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In The Line of Fire: A Memoir of General Pervez Musharraf

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Musharraf's B0oK

Anybody heard about it? I never knew he was doing any thing such until few days ago. I read on BBC’s website I think. They actually said something like it might turn out to be a “Best Seller”. Not that I am a big fan of him but I have placed order for it. I received a newsletter from Liberty Books, the online book shop of Pakistan about pre-order for the book in title. So I placed an order. The cost of this book is not very cheap. He should have thought about selling it a little cheap so the ordinary Pakistanis could buy it oh and I hope he has planned to release an Urdu version of it too. But I guess he has to show it to Mr. Bush first?

Anyways…You can pre-order “In The Line of Fire: A Memoir of General Pervez Musharraf” here with a 15% discount as of today:
Liberty Books

They accept Credit Card, Bank Drafts, Pay Order and Cash on Delivery (in Karachi only I think). So go ahead with it if you are interested. I am looking forward to read it…

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Blogspot blocked again!

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So it’s true I think that when we hear a happy thing or know a happy thing we should not let everyone know too s00n because if you do then the happy thing might leave you. Well, it’s true for my self regarding the happiness of “BLOGSPOT” being unblocked in Pakistan. Yeah you guys commented and it’s blocked YET again. I don’t know what the hell is going on in their minds. Perhaps Musharraf wanted to check out something on Blogspot so it was unblocked for a few hours. Geez. I did not know Musharraf can use Internet.

So what can his e-mail address Be? Any guesses? He has got a site dedicated to him @ It’s a shame though. It is supposed to be, “President of Pakistan” website. It should about all the Presidents in the past, they were not any good though but still. I mean to say the website is more about “MUSHARRAF” than “PRESIDENT OF PAKISTAN”. If you know where I am going…There is a section, ASK THE PRESIDENT and someone has replied there too which the site claims as Musharraf. Musharraf or not I know one thing, I do not see any questions and answers posted after September 2005. Any guesses as why can this happen? It’s another shame that we do not have a website for our Prime Minister. He is not such a great thing too or we did not have HEROES in the past really except a few selected ones but oh well…

Musharraf Musharraf. Present this to Supreme Court so they block my sit3 too! C’mon man. You won’t l0s3 any thing. I can gain alot though. The sites which are blocked, are supposed to get blocked but instead they become popular when people come to know what site is banned. They are always curious to see what might there be on the website. I am gonna write to PTA about this Blogspot getting blocked and unblocked. Let’s see what happens.

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Blogspot unblocked in Pakistan!

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I was able to visit Blogspot sites without using any Anonymouser scripts or proxies yesterday. I think the Government has decided to allow blogspot after so many months. Congrats to all users of Pakistan for it. Well, it has been lifted as silently as they implented it. I hope it’s not temporary or the Admin guy forgot to put it or something like that and that it will remain like this forever now.

All the Pakistanis who were previously not able to access Blogspot due to Government’s ban, if you are still not able to access Blogspot then please do let me know here. It’s not any sort of joke. I am able to access Blogspot without using any proxies.


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More of Microsoft!!!

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Windows Vista Build 5536 Released to Beta Testers
Windows Vista, it surely has disappointed Microsoft fans upto some extent because of the delays and cutting it’s features down in order to get it shipped in time & Microsoft not able to come up with what they promised. The biggest of them is SPEED. I don’t think the testers are happy with it’s LAGGING behind part mostly. I was reading few days ago somewhere, some well known guy (SOME because I don’t remember!) had written that he was told about the upcoming Vista build, which will be released to testers and it is very promising, meant to say that it will be a build which testers are looking forward to from Microsoft and will be somewhat if not completely to their expectations.

Build 5536 is a Pre-RC1 release to testers. It surely will reflect what’s coming up in the RC1 of Vista. I wish I were part of this beta! Here are some screenshots:

By Pro-Networks.Org
By Winfuture.De

Windows Live Messenger 8.1 Beta – Join Now!
Have been part of a few Microsoft Betas including Windows Live Messenger. It was released just around 2 months ago and they have started rolling in Beta testers for their next version of it. Windows Live Messenger Beta 8.1 Beta!

Live Messenger 8.1 Beta

It appeared on “Available connections” at “Microsoft Connect” website. I have applied for it after taking a little usual survey. Hopefully I am rolled in :-D. Try your luck @ Microsoft Connect Website

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Windows Live Writer Released

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From Neowin.Net:

“Microsoft has launched Windows Live Writer. This is a free, downloadable application that runs on your Windows PC and allows you to write blog posts.

Since most blogging tools are web based and not all allow WYSIWYG editing (where you see on screen exactly how the blog post will look), Windows Live Writer will be useful for some writers looking for a faster, easier way to post to blogs.

Tools like this have been around for a long time. For example RocketPost is another company in this space, although they charge $12 for their software. Performancing (a Firefox plugin that people rave about) and Ecto (Om Malik uses this one) are two others. The biggest complaint about these existing services was that editing existing posts is difficult or impossible.

Windows Live Writer has a lot of bells and whistles – preview in WYSIWYG or HTML mode, support for most blogging platforms (Windows Live Spaces, Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, WordPress and others), easy insertion of photos and things like Maps, and tagging. Good stuff, but none of it differentiates it from existing year old products.

What does differentiate Live Writer is that they’ve released an API that allows developers to extend the capabilities of the software to publish additional content types.

Too bad that, like Google and Picasa, Microsoft has ignored the Mac platform.”

Direct Download Link | 4.7 MB

I was looking for such a software few weeks ago and lucky me. Microsoft released Windows Live Writer Beta. I have used it for my blog since then. It’s amazing. I came across other products too but they asked for buck$. This one comes free. Good job Microsoft! Well done! If anyone of you want to write blog entries without logging to your blog’s dashboards (CAN GET BORING SOMETIMES) then just give this software a try. Hopefully, if I get time I write a little review of it.

To those of you who are wondering where has he disappeared after 19th. Well, I am sick of politics right now. I just ignored my site too, because if I came, I would have written alot of things which were moving around in my mind hence not helping me ease down.

Forgot to mention that it’s a Beta but does work very well. So do give it a try.

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Change all dictionaries

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Translated and edited it years ago. It was written by “Javed Choudhry” in Urdu.

On Thursday 6th December 2001, President of America declared in a Joint Press Conference with Norwegian Prime Minister that sorrowful ceremonies will take place on 11th December 2001 to remember the innocents who were killed on 11th September 2001 in the Terrorist Attacks on World Trade Center and Pentagon.

Many countries of the world celebrated that day very sadly because it was declared by the President of Super Power and every country want America to be happy with them. It was and it is the responsibility of whole world to oppose the deaths of innocent people because we are human beings, we are civilized and we are sentimental but we should first decide a thing before opposing. We should decide who is oppressed and who is innocent?

If oppressed and innocents are those who face sudden death without any crime, without any mistake and without any guilt then we will have to find time for the oppressed and innocents of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We will have to arrange condolence ceremonies for those who unfortunately born in Japan, who had no hand in breaking out the war, who hated Japanese Commanders as they hated American, French and English Commanders but except their all innocence and hatred for war they became target of American Atom Bombs. After that the lands of Hiroshima and Nagasaki never gave a fully developed plant and no complete baby born again in the both cities.

If “INNOCENTS” of the Terrorist Attacks on World Trade Center and Pentagon are thought to be innocent then we will have to find time for the oppressed and innocents of Vietnam. For those oppressed and innocent Vietnamese who were tied in Tank Chains when killed, who were hurt and then thrown in the cages having hungry scorpions, rats and snakes, whose skulls were used as beer cups and mines were buried in there land inch to inch.

If Tom and Henry are thought to be innocents then we will have to find time for the Iraqis who had no hand in making Saddam Hussain their Ruler, who had no hand in attacking Kuwait and who had no hand in challenging America but in spite of their innocence they were targeted by Cruise Missiles and other deadly weapons of America and its Allies.

All these people died and ARE DIEING innocently like the “INNOCENTS” of World Trade Center and Pentagon but in spite of their innocence and oppression these millions of men, women and children became target of American and Allied Bombs. There are many examples of events like this but no on is caring.

I am too amazed about this world. This world is acting nowadays for the Americans, who were killed in the Terrorist Attacks, as they are the first innocents and oppressed people of this world. I don’t say that they are not innocent and oppressed but there were billions of people who died innocently and in worst conditions than that of 11th September and ‘INNOCENTS’ are still dieing. The main point in all this is that no Television Stations broadcasted special programs to honour those innocents people who faced troublesome death in Japan, Vietnam and Iraq and when Americans died they were the main stories of every news channel. No one asked people to give donations for those innocents who were killed in Japan, Vietnam and Iraq but when Americans became the target, whole world donated billions of dollars in aid. No country of this world paid condolences to the innocents of Japan, Vietnam and Iraq but when Americans died , every country of this world called American President personally, they not only paid condolences to him but also to the people of America. What is this? Do you call this the right thing? Is this so called ‘JUSTICE’ of America?

Believe me, if this world is not yet the Graveyard of living people, if the people living in seven continents have eyes, if mother are not barren yet, if the hearts are still beating and if there is shame and faith in our conscience then we will have to arrange condolence ceremonies for those Japanese, Vietnamese and Iraqis who were innocents as the ‘INNOCENTS’ of WTC and Pentagon but except all this they were killed. If we do not do so then we will have to do another thing. We will have to gather dictionaries of the whole world and will have to change meanings of oppressed and innocent. We will have to write their that, “Innocent and oppressed is the person who is born in America or its Allied Country, who is friendly to America and its Allies and who die with the bullets and bombs which are Made Out of America.”

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