs and then closed the mixer. I captured about 60 seconds of the audio as MP3 and played it back. Unless I’m missing something I think my mixer is fully functional.
@rull: I downloaded the BIOS update for my P5B from the ASUS download center. Since there are several different versions of the P5B (P5B, P5B-VM, P5B-E, P5B-Delux, P5B-Delux/WIFI) the BIOS updates will be numbered differently depending on version. I have the vanilla P5B. I believe the P5B and P5B-VM southbridge (ICH8) is different from all the other versions (ICH8R) in that RAID is not natively supported. The ICH8R natively supports raid. That is the only real difference between the various versions in terms of potential native functionality. Of course the various versions were built out to provide different permutations of functionality supported by the chipsets. It think that is the reason the BIOS update numbers vary among the versions.

Posted by Bernard
January 15, 2007

Hi guys,

I read all the posts about the P5B mobo and,

I am really sorry to know there is a lot of people with a massive problem,


Opened the box, ordered all this stuff(loads of custom items,brand new system to be), thinking GREAT !!

The motherboard does not boot DEAD ON ARRIVAL …

Dissapointing but true people,it kind of hurts,specially when we struglle to work for a living and have so many bills to pay.

Thanks for reading,make yourself a favour, DONT BUY ASUS P5B DELUXE and opt for something else reliable.

Posted by Fer
January 16, 2007

Hey guys.i have p5b deluxe wifi and im facing a problem
when i try to buckup and restore data or complete partition with acronis true image bootable cd.the problem is that acronis canot find any hard drives or if it find it it canot work.if somebody has a solution please help.i think it would be a jmicron controler problem but what to do.Very disapointed too :sad:

Posted by sketos
January 17, 2007

About Acronis true image: mine works just fine (have 9.1 version), but I know that previus versions had some issues with RAID controllers.

Otherwise I’m very frustrated about thi mobo – audio SUCKS!

Posted by Seeker
January 17, 2007

Hi guys I am having the same problems as mentioned above.

I have gotten rid of the boot time slowdown by disabling Onboard High Definition Audio in Bios. I have also removed Soundmax software and JMicron driver via Control Panel.

My problem is that the Audigy 2 I am using is not functioning correctly. It is extremely quiet and I believe this is due to a conflict with the soundmax drivers.

If anyone has any suggestions as to what I can do feel free to answer.

Thanks, James.

Posted by Jimbob
January 17, 2007

Well I have to say I am pretty pee’d off with this P5B Deluxe Wifi board; I wish I hadn’t bought it.

I have been trying to sort out the slow boot time since loading the Asus software.

I built my first PC using what I thought to be good spec components, and it is so slow.

My processor is an Intel Core 2 Duo E6700, so not a slow processor.

My first P5 m/board didn’t work so the store replaced it, upon finally getting the PC working and installing Win XP Pro, Avast! anti virus & Sygate firewall, the blue bar went across only two times and I was on the desktop, to say I was blown away by the speed was an understatement.

I then installed all the Asus software and major slowdown as you all have experienced. I didn’t know what was going on.

Also the Wifi driver won’t install, I have tried several times and I just get a message saying it couldn’t install them, so I have a yellow question mark in the device manager.

Few weeks later I needed to burn a DVD, I opened up Nero and my Sony 18x writer wasn’t recognised, I then thankfully stumbled onto this site, after following your very helpful instructions I got my DVD-RW to work.

After reading some of the other suggestions to cure slow boot time, I tried each one though none has helped. I uninstalled the SoundMax drivers, turned off the onboard sound, even yesterday I installed my old Audigy Platinum EX soundcard, the windows blue bar still goes across 8-9 times whatever config I have, I even get a message saying windows is starting up, before I can click on my user name to enter my password, I never got this on my old Dell PIII PC.

For Christmas I received another gig of PC6400 ram, so I am running 2GB, since installing the ram startup is even slower, with 1GB of ram once my desktop appeared, I was able to use the PC straight away, since installing the extra gig of ram, once the desktop loads I can’t do anything for at least another 30 seconds.

I have on several occasions updated the bios to 804 and on re-start I get a message saying OVERCLCOCKING has failed????? WTF I haven’t overclocked anything, I spent the extra money buying the E6700 so I wouldn’t need to overclock, I then have to press F2 to load the original settings, I don’t understand what is happening.

I setup and brand new Dell PC for a friend the other day, using an E6300 processor and that loads twice as fast as mine, the blue bar only goes across 6 times for crying out loud.

Also how the hell do you get passed having to press Any Key to continue, I uninstalled the Jmicro drivers but I still have to press the space bar on startup.

Please help.

Posted by J-Alex
January 18, 2007

@J-Alex: I understand how dissapointed you should feel :sad:

About the press any key message is due to the BIOS settings regarding JMicron, you can disable the JMicron trhough your BIOS but your IDE drives will stop working :mad: I think that sucks and that stupid message should not appear, if you want to know what IDE drives are attached to your PC you enter the BIOS, quite simple!

Posted by Rull
January 20, 2007

Sorry for repeating myself (I posted a similar comment on “Do Not Buy A P5B Deluxe”) but this seems a more appropriate place for my issue.

My system never starts first time from cold. I always get around 3 false starts before it comes on. Similar to when you change CPU or memory settings. I can live with it though as the PC is usually on.

However, I can’t any more drives! As soon as I do, I don’t even POST. The best I get is the motherboard repeatedly firing up, then dying, then back on, then off continually until I manually switch it off.

I have revision 1.06. Was that a crap release ? BIOS is latests and I have a good PSU.

I just attached an eSATA drive to it (attaches via JMicron controller) and the system fires up. I have an adapter which converts a SATA port to an eSATA port. I’ll try that the next time I open the case.

I’ve lost all confidence in this board and despite hating Gigabyte, wish I’d gone with them instead.

Posted by Don
January 20, 2007

Well now, here’s a funny discovery. I borrowed an external HDD enclose that takes SATA drives and has an eSATA connector. Hooked it up via eSATA and all was fine. Drive was recognised etc.

Using an adapter, I converted an internal SATA connector to eSATA and plugged in the drive. All ok. Then i attached the drive directly to the motherboard’s SATA but still sourced power from the external box. It worked !

But as soon as I hooked the drive to the power from the PSU, PC would not start.

It’s certainly looking more and more that the PSU is the problem. It’s an Antec HE 550. There is enough juice (I’ve removed other devices) but there is just some incompatibility going on.

I can probably replace a PSU for less than a Motherboard, but I need to check other forums to see if this PSU is somehow causing problems for this setup.

Posted by Don
January 20, 2007

I have a problem with application freezing and the computer not being able to restart/shutdown after an application freeze. The applications that tend to freeze are Mozilla 2.0 and Windows Media Center. At times my media player 11 and my winamp also go. Could this be a problemw with RAM? I also heard that Mozilla 2.0 is very buggy; Could that be the problem? Or is it our crappy motherboard? Some insight would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by TheDude
January 20, 2007

I’ve spent a good few hours researching my particular issue (false restarts, cannot add drives) and it’s boiled down to my Antec HE 550w PSU having issues with our boards. So I’m going to swap it out before I curse Asus any more.

Posted by Don
January 25, 2007

Anyone that can point me into any direction to get raid0 working i’d be more then happy.
Asus P5B Deluxe wifi, 6600conroe, corsair twin6400c4. I got the cd/dvd on the micron and trying to get raid on the matrixchip…. nothing going my way so far.
Been reading so many forums for solutions so my eyes bleed.. im never ever going to buy/recommend Asus(motherboards) again. They are always first with the new stuff but does it matter if it never works or gets fixes afterwards?

Posted by Ringleader
January 25, 2007

“I have a problem with application freezing and the computer not being able to restart/shutdown after an application freeze. The applications that tend to freeze are Mozilla 2.0 and Windows Media Center. At times my media player 11 and my winamp also go. Could this be a problemw with RAM? I also heard that Mozilla 2.0 is very buggy; Could that be the problem? Or is it our crappy motherboard? Some insight would be greatly appreciated.”

Experiencing exactly the same thing and I’m tempted to just return the motherboard …though from the playing around I’ve done so far it seems to be the soundmax application..will get back to you on how that works out though :)

If anyone else has had the problem of applications freezing please let me know :)

Posted by Adam
January 25, 2007

TheDude: I’ve found the solution to the problem…firstly don’t use digital outputs..use 3.5mm jacks only..secondly in the SoundMax software you need to disable both DTS Interactive and NEO:DTS :)

Posted by Adam
January 26, 2007

@Adam: I already tried that out and works fine for music, but some games like CoD2 freeze out :mad: but curiously, some other games like FEAR seems to work fine :neutral:

Posted by Rull
January 27, 2007

I have purchased a P5B a week ago and have been struggling to get it running stable ever since. Biggest issue is that I can’t get it to boot everytime, sometimes it takes 5-6 tries, turning the power off or just hiting the off or reset buttons. I have a brand new 400W PSU, C2D 6300, 2x 512 MB Corsair RAM, Maxtor 320 SATA.Here are some other weird things that happen:

On boot the dumbass JMicron BIOS shows only one of the two DVD drives.
After POST the screen just blinks an _
After POST the computer reboots.

Any ideas anyone? I am really thinking that I need to RMA this mobo.

Posted by Michal
January 27, 2007

@Michael: What power supply are you using? ie what brand? NeoHe have had problems with the P5B

Posted by Adam
January 30, 2007

Troubled with USB problems? Same here.

Hi guys, let me renew the USB issue with Asus P5B Deluxe. Logitech Digicam Fusion (USB2.0) used to work fine (Asus P4P800 Deluxe). Now, with a basic win xp pro (sp2) install, audio is crackling like crazy despite changing from onboard to Audigy 2 ZS.
No solution found for that. Go on and Skype, and you’ll end up with a BSOD or perforated tympanic membranes.

It’s getting worse. Next problem: my scanner Epson Perfect Scan 1250 (USB 1.1) MUST be installed on a USB 2.0 port (back panel I/O ports, no. 1-4). If I plug it through on of those (internal) USB-connectors (5-10), it won’t work!

Take a look at Asus manual “IRQ assignemnts”: what’s the difference between the “USB 2.0 controller 1 & 2″ and the other “USB controller 1-5″. should be all 2.0, right? But there must be a difference!!!

Also, Asus P5B Deluxe seems to have some trouble with USB hubs. I tried out several ones with extra power input, but if there is “much” traffic on a hub (Sennheiser USB headset with Logitech USB mouse and Cherry USB keyboard), mouse will stotter when using skype. If I skype, I don’t even dare to plug in my external disk drive (120 GB WD Passport 2.5″). Instead I am using the Asus USB port at the back directly!

Any ideas? I’d really appreciate any comments!

This mainboard works ROCK STABLE, but anything else is crappy. Guys, if you can afford it: get a new mainboard!!!

Posted by dka
February 1, 2007

Hey people,

I’ve just purchased Vista 64 bit and will be rebuilding my PC this weekend.

Has anyone else got Vista installed with this lame mobo P5b Deluxe? It maybe that all the problems that we are experiencing will be resolved??? fat chance though…..


Posted by Rum
February 2, 2007

Hi Rum,

Hope you are going to install Vista 64 on an IDE hard drive as it sure won’t install on a SATA as i have tried – it will not accept the drivers – won,t even load them and then says it cannot find a compatible disk to install windows.Yet more crap & headaches,but this problem could be due to Microsoft or crappy intel drivers.

Good luck(think you’ll need it)


Posted by Mark
February 2, 2007

Oh Great!

I don’t have an IDE Drive anymore. My systems disk is a 74Gb Raptor SATA….

Well i’ll find out tonight, thanks for the heads up..

Posted by Rum
February 3, 2007

Hi Rum,

I feel such a fool – turns out that the SATA hard drive i was trying to install to had a problem – although it works fine for data. Tried installing vista 64 bit on my raptor, and did not even have to load drivers, all went through fine.


Posted by Mark
February 3, 2007

@dka: I have not come across any USB problems, it’s perhaps a case of RMA? Have you contacted Asus about it?

@Mark: Thanks very much for taking care of the comments while I was away :).

BTW, P5B Deluxe supports upcoming 1333 Mhz FSB Intel processors through their latest BIOS. I have yet to update the BIOS post.

Posted by The Patri0t
February 3, 2007

And to everyone else too who commented and who replied to the comments. Thanks very much! Has anyone seen the latest Audio drivers they are providing for Windows Vista? It says REALTEK not SOUNDMAX. What does that mean?
New P5B Deluxe’s coming with Realtek onboard?

Posted by The Patri0t
February 6, 2007

I installed Vista 64bit, not a problem at all and it was fast. I’m dual booting between Win XP Prof. and Vista Ultimate…. I havn’t had a chance to play with the audio drivers yet, but i’m on it tonight…

i very much doubt it will work though… when will ASUS give us our money back?

Posted by Rum
February 6, 2007

Alright guys, here’s my setup:

- Asus P5B-Deluxe w/ 1004 bios
- Intel C2D E6300
- 4 x 512mb of OCZ Gold XTC PC-6400
- 2 x Seagate sata2 drives (in Raid0)
- 7800GT CO
- OCZ Powerstream 520watt PSU

Problem is: I can’t get my system stable using all 4 dimms at one time. If I install any 1 kit at a time even in different slots, system is stable (no memtest errors, no Orthos crash. So the ram is not bad.

But when I use all 4 sticks, system will randomly crash/reboot, games/benchmarks will crash, Orthos fails.

I have a sneaky suspicion it could be a driver conflict. Before I format everything and reinstall WinXP, any ideas?

Posted by Sy[N]tH
February 7, 2007

Rum, ASUS isn’t gonna give you your money back… :\

Sy[N]tH, don’t know what can be wrong. I don’t think it’s caused by drivers, you can check with a fresh install though if the problem is still there, contact Asus, it might be a known issue.

Posted by The Patri0t
February 8, 2007

P5B Deluxe
2 * 1GB Geil PC8400
ST3160815AS – System
WD1600JB-00REA0 with dongle PATA-SATA

Vista Home Premium 64Bit (Polish)

All working very good from first boot. Some programs have problems with comptibility with 64Bit system, but overally is good. I like this system :)

Posted by mmm
February 8, 2007

Just installed Vista Home Premium 64bit on my MCE (74 Gb Raptor)(P5B Deluxe Wifi) installed without a hitch, Sound works) My issue is It’s Vista is saying my IR pannel isn’t plugged in, when it is, and works in XP. I have 64 bit drivers for my IR Panel, yet doesn’t work. My guess is it’s Lacking Drivers for the Main Board, cause a Few missing when in device manager.

One being Unknown, and another being a input device controller.

Booo I want drivers.

Posted by Bradley
February 8, 2007

Not sure if this is the same problem, but I recently ordered a custom rig from with the following specs:

Asus P5B Deluxe WiFi
Core 2 Duo E6600

Using the onboard audio things seemed fine the first couple of days. I play a lot of music through winamp and had no problems.

This morning (day 3 of owning the machine) I woke up to pretty significant noise distortion while playing back mp3s. Really noticeable clicks / scratches. I tried Windows Media Player and the playback exhibits the same problem. Haven’t had the time to install or check any games or other apps using audio.

Not cool at all that this would just suddenly manifest. I plan on trying the updated SoundMax drivers but don’t expect much. I have an old SB Live! in my old machine, so I may rip that out and give it a try.

Are others having this specific problem? I’m not seeing any system instability or any other problems whatsoever with my machine — ONLY distorted audio playback.

Will post again if I find any resolution.

Posted by delectable
February 8, 2007

BTW, has anyone tried any generic audio drivers in lieu of the SoundMax ones?

Posted by delectable
February 9, 2007


Went to the DTS Connect tab in the SoundMax preferences. Unclicked the box that says “Enable Subwoofer.” Everything sounds correct again.

Posted by delectable
February 10, 2007

:grin: !My STEREO MIX recording is working now! :grin:

It was the only problem I was having (I have the normal P5B). I flashed my bios to the latest version 1102 (which didn’t help) and then I updated my audio drivers to the latest beta version: v5.10.01.6110 released like 4 days ago (2/6/07).

I then
– Played my favorite song in WinAMP
– Opened up SoundMAX
– Switched recording to Stereo Mix
– Opened up Sound Recorder
– Hit Record
Mission: **Success**

Note: I had to turn the Stereo Mix volume down to about 5%. It may seem like a low setting, but it recorded at perfect volume.

Posted by Corn Nuts
February 11, 2007

I own an ASUS M2N-E Motherboard. I’m using the SoundMax ADI1988 audio driver that came in the CD.
Recording from stereo mix just records noise!! :sad:
I couldnt find a solution on the web, but as I can read here it seems that some people are having the same problem… I don’t know if it is a hardware problem, or a problem related with the crappy drivers it comes with.
Should I contact asus, soundmax, or there is no solution to this?

Also playing music with winamp, even at not so high volume levels produces some ticks…

I’m really angry and dissapointed, since I spent a lot of money to upgrade my pc and I expected to have a good machine for a couple of years. :cry:

Posted by santiago
February 12, 2007

Oh god. I was dissapointed abut this sound issue on p5b dlx. Otherwise the board is awesome, just this issue.

And after lossing one or two nerves :smile: i downloaded some drivers for XP from the link that someone posted above.

Installed them, and OMG. The sound works fine. Iwas really starting to ship this board back to the store…

Anyway, the drivers.. And uninstal the current one’s, reboot, install, reboot, adn i hope it works.

Posted by Grimlord
February 12, 2007

I have bought P5B Deluxe just about a week ago, and it started showing problems from the start. Actually, after computer has been turned on for some time (half hour or more), whenever you try to restart it, or just enter BIOS, cooler starts working really weird, with higher and lower frequencies, and my monitor screen starts flashing. It takes huge amount of time until it loads windows, and after next restart, monitor just turn it self off, without loading anything. However, once it succeeds to load to windows it works fine on stock configuration. But, when you try to overclock anything, either CPU, or Graphic card, it makes a mess and turn it self off. That just sucks, since I bought this motherboard because of it fantastic overclocking capabilities. I have a cooler masters “eXtreme power 430W” power supply, which I thought was making the problems, but again I have read on many posts that this motherboard has huge bugs with BIOS, so that could be second guess. (My BIOS version is 0614). I tried my graphic card at friend CPU, and it works fine. Please help, I am really stuck here and I don’t know what to do.
Thanks ahead, Vuk.

My config:
Intel Core2Duo E6300 1.86Ghz
ASUS P5B Deluxe
MSI GeForce 7600GT
Kingston 2Gb 667
Maxtor 80Gb
Cooler Master eXtreme power 430W

Posted by Vuk
February 12, 2007

@Theoretic – I had that same when trying to install the Ad Drivers, something about the “HDA bus driver” missing, you need to install XPSP1 and XPSP2, it will fix it right up:smile:

My issue is that i don’t get any sound at all!! Drivers installed fine, but when i ran the AD sound wizard, i don’t get any sound when i test it.

Posted by Preacher
February 12, 2007

Guys about sound…
If you do, all will work like a charm.

Posted by Jim
February 13, 2007

Jim – How do you disable DTS.

Also, just in case i forgot something and i hooked it all up – is there anything that needs to be connected on the motherboard for the soundcard? any cables conenctors…anything?

Posted by Preacher
February 14, 2007

NVM, i sorted it out. FLashed the BIOS and got the beta drivers for the sound card. It’s working now =D

Posted by Preacher
February 15, 2007

The Asus P5B Deluxe motherboard has been much maligned since it’s release. For those who were unlucky and received a bad one(s) I can’t blame them at all for the disparaging comments, however, although I’ve experienced the same frustration properly enabling DMA via the J-Micron controller, once THAT problem is solved, this board flies like it should. Read the opening paragraphs on this web page, the DMA solution lies therein.

I’ve never tried the on-board sound, because there are better audio solutions available. On-board sound ties up CPU resources and usually doesn’t sound as good as a high quality separate sound card i.e. SB Audigy 2 and SB X-FI. Asus was very negligent releasing a cutting edge MB and allowing such poor quality on-board audio, with problems running rampant and no solution in sight.

Hopefully, Asus will eventually solve the on-board audio problems, and release a J-Micron driver that properly enables DMA for all SATA and PATA Drives connected, without having to replace the RAID driver by “updating” with a Windows supplied Standard IDE/ATAPI driver.

Despite the problems, frustration, cursing, etc. at Asus for permaturely releasing what will eventually prove to be (is) a great motherboard, I will continue to update in the future with Asus. I’ve always done very well with Asus motherboards. Now that this board performs as expected, I can finally enjoy what should have happened right out of the box without researching the web for tweaks: Core 2 Duo superior performance!

P.S. Make sure you update the BIOS with the latest revision before proceeding beyond the initial boot up. It’s worth it!

Posted by Larry
February 17, 2007

So, what is the correct mobo to replace this disappointing POS (which will now serve out its term as a frisbee)? In other words bravo to ASUS for ripping me off but where does one go from here? Thanks.
Off to 1 the ‘Don’t buy P5B Dlx’ thread.

Posted by Chance
February 17, 2007

Chance, Asus P5W DH Deluxe was one of recommendation when I asked an EXPERT for a replacement of P5B Deluxe. I would rather go for a Motherboard based on NVidia 680i chipset, ofcourse “Based on review site’s REVIEWS”. I am going to be VERY CAREFUL now though, I mean buying a product based on those so called Hardware Review Sites “SAYINGS”…

Posted by The Patri0t
February 20, 2007

1) Which one of you repliers, or YOU specifically Patriot, are using the absoloute latest BIOS for the P5B Deluxe (1004) -AND- the latest audio drivers, directly from Asus?

2) Who is running the same WITH NO RAID? I dont have it in front of me this exact second, but I can’t tell you the number of expert benchmark and overall in-depth articles and reviews Ive read how there IS NOT that much benefit what so ever configuring and using multi drives in a RAID array, vrs single high quality, fast drives in NO RAID array….

Posted by RealityCheck
February 21, 2007

I had heard a lot of bad things about this mobo, but luckily, I am having absolutely no more problems. I am running e4300 o/c to 2.8, antec 550, 2gb gskill hk, 2x160gb hitachi Raid0/Raid1 :grin: with a burst speed of 2886MBps from hdtach (compliments of Intel Matrix Raid). A few tips…

1)Overclocking – Disable everything in Cpu configuration screen in Bios except for multiplier.
Set PCI-e freq to 100, and the one below it to 33.33.

2)Audio – Latest sound drivers are available for XP. If you are using the front case inputs for audio, turn off hd audio in bios.

3) To SyNTh – There is an option in BIOS under northbridge settings (I believe its the first one) that allows u to utilize all four dimm slots. Go through them and a description will appear on the upper right part of the screen. It may help.

Posted by King
February 21, 2007

I’ve read through all the comments while downloading the latest SoundMAX (beta) drivers, hoping to find a solution for my P5B onboard audio problem. My subwoofer would turn off for no reason, sometimes coming back after a reboot, more often not.
My 5.1 system wasn’t even recognized properly, the center speaker was not detected.
I found no answer so I could only hope the new drivers would do something.
And they did!

After uninstalling the previous driver (v5.10.01.4530) and installing the beta (v5.10.01.6110) all my problems got fixed.
And I can record through ‘stereo mix’ as well, although I did not try that with the previous version, just read that many of you were unable to use that.
My 5.1 is now recognized properly and I can hear the center speaker while testing with the wizard.

I really hate this SoundMAX thing, but it seems to work now. So to all who still have problems with it, try the beta drivers.

It’s interesting, that when I tried to find the drivers on’s support&download page, depending on how you do your search you won’t get the same results. If you use the pull-down menus and select your motherboard there (mb/socket/model), the beta drivers don’t show up.
I used the search box on the left side of the page, searching for P5B, then selecting the link from the right and voila, there are new drivers.
I hope this helps.
Good luck!

Posted by exa
February 23, 2007

I sold my P5B-D and bought an ABIT QuadGT – It still has small issues as it’s a new board, but I’m much happier with it :)

Posted by thestocky
February 26, 2007

Hi to everyone …

I just purchased a P5B Deluxe … I’m trying to install Win Xp SP2 but charging time of CD seems to be very slow… takes about 10 minutes to reach point of agreement acceptance…

I tried several adjustments in BIOS related to IDE and SATA, but nothing changes..

I have a 100% working SATA 120gb maxtor drive and a brand new Pioneer DVR 111D, BIOS revision is old, so first thing I’m going to do is to update to the latest one.

But I wanted to ask if someone got same problem.

Could also be a faulty Pioneer Burner (but I don’t think so), will try to use another device.

Posted by Salus
February 26, 2007

I’ve just spent the last week setting up a new system with the P5B Deluxe. E6600, 2Gb Corsair Twin2X 6400.

I disabled on board sound as i have an X-Fi Platinum, and did not install the JMicron drivers either, as i won’t be using raid.

I immediately updated to Bios 1004.

I can say I have not had a problem. I have not tried overclocking, but from all reports won’t be dissapointed when I do.

Posted by Matt
March 3, 2007

Hey Guys
I wish i had come across this forum before i went out and bought the P5B deluxe Wifi.
I am having a very different problem than most people here, i have a set of corsair Twinx1024a-6400 and when i try to put it in dual channel slots it wont post.
i get no video at all on screen, if i put it single channel it works no problem at all.
when i got it it had the 507 bios so i updated to 1004 and still nothing.
can any help me on this?

Posted by Marc420
March 3, 2007

I bought this board a month ago after abit ab9 pro died after few weeks of use. I had owned asus a7n8x deluxe for socket A previosly and it was a good, fast board with only problem being sound hissing, crackling. So I thought I go asus again, sound hissing must be a problem of the past. So I bought p5b deluxe wifi version and god I was wrong. Same sound issues as my old 5 years old a7n8x deluxe. I was just shocked. Two asus products in 5 years and same sound problem. It’s not a big problem since I use emu 404 pci soundcard for music and wanted to use integrated soundcard for games and movies since emu 404 isn’t exactly great in games. You would expect all working perfectly for 200$, oh well. Anyway. I discovered that all constant hissing, static noise goes away when using philips sbc hp840 headphones. I mean absolutely no problems with sound crackling, hard drives working, mouse moving sound. All disappears. Maybe it’s nothing but if anyone is good at electronics could try to mess with impedance, mw between soundcard jack and speakers/headphones. How the hell can these cans be immune to this problem?. My 2 cents. And btw latest v5.10.01.6110 drivers give much less static hissing noise and with master wheel in soundmax control panel turned down to about 10% gives me almost hissing free sound and I can play games finally. Great borad though.

Posted by onyx
March 8, 2007

Hi, I’ve installed the newest soundmax drivers from asus, v5.10.01.6110 and everything seems fine, I suggest you guys to try this driver, maybe the problem is gone this time.

Posted by Rull
March 14, 2007

@Rull: It’s still there with me. I’ve not tried a fresh Install though. I doubt it has solved the problem. What is your boot time after Windows bar thing appears during boot?

Posted by The Patri0t
March 17, 2007

I am trying to set up a RAID0 array of 2 x WD320 HD’s for media storage along with a non-RAID WD160 as drive C: for OS/Apps. This is on a P5B Deluxe mobo. Can’t seem to figure out how to do this. If I set BIOS to RAID then the system won’t boot [the already installed] windows from the non-raid drive c, but if BIOS not set to RAID then of couse I can’t configure the RAID drives. How does one do this?

All 3 drives are SATA, connected to the SATA 1, 2 & 3 (out of 6) ports (not the JMicron port). I have disabled the JMicron driver. I’m running MCE2005.

By the way, I’ve skirted the SoundMax problem by just using spdif optical out to my receiver. I know that doesn’t help anyone without an external receiver, but if you’ve got one it’s a simple solution (with better end results too).

Posted by Peter
March 19, 2007

I want to purchase a new Core 2 Duo system. I was interested in P5B Deluxe. Thanks to all of you who saved me. I don’t want to go with multi GPU support. On comparison of P965 vs 975X, I selected P965. Now what should I purchase? On reviewing different websites, I have observed that MSI P965 Platinum is slightly less efficient than ASUS P5B Deluxe but not bad. The main frightening factor is that it uses the same JMicron chip. Do you people have any idea of MSI P965 Platinum’s performance and reputation as now, I don’t trust online reviews after reading this forum (in P5B Deluxe case). Have MSI provide the correct drivers for JMicron? If this is the same case as of P5B Deluxe, please guide me about the best board of P965 chipset. Thanks again…

Posted by Qamar
March 22, 2007

I bought this board six month ago and got the same problems, cracking/hissing sound in background. After living in pain for so long finally I’ve gotten rid of it for just pretty simple action (thanks to soty, it works).
Just unplug my pc-internal speaker (came built-in with casing)from P5B socket (see user guide pg2.35 under System panel connector)
Now, cd music play amazingly clear in background. I still couldn’t believe that. Maybe asus guys had impedance issues turning this speaker (more like piezo-electric to me) into “current-microphone”. I dunno?

Posted by Jay
March 22, 2007

Having an issue, came across this board, hopefully someone can give me some suggestions.

I have a P5B-E. I have all the latest and greatest drivers from Asus. Windows XP loads normal, and sound is ok. The problem is slowness in windows explorer. When I double click on a folder, it just sits there a few seconds and then kicks in. It’s not a big deal, but it’s getting annoying. I spend hours on this reinstalling windows and everything. Last night I just discovered it’s somthing to do with the onboard sound / drivers. When I diable the onboard sound, I cannot reproduce the problem. When I reable the onboard sound in the bios, problem comes back. I have also noticed that just uninstalling the soundmax drivers without disabling onboard sound fixes the issue. Which is great, but then I got no sound. I tried a PCI creative live 24 card, which I swear was working, but no sound. I diabled onboard sound, and removed soundmax drivers, and windows detects and installs creative drivers, but I get no sound.

Anyway, any suggestions about the onboard sound would be greatly appreciated. I would prefer to use onboard since I had sound working, it just was annoying with windows explorer.. thanks

Posted by Brad
March 24, 2007

Flaky sound,

My P5B seems to have a bad Left/Right output (them Lime colored one). Some how it inverts one output. so what you may here is no center info (like vocals). If you play a mono file (same info left & right), you’ll here almost nothing as they will cancell each other out.

Otherwise, the onboard sound is terrible. Every few minutes the sound breaks down into a lot of static and stuttering.

Worst board I’ve ever owned. Wouldn’t try to tell you all my woes.

Hoping I can RMA this sucker.

Posted by Pat Reeves
March 25, 2007

@flaky: RMA it if you can, I would get the newly NVIDIA based one’s. They don’t have JMICRON…

@Brad: If you read this topic carefully above, I have posted a solution for it. Disable Windows Sound Scheme and the problem will go or just disable the START NAVIGATION SOUND. Go to Control Panel > Sound & Audio Devices and look for Sounds there.

@Jay: Wish such a thing would work for me. There is no internal speaker in my casing.

@Qamar: Why do you not get a motherboard based on NVidia’s chipset for Core 2 DUO’s? Based on 650i (their budget one) or the 680i – This one seems the best out there right now for Core 2 DUO but will cost a lot depending on where you buy it and which Company do you buy. They don’t have JMICRON controller but their own.

@Peter: I have not set up a RAID personally in my life yet, lol. I am sure there are guides available for doing that. Search around and you will bump up on one. I do plan to write a few tutorials related to P5B Deluxe in near future insha’Allah if I get time to do that, so keep watching.

Posted by The Patri0t
March 25, 2007

I have got the P5B Deluxe mobo recently.
with conroe 6600 processor and 4G RAM (1G X 4 A-data 800MHz ) and windows xp home edition system runs quite fine, However i can see only 3 gb of ram at startupo as well as through windows.
what could be the problem ?? some one plz suggest :(

Posted by sourabh
March 26, 2007

This seems to be about the best resource for discussing the P5B Deluxe. I’ve got this and am having issues that I cant even begin to tell Asus about because their web site wont recognise my serial number. Grrr.

Anyhow, my problem is with the centre speaker sound. I have a 4.1 setup. However I dont think I’m getting anything out of my centre or sub. In the SoundMax config, it recognises my front speakers but nothing else – I have the speakers plugged into the speaker jack on the mobo, and the SPDIF cable connected from PC to sub.

The main problem is that when listening to dialog in games or dvd, it all gets lost because there’s no centre channel. I’ve tried calling it a stereo setup in the hope that it would put dialog through the left and right speakers, but I just cant get it working.

Then I tried removing the SoundMax drivers and installing an old Audigy 2 PCI card. That has exactly the same problem. The audigy doesnt have SPDIF connections, so here I guess Stereo would be my only option, but it still doesnt work. I just cant watch any DVDs.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Posted by Imo
March 27, 2007


I have same problems too, but try this:
Change the “Memory Remap Feature” at BIOS
(Advanced -> Chipset -> North Bridge Configuration)
After this the bios will identify ~4GB of RAM.
But WinXP and Vista (both 32bit) will identify only 2GB of RAM!!! So I have kept the Memory Remap disabled and used 3GB of ram… I think that its 32bit reason why the 4GB ram can’t be used at windows, so use 64bit windows to get it all!

I have different speaker system than you, but my problems solved when I installed Intervideo WinDVD. My problem was that center and rear speakers didnt work, but after WinDVD all works! I have Deluxe mobo and 5.1 home theather system connected coaxial SPDIF.

“I have the speakers plugged into the speaker jack on the mobo, and the SPDIF cable connected from PC to sub.”
-> did I understad righ: Is your subwoofer connected into coaxial SPDIF connection? Can this be done???

Posted by JPJ
March 27, 2007

Yes, the SPDIF is connected to the sub, but only because the “brains” of the speakers is in the sub.

I have another DVD player installed. I may try WinDVD to see if it helps. Thanks.

Posted by imo
March 29, 2007


Thanks buddy. it worked ! :) :razz:

Posted by sourabh
April 3, 2007

Updates: Dec 2006.-Patriot’s place
“Do not buy P5B Deluxe”

My 6 months of fun with the P5B Deluxe wi-fi:

Posted by TimC
April 3, 2007

Is there any software for the ADI on-board audio? i just got this board and installed vista, installed the latest drivers from the asus site, but there doesn’t seem to be any software to actually do things with the audio. ie: tonal adjustments, bass, treble, eq, individual channel mutes, etc.

am i missing something?

Posted by Troy H
April 6, 2007

Hi. Same problems here with the sound. I bought the cheapest creative soundcard I could find, creative audigy SE and still not all problems went away.
*Still getting some static if nothing is playing but the volume is turned up on my 5.1 speakers.
*When playing video the sound still falls behind on rewind/fast forward as with the soundmax chip.

I haven’t disabled HD audio though, just not using as a device.

The question I’d like to ask is about the asus software. Does anyone know how to uninstall the “ASUS ACPI Cneter” – aaCenter.exe ? I uninstalled all asus related software (AInap, mylogo, AI suite) but the aaCenter.exe won’t go away. I have disabled it from msconfig, but I really want it to go away….

I hate asus for making us go through all this trouble and not having a decent support for their product.
Never again. :evil:

Posted by javaneze
April 15, 2007

hm, I couldnt uninstall the ASUS aaCenter.exe or … C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\AASP\1.00.09\aaCenter.exe

In Vista 64bit it (the aaCenter) pops up and crashes every time you start.

The way to get rid of it is : Open a command prompt, (Programs-Accesories-Command prompt) , write ‘regedit’ on the line , press enter…
First save a copy of the registry entries in case anything goes wrong. Then
search (‘Find…’) for “ASUS” and delete all associated entries (but not say “Pegasus” or “RunAsUser” etc.). Keep pressing F3 until you reach the end (there is a long way). Then repeat with “aaCenter” as the search term. Keep looking.
Restart. If it still appears , repeat and do it again (I did it 5 times, perhaps because I didnt search to the end or maybe the program re-writes the key :roll:, when you shut down, not sure).

In the end , I succeeded !

Good luck.

Posted by teralaser
April 17, 2007

I recently purchased the M2N-SLI DEL MD and i seem the have the same problem with the audio HD soundMAX. When i am browsing through folders, i get this 1 sec delay because if the clicking sound it makes. Also the boot time is much longer than my other PCs considering this pc is much faster. I installed current XP drivers for soundMAX from ASUS website and the problem is still there.

Posted by izzy salcedo
April 19, 2007

Hi, I’ve followed this thread in weeks now. I’ve just build my new PC with Asus P5B Deluxe and running Vista 64. I felt like I should give some feedbacks of my new system.

The sound seems not a very big problem with Vista’s default driver so I didn’t install the new driver from Asus. It’s hacking sometimes but I don’t know if it’s the audio file ot sound card. If someone found the Asus latest sound driver works better without boot issue pls let me know.

About JMicron, I could not disable it as I have IDE devices. But I did not install any driver for it and Vista seems taking care of it quite well. The boot time is normal.

One thing I don’t understand is when I run Speedfan to monitor temprature I saw an AUX that has a temp at 120C(!). I felt it must be a NULL value or sth but still a little bit worry. If anyone has same issue, pls share.

Posted by Linus
April 20, 2007

Hi All Tech Gurus,

I’ve got a very unique problem with audio from my P5B Deluxe/Wifi I’d appreciate some advice with.
Basically, I built my system with new components 6 months ago. No RAID setup, WinXP sp2 running on a SATA drive. For the past 6 months I’ve had no problems, issues what so ever. System booted fast, no sound issues from on-board audio.
Until now. Out of the blue, last week started up my system and the SoundMAX drivers didn’t load, which XP notified me about with a crossed out soundMAX control panel icon int he system tray. After a couple of reboots the same results.
Thinking somehow the drivers must have gotten corrupted, I uninstalled all the audio drivers, rebooted, and tried to re-install the soundMax audio drivers. The install aborts with the message “The audio driver files do not support your computer hardware.” WTF? So, i went to the ASUS support site, grabbed the latest drivers, still the same results.
Updated my board BIOS to the latest rev.1101 I could find. Still the same problem. Grabbed different versions of the driver and none of them will install. So, I went from a beautifully working version to a board with no sound for which the audio driver won’t install as if like it’s not even seeing the SounMAX chipset.

Again, I’m not a PC guru, I’d appreciate any idea from you guys.


Posted by Laszlo
April 21, 2007

to laszlo:

I think your sound device is dead. RMA the motherboard or buy a PCI soundcard. Since day one of using my P5B i disabled my built-in sound and have been using a SB audigy SE. its OEM so it costs about $30 canadian.

Posted by kennyZ
May 1, 2007

ok guys here is a driver i found, know its a bit older version but it worked for me. this is the best drivers i have used so far. i can record with stereo mix and the music quality is not bad. if u dont trust me, so go ahead and use it yourself. the version is

Posted by lord tiger
May 3, 2007


I just bought the P5B Premium Vista Edition, but using it with XP for now. Have 2 SATA Hard Drives and a SATA DVD Burner. I connected the 2 Hard disks to the Intel controller, and the DVD to the JMicron so that I could RAID the Hard Disks. Everything went fine installing Windows XP. Problem was after I started installing the Asus drivers. I did the InstallAll option to install and reboot as it needed. After first reboot (Intel drivers first I think), the DVD drive was no longer seen. For some reason the JMicron port is not seen within XP, but still is in the Bios.

Any ideas on how to get this working properly. Why would the DVD drive no longer be available or visible.


Posted by dpolites
May 12, 2007

What can I say ?
Ive had, or installed, quite a few ASUS mobos and never had any major problems … but this P5B Deluxe is a *PIG*. Ive had so many problems with this, that I vow to nnever ever buy another ASUS product.
And the manual ? Its is just completely useless.

If you are thinking of buying the mono … check out all the complaints on the Internet first … and steer clear of it!

Posted by morph
May 14, 2007

What I can say about this mobo now after 2 months running with overklocking is that:
This board is a god for overklocker.
Use a real soundcard if you have sound issue, an Creative X-Fi Extreme retail costs like 40-50 USD, that’s not expensive. Besides, you get much better quality for sound.
Use JMicron as IDE and skip RAID, it solves many problems. For those who complain about HD performance, buy a Raptor HD at 10000rpm, u will feel the difference.
And yes, I’m quite satisfied with my mobo.

Posted by Linus
May 17, 2007

yar aap ko kuch ata bhi hey ya nahein bus pein pein karna ata hey bhular! :razz: :lol: :roll: :twisted: :evil: :lol: :cool:

Posted by mpz
May 20, 2007



Posted by HaGGaRd
May 22, 2007

@ DKA, I have the exact same issue, except I do have external hdds connected and they randomly get disconnected when theres a lot of traffic on the usb ports…

I really wish I could fix this.

Posted by lucky644
May 27, 2007

Hi guys. I also own an ASUS P5B. I agree … the worst choice ever. All the P5Bs are like cursed or something. I had sooooo many problems with it.
Here is the latest, don’t know if you got this one: Win x64 fresh driver for Soundmax fresh driver for Jmicron. All fine until the OS updates with a new ‘Microsoft Bus Driver for High Definition Audio’ which makes my LG DVDRW disappear. anyone?! :idea:

Posted by offline
May 30, 2007

Hello friends of suffery :)
I have P5B (No deluxe)
I’m happy with it, but I use windows Server 2003.
The thing with the PC Speaker. I never would have imagined. So thanks for it.

I read that a lot of you had a lot of different problems.
I have two hdd’s one on sata and one on ide.
I usually download stuff in my sata and them move it to the ide for storage.
When I move large files and I mean very large files they go very very fast, ~ 80 megabytes / second.
A full CD image in 10-12 seconds, and this is done while other 70 processes work.

I have ASUS p5b with ASUS EAX1600PRO SILENT video card and Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 CPU, a Toshiba optical drive two 160GB SATA & ATA hard drives from WD.
Besides the sound problem all works like I expected it but I do have one driver I could not get installed. The SM BUS DRIVER. Anyone got a suggestion?


Posted by Vlad-Marian Marian
June 1, 2007

Ok, hi guys, you are my last hope… The other solution is just to use gasoline against this mobo..

Intel Core 2 Duo e6600 @2.40 GHz
2048MB Patriot @ 1066MHz (two dimms of 1024MB)
Thermaltake TR2-550 pp

Well, I don’t have any problems with the sound or jmicron driver, but my system tends to reboot on its own! Without notice, just like that, and ir reboots. now, the problem tends to get even worse, because, when I start the shut down procedure in Win XP Pro SP2, it just reboots…

I keep getting the minidump file, suggesting that there is a conflict with either the memory or the graphics card. I’ve tried to downclock the mem, changed the order, bought another sets of different dimms, changed the video driver… and nothing.
It’s not about the temperature, because it rebooted sometimes after 5 min of work, and sometimes after 18 hours…
Tried to measure the voltage, and it is stable and according to the specs.
Now, can anybody help? Pls? I am deserate right now…
Thanks in advance,

Posted by dj paan
June 2, 2007

I am also using an ASUS P5B… and am experiencing crackling sounds too. It doesn’t happen all the time. Usually only when I am doing P2P downloads (eg. Bit Torrent)… Not sure if anybody else has the same observation. In any case, I will try to install the latest Soundmax driver and see if the crackling persists…
Thanks all for sharing your experiences! =)

Posted by wj
June 2, 2007

@dj paan

Mate, I have the same problem as you, my PC reboots often just a few minutes after the boot!
Temperature is not the issue of course.
Please contact me on ICQ so that we can help us solve the problem. My ICQ number is 37121832

Posted by Lallo
June 12, 2007

I have just recently bought the ASUS P5B-VM mobo. Not deluxe, not sure exactly what the difference is. I don’t have wifi onboard, perhaps that is just the difference. So far I haven’t had any issues with it. I run Windows Vista 64-bit. All drivers work. Got an MSI Geforce 7900GT overclocked to 765mhz memory and 565mhz gpu. It doesn’t go any further without crashes or artifacts. Also have a core 2 due 6600 (2.4Ghz). I have managed to overclock it to 2.96ghz in the BIOS, it runs perectly stable and only hits 48 celcius at max in intense apps and games (Stock CPU cooler). Though it is winter here. Also 2Gb of DDR2 667Mhz Ram, that runs at 820 mhz because of the overclocking. The FSB wont go beyond 328mhz, it took me ages to figure out the correct settings in the bios to get it running at this speed, down to the last 1mhz. My multiplier stays at 9. So far it is stunning, but I want to get more speed. I am a speed maniac.
Does anybody know how to reduce the cpu multiplier and raise the FSB in order to get the CPU running faster. But stably as well, as well as the memory etc, what settings should one use. I can’t seem to get the settings right. I have seen the 6600 running at 4 Ghz, probably wont get there but the more the merrier for me. I know I can get more speed out of this.
Also flashed the BIOS to the latest version.

Posted by ThinkBlink
June 12, 2007

Those who have sound problems. Here is a suggestion…may not work, but many other mobo’s I have had previously have had similar issues. Crackling sounds are normally either faulty cabling and plugs or metal touching metal. But what the most likely problem is the backplate, remove it and see if that helps (Looks ugly though) or give it a bit of a bending so that it doesn’t touch any mobo parts at the back. Make sure nothing metal is touching the plug points and the actual metal casing around the input points of the sound plugs. Normally this shouldn’t make a difference but sometimes it just does, not sure why. I have found that drivers have nothing to do with crackling sounds, it’s always static, metal on metal somewhere in the physical setup, including the speakers. Otherwise the sound chip or the mobo is faulty. Perhaps a huge faulty batch came out that they didn’t want to waste.
Hope that helps anybody.

Posted by ThinkBlink
June 15, 2007

hi i live in iran 2 just like hamed

7 days ago i bought p5b mb 4 512 patriot ram and intel core 6420 cpu …. i had problem with installing windows xp after trying and trying i find out that the problem is in my rams …. so i put 3 rams in the socket and now im using windows xp … the strange thing is when i put the 4th ram back to my mb it will give me so many errors which i have 2 reinstall windows xp … all my rams are the same and they are dual channel …. i tested every 4 rams and every one of them working fine but when i installed them on my motherboard i will get so many errors…. any one knows how can i fix this problem … by the way i installed the latest bios

and i tested other rams like ocZ ( same result)

Posted by yashar
June 15, 2007


Well, in my opinion it could only be a faulty mobo, but could very well be wrong. But try flashing the BIOS again. Perhaps try a slightly older BIOS version too. I doubt it could be some setting in the bios. Then again, perhaps the BIOS is trying to force single channel memory mode when all four slots are filled.
Tricky one.

Posted by thinkblink
June 18, 2007

Hi there,
I have P5B green with a sticker says “vista premium ready” and the one with mobo which is not ready is sound… I have read all of the comments and thus I learnt I am not the one in the world. Need to tell this mobo sucks ? Pfff.. Anyway, I have 5.1 speakers and Creative SB Live! Series (Creative EMU10K1 Audio Processor WDM). I disabled on-board card from bios and successfully installed creative (WinXP SP2 I am using..). Everything seems allright but there’s no sound at all. Not even a click / scratch /distortion / beep. I have checked windows sounds on/off etc etc. I know this entry seems to some of previous entries and I tried to check respective replies to them but have found no exact solution. When I click to “only digital sounds” from its card’s control panel, I am able to hear very bad sound from center and left&right (but not from rears). All jacks are ok by the way…

Now I am downloading onboard card’s latest driver from Asus page. I don’t want to use this stupid onboard card but will try it to just hear a clear voice from this PC. Greetings to everyone from Istanbul.

Posted by missing
June 21, 2007

I have the same mobo. Running Dual HD 2900 XT’s with crossfire and I got lots of sound. And heat… :grin:
I have had lots of problems with this motherboard, but attribute it more to bleeding edge technology then hardware. The drivers worked fine, system ran fine… memory read wrong (Mushkin XP2 PC2 6400 Dual Interleave 2GB x 2), but a quick manual fix in the Bios and its good. I now run with a single ATI card.. crossfire ready, sure.. but the drivers aint!
Powering this with a Thermaltake 1200W Toughpower PSU (minimum is 750W recommended by ATI for these 2 graphic cards) and everything runs hot and fast. But.. its crash prone. 4500.00 CDN for the computer.. and it runs like my 800.00 one in terms of stability. Problem? Vista 64bit Ultimate…

The hardware is good, the drivers are not. Now I play the waiting game.

Posted by Slaid99
June 21, 2007

Sorry, my mistake.. lol.. (now I feel stupid…) the P5B is on my other system and runs perfectly (since day 1). I was talking about my P5W DH Deluxe… DOH!!!

Ignore me. :oops:

Posted by Slaid99
June 22, 2007

I’m also getting pretty desperate when it comes to my P5B Deluxe/AP. None of my usb ports are working in Vista32 Home Premium anymore, just like someone else posted here before. All hubs and controllers appear to be functioning ok in the device manager, no exclamation marks whatsoever.

When I boot, my wireless keyboard and memorystick both are recognized by the system as I see the lights come up on the self-powered hub that I connected them to. In BIOS, I see the memorystick is recognized as a mass storage device. So the port must be functioning ok!

But when Vista32 is starting up, both lights on the hub go out and when the desktop has appeared, all usb devices are dead. Except for the wireless adapter.

There’s one ‘unknown device’ in the device manager. When I disconnect all usb devices, this one does not disappear. Tried to reinstall or refresh driver, but with no effect.

Does anyone have a clue? I already erased the infcache (and related) files in order to automatically rebuild the internal driver database, but that didn’t work.

I would love to have a ‘fresh’ driver base, as if Vista was just installed. From there, I would try to plug in all usb devices one by one to find out where it goed wrong? Does someone know how to do this, without a fresh Vista install?



Posted by rrooll
June 22, 2007

OK, it took me about 6 hours to figure out about the sound problem but I’ve finally got it working perfectly (mind you this is on a prelim 3.2 overclock of the e6420 that I put up in about 30min (only 15min orthos stable so far at 1.35v) but then I haven’t tweaked any of the other voltages or replaced my system fan; I think I’ll need to add the nb cooler as that thing is getting hot (heat transfer is working fine except using the scythe mine, the mosfets aren’t getting enough air).

Anyway, here’s the solution for people with crappy sound or who can’t get their 5.1 system to work (you got the wrong driver); go get the latest audio driver but make sure it’s the non-DTS version (dated I believe 2-8-07); if you don’t have dts, even if you turn off dts, it’ll still crap out your system…I can say for a fact that this chip works! The sound I’m getting now from both speakers and headphones is superior to my old realtek!

The driver name is (Note: without the DTS; it’s the dts version that’s screwing everyone up; asus should post a warning about that).

I was really bummed out about the sound since that was what drew me to this board, but now I’m quite happy. Hope this helps.

Posted by Van H
June 23, 2007

Hi Everyone,

Could someone help me please!

I couldn’t boot up my P5B Deluxe/WIFI system today and I’m now trying to assertain if it’s a m/b problem or a video card problem or something else.
I have plugged in a ps/2 optical mouse and keyboard and I noticed when I switch on my PC, my monitor is blank (ie. couldn’t find an input signal) and the lights on my optical mouse is not on.

So my question is : Does this sound like I have a m/b problem or is it my video card?

Everything else on the system seems to work ie. the CPU fan is going and the HD is spinning and i can eject the CD rom drive.

Thanks in advance.

Posted by Star
June 25, 2007

I too got fooled by the great reviews i saw on this board. I should have seen this forum earlier…

I have problems with:

- No POST when overclocking with memory timings by SPD (i bought crappy A-Data DDR2 800 though)

- SoundMAX (works not so bad in Vista x64 but is the biggest shit in WinXP: Oblivion is REALLY choppy when i enable sound)

- unstable PCI-E which locks to 1x instead of 16x (unless i overvolt southbridge or overclock the PCI-E bus or unplug and replug powercord)
- I had so many problems with the JMicron chip in WinXP that im using the Standard Dual Channel drivers in Vista (works great though)

If anyone here reading this has a fix for the PCI-E problem which doesnt involve voltage-increases, plz tell!

Posted by Belz
June 29, 2007


I had this really bad cracking and his when i put my music up loude or had it on low with windowms medaia audo conttrol on hig. The weird thing was that when i rean music with the win media volume control on slightly below high it was fine, but on high is cracked really bad.


All i did was go into the audio controller that comes with the motherboard, and turn down the WAVE level to 65-70% which immediately (LOL) made a difference, NO MORE CRACKING

Posted by Brendan
July 1, 2007

Hello All. Let’s make a summary. A have read all discussion, but my english is poor so i still can’t find out how to solve my problems whith P5B Deluxe/Wi-Fi AP. 1) My Windows XP boots 36 sec (from logo appears to desktop view) whith installed soundMAX driver (latest one from and sound works propely, inspite of 5.1 – i mean DTS connect – it doesn’t work AND Windows boots about 16 sec when driver disabled. Need answer – what driver to install? 2)It’s about 5.1 Sound – i’have a reciever supporting DTS – what cable i should use to connect to board. How to check the DTS connect work propely? Thx all

Posted by Alexander
July 1, 2007


everything was going on installing windows XP until I put the asus cd and told it to “install all”.

It rebooted and I’m not stuck at the POST. can’t get into the bios, not booting NOTHING !! I AM STUCK THERE :(

I’m here looking for an answer but can’t seem to find it but see that I’m in a world to hurt once I past my first hurdle !

Regards from Montreal

Posted by Mrhide
July 2, 2007

Assalam Alaikum,

I have the P5B-VM, E6300, 2GB, XP Home… usual stuff.

The onboard audio is faulty and needs addressing. I’m fortunate enough to have 2 other systems I’ve built – an MSI Dual Core system running with Audigy 4 Pro and another ASUS P5 mobo but using an internal Audigy 2 card.

Of course, no problems; the audio on this ASUS P5B system is appalling.

Thanks for all the advice so far; it took some time to read it all.

I’m going to try the:

* uninstall all previous drivers
* clean out using Reg cleaner / Driver cleaner
* Install new “SoundMAXADI1988A_Audio_V5100X6110″ driver from ASUS site (for M2N mobos)

If this fails then i will open her up and try the disconnect the internal mobo speaker while keeping the same SoundMAXADI1988A_Audio_V5100X6110 driver.

Lets see shall we. Insh’allah.


Posted by Mohammed
July 2, 2007

Assalam Alaikum,

OK. Nailed it. Heres what I did:

(1) totally wiped any trace of sound max using Driver Cleaner PE.

(2) tried to reinstall drivers in the above post – wouldn’t work

(3) download this instead “AD1988_WinXP_510014530″

(3) in device manager, locate hd audio device (should be highlighted with yellow triangle / exclamation mark)

(4) goto proprties and driver update browse to the XP>SMAXWDM>W2K_XP folder… the driver will automatically install

Hey presto! Crackle free… pop free sound. Alhamdu’lillah :grin:

Next stop get the software installed should not be a mission inshallah.

I hope this helps.

Regards, Mohammed

Posted by Mohammed
July 3, 2007

:grin: Thank you for this useful blog and all the comment so far. I have got new ASUS P5B on June 30, 2007 with E4300. I decided not to waste some money for soundcard since I saw that the Asus P5B attached with 5.1 channel High Definition Sound. I was so much upset indeed when I heard the annoying sound from Winamp which was totally different and uncomparable to my last 5 year-old PC. I doubted that the problem came from my speaker and it was not. After that I search on the net and there are no website wrote about this problem clearly. Maybe most the owner of this mainboard purchased new Soundcard instead of using sound on board.

If you are the person who see this page at last, for my case, the sound problem is from SoundMax Driver that come with the P5B box set. I have just followed Mohammed’s recommendations above to 1) Uninstall soundmax driver 2) Restart PC 3) Download AD1988_WinXP_510014530 from ASUS.Com. After that the sound experience is impressive, just like what I expcted from my higher payment more for this mainboard.

Hope you all solve your problem like me, Sawasdee Krub..Teera-Thailand :grin:

Posted by Teera
July 7, 2007

Anyone has the problem with the Asus P5B and the usb ports. My computer freezes the moment i plug in a thumb drive into the usb port? And yes one more thing my audio device on the P5b is not detected these days? any solution?

Posted by philistine
July 12, 2007

About the audio problem on P5B, the continuous high-pitched whining and crackling noise when HDD seeked etc..

I tried it all, at least four different drivers from Asus’ web pages, nothing helped. The whining was always there after I used my computer for some time.
I removed the Soundmax-drivers completely, rebooted without installing any drivers and still, whining..

From some forum (don’t even remember where anymore) I read that someone solved the problem by decreasing Vcore of the processor from BIOS. I decreased my Vcore to 1,5000 V and… The whining/noises are completely gone!
Don’t really know how lowering Vcore can affect this problem, perhaps something to do with power distribution on mobo etc…

But now, finally, after maany hours of figuring out and loosing my mind, no more whining :razz:

Posted by brg
July 12, 2007

…and now lowered the Vcore to 1,4V cause processor temps were rising pretty high. Still no whine, audio is loud and clear :cool:

Posted by brg
July 16, 2007

You may have the same problem similar to mine. I got a friend to look at my PC (see above post for my problem).

Found out that if you have bad RAM (ie. doesn’t work), it causes the problem where it won’t POST. :cry:

This is interesting bec other m/b makers would allow you to get into the bios even if you take out the ram and you would also get atleast something displayed on the monitor.
So if you have some extra/new RAM, maybe that might solve your problem. Good luck. :grin:

Posted by Star
July 16, 2007

Hello All , a simple question : Do you recommend buying the new Asus motherborad :arrow: Striker Extreme that has the same onboard sound card?!

Posted by HaMeD
July 19, 2007

Do you recommend buying new gamer mobo of Asus called Striker Extreme i actually want to change my p5b deluxe with it.

Posted by Tester
July 27, 2007

Hi guys, I have the new crosshair mobo, I too are struggling with the crap audio drivers, This is my THIRD motherboard. I have had the deluxe before this.

The soundmax drivers are shocking, this incident has given asus a bad reputation in my opinion, since I bought this mobo from reading reviews.

Im from the UK and this board cost me £155!!

Please email me and share your thoughts or any ideas how to get good recording quality using the mic, I play eve online and constantly use Teamspeak, my friends complaining about my “laggy” speaking however my connection is fine.

/rant over

Posted by matt
July 28, 2007

do people get trouble with installers becoming corrupt?

i’ll download a program install it and it’ll be fine.
i might get rid of it later or something and later go to reinstall it and i’ll get a corrupt reading. i resart, or try again a few days/weeks later and it’ll work.

Any ideas what is going on?

i’m using XP p5bdeluxe and a 320gb Western digital sata2 16mb cache hard-drive.

Posted by LiQU!D
August 1, 2007

Another P5B Deluxer user here, and I tested this solution: Use of SoundMax driver 6110 without DTS. Result? WORKS!!!

REMOVE THE DAMN DTS, and the sound finally works very well!

Posted by The DarkMaster
August 1, 2007

Ah, another thing: The SoundMax onboard audio can’t do high volume… To get better sound, put the volume into 70~80% max and use the external sound volume (speakers, Home theather, etc)

Posted by The DarkMaster
August 3, 2007


i had problems getting thumbdrives, mice and other devices to detect on my usb ports.

i tried a range of potential fixes but none of them did anything for me.

i have four different power supplies. with every one of them some of the devices would not detect but the detection behaviour changed with each power supply. the best power supply gave me the best results. only one mouse failed on one port and everything else worked on all ports.

get yourself a powerful brand name atx2.0 power supply. if you have a friend with one, try theirs first.

Posted by C-Nut
August 9, 2007

I spent hours with this f***ing Board! Even after I found this site it was a mere try and error process.
Finally it’s working (at least right now!)…
What I did: 1.) uninstalled all AD crap, 2.) downloaded from Asus (hey folks @ asus: this is definitely my last board by Asus!), 3.) reboot, 4.) cancel installation on reboot, 5.) in device manager search for AD HD device (has a yellow exclamation mark) and manually install driver (BIG THANKS! to Mohammed), 6. Reboot -> No wired underwater-sound anymore! :-)
Now the quite nice look of the AD Audio Settings is missing – but that is rather a minor point in comparison.

Posted by Jens
August 10, 2007

This sucks!
I did NOT change anything – rebooted a few times -> same crap as before! ASUS SUCKS!

Posted by Jens
August 10, 2007

This sucks even more!
Next Power off & reboot: that crap works again!

Posted by Jens
August 14, 2007

I solved my sound problem. Now I have fast, without noises, good mic recording and sound now.

I used the asus drivers WITHOUT surround.
and DIDN’T let windows auto-install the drivers, used the soundmax setup after the suggested reboot.

after using the wizard to setup the sound configuration all is fine.

Nice I’m Happy :grin:

Posted by WASTe
August 14, 2007

Btw, I forgot…

I use head phones and he superbeam sound max mic.
the MB is P5B without wifi.

and here is the drive I used:
from here: Deluxe
(set type, model, system, latest)

Posted by WASTe
August 14, 2007
Posted by WASTe
September 9, 2007

Hi guys,
Did any of you experience a problem such as bad CPU detection on ASUSTek P5B-965P ?!… I just can’t get both cores to work. I have made several clean OS installations hopin’ that WinXP-Sp2 would detect it as a dual core CPU, but when I go check, though detecting it correctly as an INTEL D, it shows that only one core is enabled. When I enter the BIOS, it should show the CPU with two cores this way: “L2 Cache = 2048×2″ instead of “L2-Cache = 2048″!… My technician says there’s a problem with Windows updates, but I don’t trust him any more. I consulted another guy who says it’s a hardware thing, and it’s got nothin’ to do with Windows!… :?:

Posted by Billy
September 15, 2007

We are the same. The audio driver slows down my booting everyday, I can’t ever wait that long. And, SoundMax don’t have Stereo Mix option when I want to record some sound from INNER computer. :sad:

Posted by nusushika
September 20, 2007

Sonic Focus has just informed me they posted a new driver. This is supposed to fix the problems on all ASUS P5 motherboards (I am using P5K Deluxe – ADI1998B).

I installed it. ALL MY PROBLEMS ARE FIXED. Asus should post it soon, but for those who don’t want to wait it is posted here:

Posted by Yarek
October 22, 2007

Hi people, is The Master of the Darkness again, hehe

Well, i have a STRANGE thing to report… I Buy and install one creative SoundBlaster Audigy SE to change the sound from P5B onboard audio. But the results are poor (too low sound volume, poor bass on LFE channel, cracks on sound if i put volume into 100% or disable the creative sound panel). For a experiment, I enabled again the onboard audio, and put the volume into 50%. Result? the onboard audio is BETTER NOW than the creative Audigy SE! I will go crazy with this mad hardware! :grin:

Posted by The DarkMaster
January 3, 2008

This is the same problem as the P5B (not deluxe edition)…

I don’t have a sound card, and i’m trying step 2.

I can’t do step 1 for i need onboard sound is that right?

(i’m following this tut to try and get betta fps in game and believing this is the problem!)

Posted by Front Line
January 6, 2008

Hi everyone, I’m running XP on an Asus P5B. I’ve just added a second hard drive to function in IDE mode. Been through the process of deleting jmicron drivers. Still, my new HDD is found only in de BIOS but not in Windows. I’ve been to My computer-management-storage devices, but there’s nothing there. Anyone? Thanks in advance.

Posted by Wouter
January 23, 2008

:?: Well, I have tried so many SoundMax Ad1988 drivers, but I always get: Noise on frontal speakers, no DTS, or no “Stereo Mix” to record live audio.

Would you please help me in this issue? I just ask for one driver that let me: hear without noise on frontal speakers, Stereo Mix feature, and DTS (to be able to listen WinAmp on my 5.1 Speakers)

Thank you very much in advance!

Meanwhile I will try and drivers.


Posted by Sebastian
April 13, 2008

What about Realtek HD Audio ?
Same problems ?

Posted by Acic
April 13, 2008

Acic, not sure about Realtek. This problem has been with Soundmax.


Posted by The Patri0t
April 19, 2008

Hi guys,

I got reallly boring problem which occurs non-stop.
So, i cant install audio drivers, because it keep telling me that its wrong hardware to install this driver on. I got p5b deluxe WiFi/ap. Of course, i cant hear anything, and even drivers dont want to be installed, so its a bit really pissing of :/. I wonder anyone of you guys can tell me a solution to this problem. and im using Win XP pro with sp2.

Posted by Vanerius
April 25, 2008

I have the same soundcard but on a M2N32-SLI Deluxe Wireless ed.

I currently having problems with the game Guitar Hero III.

I will try to remove the HD audio fix from microsoft.. since that can probably be a fuckup, and also update to the .4580 drivers.

Posted by hexa
May 4, 2008

P5B Deluxe under XP64 Pro

I’ve had it all. The Ai Suite generates an installation error “Ai Suite does not support AI Suite or you must upgrade BIOS” (although BIOS is the latest)

The RAID settings and detection fails from time to time

Soundmax sound is plain shit. Boost the bass using the equalizer, and you’ll end up with no treble AT ALL.

PC Probe says ‘Access Violation at address 0045CF13 in module ‘aaCenter.exe’. Write of address 01FB800′.

This mobo killed a Radon 1900XT – All condensators verified. It slows down and has some weird grafic lockups used with a Gefore 8800 GTS.

I’ve tried mostly everything on the net, I cannot get the GPU to work. Asus never replied my (polite) emails.

I’m not really a beginner either in computing. So my comment, this is the third Asus mobo I afford, and the third that keeps giving me hard times. Avoid Asus at all costs!


Posted by Nowee
July 1, 2008

hi… i still cant figure out how to fix my p5b se motherboard problem… im using an asus p5b se intel p965 lga775… i’ve downloaded the updated drivers already but still wont work… how do i fix my problem? the computer wont detect any sound device or what so ever… pls need assistance… thanks very much for the aid… :grin:

Posted by mazzyc
December 31, 2009

Finally I found a solution which worked for my P5B deluxe/wi-fi. There are some new drivers [v] for Win7 and Vista available under the following ftp address:

Don’t bother with the file name, its confusing, just try to install. They did install without an error message and seem to work.
Pls don’t try to e-mail me, I can’t help more and the address is fake, but can’t post without supplying one.

Posted by Cezar
July 11, 2010

Great post, I learned a lot! Looking forward to checking back soon!

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