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The Headlines

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Don’t have time to talk about anything. Will be posting soon about the lame mullahs and their sighting of the moon in Pakistan when there is MINUS 100 chance of sighting the moon… *sigh* and some of the people just blindly follow them!

Father questions Madonna adoption

I wonder why she…

Israel admits phosphorus bombing

So what? It’s always allowed for Israel & the US and its allies to do any thing they can in WAR. Who questions them? Even if some do, it has no effect…Why? I am sure you already know the answer.

Iran warns of revenge over Israel

Seriously, they should just start an attack on Israel or close their mouths for good.

Pakistan and India in spying row

So they got another reason and started the bashing each other thing again. Indian Police blames it all on ISI and Pakistan, the Mumbai blasts this year I mean. Then just yesterday, an Indian Official told a news agency that India does not have proof of ISI/Pakistan’s involvement in the blasts!!! & the same day… You see this SPYING thing coming up. Get done with it both of you!

Kashmir protest over youth death

Oh well…No comments! Incidents like these have been happening since years. Only now it is, getting International coverage.

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Here it comes – Internet Explorer 7

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True, it’s final version has been officially released by Microsoft. You can read a review about it at Paul Thurrott’s SuperSite for Windows

It looks very good indeed. I have not downloaded it yet, will take me 2-3 hours perhaps to get the download done with my dear stupid dial-up. I plan a few additions on my website very soon insha’Allah, but I have to complete other things before making final those additions. Pray I am able to spend equal time with everything that requires my attention. To all those friends and users who are using Internet Explorer 6 as their default browser. Please upgrade to Internet Explorer 7 as soon as possible.

It has many new features and functions esp. Security wise, it’s far better than the old Internet Explorer, the version 6. To those users (like me) who moved to Firefox, or Opera. I don’t think they’ll make themselves come back permanently to IE7 because both Firefox & Opera offer complete customization of the browser to user’s requirements. Firefox being more customizable than Opera here. Well, it will be the G33KS who like to see everything customized to their brain who won’t come back to IE7. As for other usual users, IE7 is good enough to use and esp. for the one’s who are still stuck with using IE6. IE7′s user interface might be a little confusing for the usual IE6 users, but just upgrade to it n play around with it, get used to the new UI.

Users with pirated versions of Windows will not be able to install IE7 without bypassing WGA check. Well, good luck with that! If you are able to by pass it that is. Here are the links…

Official Internet Explorer 7 Website
Direct Download Link to IE7 for Windows XP SP2- 14 MB

For other Windows, use the official website and guide yourself to the download page.

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How hi-tech Hizbullah called the shots

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Read a very interesting article on Hizbollah’s Website! If this is even slightly true, tells you what can an Army with EEMAAN and Hi-Tech do!

Beirut – Hizbullah`s ability to repel the “Israeli” Army during the recent conflict was largely due to its use of intelligence techniques (believed to be) gleaned from allies Iran and Syria that allowed it to monitor encoded “Israeli” communications relating to battlefield actions, according to “Israeli” officials, whose claims have been independently corroborated by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

“`Israeli` EW [electronic warfare] systems were unable to jam the systems at the Iranian Embassy in Beirut, they proved unable to jam Hizbullah`s command and control links from Lebanon to Iranian facilities in Syria, they blocked the Barak ship anti-missile systems, and they hacked into “Israeli” operations communications in the field,” Richard Sale, the longtime intelligence editor for United Press International, who was alerted to this intelligence failure by current and former CIA officials, told Asia Times Online.

The ability to hack into “Israel’s” military communications gave Hizbullah a decisive battlefield advantage, aside from allowing it to dominate the media war by repeatedly intercepting reports of the casualties it had inflicted and announcing them through its television station, Al-Manar. Al-Manar`s general director, Abdallah Kassir, would not comment on the information-gathering methods that had allowed it to preempt “Israel’s” casualty announcements, but he admitted he was in constant contact with Hizbullah`s military wing.

When “Israeli” troops invaded southern Lebanon, they found themselves bogged down in stronger-than-expected Hizbullah resistance. The story of the handful of Hizbullah militants who single-handedly defended the border village of Aita Shaab has already become legend. Ultimately, “Israel” decided that the only way to neutralise them was to carpet-bomb the village, reducing it to rubble in the process.

Part of the reason for Hizbullah`s decisive battlefield performance was that it was gleaning valuable information by monitoring telephone conversations in Hebrew between “Israeli” reservists and their families on their personal mobile phones.

“If an enemy sets up a small group of EW people familiar with the terrain and reasonably aware of the current tactical situation, a stream of in-the-clear calls could have been a gold mine of information mentioned inadvertently,” said Sale, quoting a CIA official.

A London Sunday Times article titled “Humbling of the super-troops shatters `Israeli` army morale” reported the story last week. It stated that Hizbullah was “able to crack the codes and follow the fast-changing frequencies of `Israeli` radio communications, intercepting reports of the casualties they had inflicted again and again”.

The development marks a potential turning point in the region`s strategic balance. Hizbullah`s ability to repel “Israel’s” elite troops marked the first time that an Arab force had frustrated a concerted invasion scenario by “Israel”. This has led to a concerted rethink on the part of the “Israeli” leadership, in which it is being assisted by American experts, according to “Israeli” intelligence website DEBKAfile.

It adds that the American experts are particularly focused on how (so-called) Iranian EW installed in Lebanese army coastal radar stations blocked the Barak anti-missile missiles aboard “Israeli” warships, allowing Hizbullah to hit at least one “Israeli” corvette, the Hanith.

“Assuming that these capabilities came from Syria and Iran, most probably by way of Russia and China, one would have to believe that both the US and “Israel” have learned from the experience, and that leaning process will be applied in future conflicts,” said Robert Freedman, Peggy Meyerhoff Pearlstone professor of political science at the Baltimore Hebrew University.

The Debka article also claims that Hizbullah secretary General Hassan Nasrallah was hosted throughout the war in an underground war-room beneath the Iranian Embassy in Beirut.(!?) Iranian involvement was suspected throughout the conflict, and a captured Hizbullah guerrilla confessed on “Israeli” television to have visited Iran for training. The most able and committed Hizbullah guerrillas usually visit Iran for religious indoctrination and training in the firing of non-Katyusha rocketry.

“It [the technological breakthrough] may mean that the US and `Israel` no longer have the ability to operate at lower levels of violence on a supreme basis,” said a Middle East analyst. “The playing field is more leveled. This may mean more diplomacy or it may mean more, and more concentrated, violence.”

Iran and Syria advanced their SIGINT (SIGnals INTelligence – intelligence-gathering by interception of signals) cooperation last November, as part of a joint strategic defense cooperation accord aimed at consolidating the strategic aspect of their long-term alliance. Aside from being an invaluable help to Hizbullah, the ability to read “Israeli” and US codes could aid Iran in monitoring US movements in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“It goes to the heart of one of the factors … routinely regarded as one of the clear advantages for all First World versus Third World nations or forces – electronic warfare and secure communications,” said Gary Sick, who was national security adviser under US president Jimmy Carter. “We are supposed to be able to read and interfere with their communications, not vice versa. A lot of calculations are based on that premise.”


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How will you feel?

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Well…When did I contact ASUS about my motherboard? I sent the support e-mail on 14th. It’s 17th today and will be 18th in around 30 mins but no answer from them. This is happening to ASUS VIP member, you become ASUS VIP when you buy ASUS and register that product online. It’s really a shame, it really is when such Companies can’t keep up with their “SUPPORT” factor. I’m sure it’s same for ASUS, Gigabyte, Thermaltake etc. etc. Contacted Gigabyte, asking where to get their products in Pakistan, I never got a reply, when I saw an ad of Gigabyte distributor in Pakistan. Called them up, the guy hanged up on me when I asked about a Mobo which was available in other countries, he hanged up by saying “It will come after a few weeks!”. Thermaltake, contacted them about where to get your things in Pakistan. Never got reply this time, last time I inquired it 2-3 years ago, for which I got reply after like 3 months. Oh & I contacted Thermaltake showing interest in selling their products over here in Pakistan. Guess what. They replied even to THAT after a full month. The hell with selling their products! I would like to praise one Company in Pakistan though, whom I have dealt with once before. Silicon Technologies who are based in Karachi as well. I ordered my laptop’s RAM from them. They deal in Kingston and other companies too. I get reply within a day from them always. That’s how everyone should run their so called MOnEY making businesses. The trend mostly here in Pakistan & appears to be the same with ASUS etc., SUCK the money out of your customers. Smile and hang around when they buy, as soon as they are out of your sight, forget about them.

It was a hard time on me to get even the order done trough Distributor directly (Because their STUPID IDIOT STUPID Reseller was not ordering it for me, further more they were giving me 9 months Warranty where as it’s 3 years!!!). I prefered contact by e-mail. The person at other end, in Karachi, called up and said he will e-mail me shortly and I never got a reply from him. After continously messaging him, I did get the prices and arrival time estimation (which was fetched more than a week by him later). Khair!!!

Oh & the funny thing here is. I had asked that Distributor to send me complete list of ASUS products they sell with their prices. Guess what did he send me. That dude sent me their “CONFIDENTIAL” information. That e-mail was sent as Carbon Copy to me and originally sent to some guy at Viewsonic headquarters. It contained list of the monitors they had ordered, which they received, the pending ones and how many were to be delivered to them in the coming months!!! That was very STOOPID of them to do.

Why is all this just messy over here? You are not allowed to return the things you buy. You lose lot of money if you do. In foreign countries, UK or USA, you don’t like something, return it. They cut only slightly, refund you, you can even go on and buy another thing from the same vendor or shop. They will never be like NO WE DON’T WANT TO SELL YOU ANY THING ANYMORE BECAUSE YOU JUST RETURED THAT THING TO US AND YOU ARE GOING TO BE A BOTHER. Well, come here, get a piece of something, then try to return it. G0OOd luck from me! It’s Ramadan, the shopkeepers, most of them have their FASTS running high up in their heads, so you are most probably going to hear a few curse words from him and him ordering GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE.

What will you feel when a school friend contacts you after 5 months. He asks how you are and everything. You are happy to get a call from him and he shoots, I need to work on a Project I have been assigned in University. It’s this this this, please collect it on Internet for me and e-mail it to this this this e-mail address within two days. Then after a few weeks, he does the same, this time for another project. Then you receive a call from your school teacher, who never bothered to call you, but the next thing he says after how are you is. Listen, I need to print something. The guys in Bazaar are asking for too much money. Could you do it for me? I wonder why even they ask me this “Could you do it for me?” question. WHy don’t they just say, dude do this for me. It’s never a bother for me to help people out with things that I have knowledge of, but I feel really very bad when I get the feeling of them being mean to me and just using me for their work & nothing else. Even the respect they give me is because “This guy owns a computer, can work fast in Word & Urdu compliation, owns a printer too” so let’s be NICE with him as will be really helpful for us in future. . .

Speaking of all this. I’ve fixed computers n stuff for my friends too. I only wonder sometimes, they are happy with me helping them as long as it’s free and as long as I fix their computers, what if someday, something happens, their computer burns or something while I’m doing a Windows refresh for them. Will they just come & take their system or get pissed off at me for BURNING it? This has happened once, a school friend had problem with his computer’s 3D card. Brought it to me, it was not attached properly or something & the PSU had some problem too. I reinserted the 3D card, when started the system, there was a circuit break in house, there was a burning smell coming out too (from the PSU), something went wrong with it’s cable. This friend, cursed me badly right away saying I burnt his computer now I’ll have to pay him in full…Was’nt any problem. Ran fine afterwards, but I could never forget what he said.

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Yey! I won 250,000 UK pound sterling :dry:

Posted by 16 October, 2006 (5) Comment

Hehe. Don’t jump. I did not win any thing. It’s another stupid SPAM e-mail I received this morning. Hehe. I once tried to make them pay me 5000 US$ as security so I am sure they are in real. :rolleyes: They were very clever, did not reply me regarding that, then I said I will report you to FBI if you don’t pay me 5000 US$, looool, I never got a reply after that!!! ;)

A friend of mine has received lots of such e-mails, even after telling him not to give them his details, he still did all that saying it won’t hurt him, may be they are real. Till today, he’s still waiting for the money to arrive. LoL. It’s just stupid spam people. They I think sometimes fool you into giving money as well.

Here’s the e-mail,

“Lottery Headquarters:
Customer Service
28 Shefield ROAD,
Ref: BTL/491OXI/04
Batch: 12/25/0304


We happily announce to you the draw (#471) of the BRITISH NATIONAL
LOTTERY,online Sweepstakes International program held on 1st August,

Your e-mail address attached to ticket number: 56475600545 with Serial
number 5368/02 drew the lucky numbers: 05 21 23 28 40 48 26(bonus
no.),which subsequently won you the lottery in the 2nd category
i.ematch 5 plus bonus.

You have therefore been approved to claim a total sum of #250,000 (Two
Hundred And Fifty thousand pounds sterling) in cash credited to file
KTU/9023118308/03.This is from a total cash prize of #10,000,000 shared
amongst the first four (4) lucky winners in this category i.e Match 5
plus bonus.

All participants for the online version were selected randomly from
World Wide Web sites through computer draw system and extracted from
over 100,000 unions, associations, and corporate bodies that are listed
online. This promotion takes place weekly until the end of the year.

Please note that your lucky winning number falls within our European
booklet representative office in Europe as indicated in your play
coupon.(5647560054) In view of this, your #250,000 (Two Hundred And
Fifty thousand pounds sterling) would be released to you by any of our
payment offices in Europe.

To file for your claim, please contact our fiduciary agent and Provide
him with the information below:

3.Marital Status:
8.Country Of Residence:
9.Telephone Number:
10.Fax Number:
11.Draw Number above:
12.Annual income:

Mr. Emmanuel Loiseau
Email:[email protected]
Phone Number:+447011121926
( Fudiciary Agent)”

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Asus P5B Deluxe – Problems & Solution!

Posted by 14 October, 2006 (209) Comment

If you came here from a Search Engine, please just scroll down to the “Problems & Solutions” area. LOL. All this ranting below is for friends of mine umm well I am not sure who will read it all :p.

The Ranting!

Hmm, so I have got hands on Asus P5B Deluxe on 30th September, sadly it became the reason for me not being able to give enough time to other things around me. I love this motherboard, it’s simply awesome, speaking of the Hardware components it’s made of but ALAS it has disappointed me when it comes to drivers for the Onboard HD Audio device and Jmicron controller (which has been included in it as the Intel’s South Bridge did not have PATA/IDE Interface). Further disappointing is the fact that I must have read like LOTS & LOTS & LOTS of Reviews online before opting for this motherboard and none of those mentioned problems with it’s drivers & performance!!! I prefered it over the ASUS “DIGITAL HOME” Motherboard with 975 chipset as there were lot’s of reports coming up that it won’t support Intel Core 2 DUO out of the box & if that’s the case then you have to get a non-Core 2 DUO processor and flash it’s BIOS to the newest.

Anyways…I was really frustrated in the first week because of this Motherboard because I paid a hefty price for it & when I pay ENOUGH I don’t expect it will give me a headache and when it does, well it _____ me off. I was almost going to call the Distributor and exchange this Motherboard with the 975 chipset one (which is OLD) but then I decided to wait and research before going ahead. Here are the problems I found with this Motherboard, not Motherboard to be exact but two drivers.

The motherboard arrived on 30th around 11 am. I set everything up till 1 pm and due to very easy installation of the front panel controls, it booted just fine on the very first try. LOL. I have dealt with cheap Intel motherboards only before. It’s a pain in the posterior to set the front panels (power button, reset button, hd & power led, front USB as well) as the Motherboards usually does not come with a manual & the sticker which comes with it sometimes is I don’t know why sometimes now up2date! So you end up being like a moron as you won’t be able to switch the system ON if you don’t set those properly. Then the screw driver technique comes in, what you basically do it that touch all of the front panel pointers present on the Motherboard with a screw driver, you will see a spark and the system will boot up, then do all the installation and get a manual from the driver’s cd or from Internet and set it properly!

With ASUS P5B Deluxe it was no pain. They provided EZ installation modules, you set it up on the front panel module on the Mobo, every thing’s written on it. Install each cable according to it and you are done. Same modules are provided for front USB and firewire ports. So the Motherboard boots, I boot it by Windows XP cd and do the installation. Noted the time, it took 12 minutes for the installation :D! Was happy with it, Windows boots up, I install Nvidia drivers then inserted ASUS drivers CD and chose automatic installation of drivers. It installed drivers for the Intel chipset, HD Audio and JMicron SATA/PATA controller. I also installed the softwares by ASUS to monitor and overclock the motherboard. So when everything was done and I restarted the system, I noticed SLOW boot time. I ignored it and thought it’s because of all the clutter on start-up perhaps? I was not worried about it at that time as I was going to optimize the boot related matter later.

Next step was installation of the required daily use Softwares. I did, until I had to reboot after installing Alcohol 120% because when a reboot took place after it. The boot time which was taking around 5 XP tickers now took around 12. I was like WTH? I was thinking about it when Windows boots, I go in My Computer, as soon as I double click on a Drive letter to see a few things, it would double click, I would hear the clicking noise and then it would be jammed then go in the folder. This was definitely not a good thing. I had an open mouth to see this and the very first thought came was, this Motherboard is screwed up! I did not think any thing else than formatting the whole installation and doing it again. This time, I wanted to see things in detail. So I installed the Windows then drivers. Then with each program installed, I would reboot and check for the boot time. Alcohol caused the problem again, I did a System Restore and it worked fine. I decided to disable all the Windows services and enable them one by one to see what is causing the problem. The problem appeared to be with “Plug & Play”. I disabled it and the boot time was fine and there was no jamming either when I would double click folders or get back but wait do you know what Plug & Play does for Windows XP? No body can live with it disabled. Your printer won’t work if it’s disabled, to put it simple, it’s looking over all the hardware your computer HAS and which might be plugged in it in future. This thing never gave me a problem before, so I decided to see what services depend on Plug & Play. I disabled those and enabled one by one, the problem thing came up…guess what was it? The Windows Audio service!!! I could disable it but then there would be no sound in Windows. Then another thought came. I went in Control Panel and disabled the Windows sound scheme as a whole. No Windows sounds but I could still hear the games I play etc. There was no lagging after double clicking then! Next, I enabled the Windows sound scheme but disabled the CLICK for STARTING, as in when you double click a folder, you hear a sound. I disabled that, enabled all the rest and it worked! I knew something’s wrong with the Onboard Audio. Oh & when you played the audio, you would hear cracking sound, it won’t be clear!!!

After hours of search on Internet, I came across a few people having same complain as me. The culprits appeared to be the Onboard Audio driver (which I had already an idea about) and also the driver for Jmicron controller!

The Problems & their Solutions

    (1) HD Audio Driver :

This Motherboard is using High Definition Soundmax AD1988B chip for it’s audio. The CD which came with it had version x.x.4530 drivers for the said audio chip. I even installed the latest x.x.4570 drivers but the problem remained there. The slow down on double clicking folders with Windows sound scheme enabled and the hissing in background while playing sounds. The solution for this is simple, which I am not going to do for the time being, go to BIOS and disable the Onboard HD Audio device…which means you will not be able to hear anything unless you have got an extra PCI Audio device! Most of the people on Internet who own P5B Deluxe are not using the onboard audio device. Not that it’s bad but because they are NUTS, lol, they are using extreme sound cards like the Creative X-FI which cost in thousands!!! I paid thousands already, I expect to use the Onboard audio. I don’t have the funds to pay extra for the audio. Anyways. Let’s hope they release a newer audio version soon which will solve the problem.

    (2) Jmicron driver :

Download the latest from ASUS website. Install it BUT you will I am very sure feel slow down during boot time and perhaps during Windows too. Install it as you will see Unknown Device (which is a bother). Install it, reboot, then go to Device Manager and under SCSI and RAID controllers see for Jmicron. Rite click it and click Update driver. Select No, not at this time and click Next then select Install from specific location and click next, then select Don’t search. I’ll choose the driver to install (from a list). You will see two options there, “JMicron JMB36x Controller” and “Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller”. Select the later one, “Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller”, click next and allow the Computer to do the rest. There is no need to reboot after this change, though do reboot to see that the boot problem is gone. If you want to use the RAID capabilities then there is enough offered by the Intel chip, use that instead of this. I would have disabled this in BIOS but I can’t do that as using two IDE/PATA optical drives.

Remember, the boot time problem and performance lag was gone ONLY when both of the above solutions were adopted. Which means getting a seperate PCI sound card and changing driver of the Jmicron controller. Or if you can live with it like me, just disabled the Windows sound scheme all together or disabled the one which happens when you double click.

I will say again, I am very much disappointed by all the review sites which praised Asus P5B Deluxe. It is a sweet thing indeed but they have no where mentioned it having a problem in performance due to the stupid drivers offered by Jmicron and Soundmax!!! They should have mentioned this…Another very simple idea is there in my mind too, I will not offer it here yet as I have not tested it yet. As soon as I do and the problem is solved (I am sure it will) then I will announce it. I have contacted ASUS about the said problems, basically I want to see what have they got for explanation. I hope they “acknowledge” the problem that it’s there due to drivers or if it’s hardware related (which I am sure is not) then they better say I can return this Motherboard and get an exchange. I am loving the MOBO already so I just hope it’s only the stupid drivers.

Oh & anyone of you drove a car @ 320 KM/HOUR? I did :D, in “Need for Speed Most Wanted Black Edition 2007″, lol and when I mentioned that I wrecked a few police cars which were trying to chase me…the friend mentioned it as “VIOLENCE” :\. C’mon, I did not hurt anyone! I guess I did but well, it was the computer, they don’t feel any thing!

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