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Supporting Lebanon!

Posted by 28 July, 2006 (49) Comment

You must have noticed “Supporting Lebanon” banner on top right corner of my website. I am making it public here for everyone to use who wants to show they are standing with Lebanon in the current Middle East conflict. If you want to see how the banners look, check out the Example page. I would like to thank brother Mohsin Naqi of GFX Canvas for making the corner banner.

Made up Javascript versions which means all you have to do is place the following code after <body> tag on your site’s template.

For Right Hand Banner. . .
<script src=””></script>

For Left Hand Banner. . .
<script src=””></script>

Use following if you want to put the Banner on your Blogspot, seperate script is necessary as Blogspot’s default TOP banner might conflict with it. Place the following code after <body> tag in your Blogspot template.

For Right Hand Banner. . .
<div style=”float: right; position: absolute; right: 0px; top: 33px; z-index: 1″> <a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” border=”0″ width=”201″ height=”203″></a> </div>

For Left Hand Banner. . .
<div style=”float: left; position: absolute; left: 0px; top: 33px; z-index: 1″> <a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” border=”0″ width=”203″ height=”201″></a> </div>

If you have any problem, just drop a comment here. P.S. Thanks again to brother Mohsin Naqi of GFX Canvas for his help!

Javascript is just not working with Blogspot, checked script several times but still not working. Just put up the DIV code and it should work. Script MIGHT not work on some sites, if that’s the case then just use the DIV codes above, change “top:33px” to “top:0px” if you are not using it for Blogspot.

Saving Lebanon
So above was to show support for Lebanon on your web site. Here are few links through which you can help the people of Lebanon.

> EDHI Foundation – You can send them money for relief operations in Lebanon
> ShiaChat’s topic on How to Help Lebanon

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Cooking & more

Posted by 26 July, 2006 (8) Comment

Spent a little time in kitchen. Prepared a lil food, it was pure non-veg thing so those who are going to do yukk now should please skip this paragraph. I just grabbed a magazine and found it to be the most simple thing to cook, so I decided for it. It’s name if you translate from Urdu will become, “Friend Mutton” but the funny thing is they did not mention frying it in oil and the little more funny part is the fact that I don’t know names of spices in English so I won’t be telling the recepie, or I should in Urdu and if someone here can translate it for me, I will be thankful!


  • Mutton; cut into little pieces – 1 KG
  • Garam Masala – 1 and a half table spoon
  • Adrak Lehsan; mashed – 1 table spoon
  • Lal mirch – 1 table spoon
  • Zeera; mashed – 1 tea spoon
  • Dhanya; mashed or powder – 1 tea spoon
  • Salt – To your taste
  • Water – 1 and a half cup
  • Yogurt – 1 cup

How to:

  • Say Bismillah & pray for me without whom you would not know how to cook this. =P
  • Put water in a utensil
  • Put all the spices except yogurt in it and let it boil a little while mixing the spices in water with your hand (joking!), with a spoon ofcourse!
  • After it starts bubbling =P, put the mutton pieces in it & stir it with the spoon so the pieces are properly dipped in it
  • Leave it now until the water in it dries then put Yogurt in it and FRY. . . Now I wanted NOT to put any oil in it but I was told by 30 years of experience in kitchen matters, my dear mom that it won’t FRY without oil *blush* so yeah do put oil before yogurt and let it FRY a little after that put yogurt and let the yogurt DRY.

That sounds like an awful cook above! But the result came out as surprise for me. I was not expecting such a taste, it was yummy! I cooked it for all ofcourse but mom insisted I should eat it MORE, not that it was not tasty for them but she is always like that now. Hehe. *wub*

Enough of unexperienced and awful cooking. I know I have said alot of times that I am working on a few articles. You are not seeing any thing till now because I need to think long before it gets done. Draft sort of is ready but I want to make sure it’s good enough before I show it here so just wait & how many of you are interested in such boring articles anyways? It’s clearly visible in last entry =P.

Few of you must know what happened to shia women here few weeks ago. They were killed by ‘Shia Haters’. They were just teachers and nothing else. Those idiots did not even leave the little kids who were with them, killed them also. Mom told me just yesterday that one of the woman was pregnant that’s even more awful. . .Plus one of them had called her husband in village and asked him to come as they are feeling danger but the coward did not do any thing and said night is coming up, we will see in morning. He should have contacted the village elders and went with them. Same village guy is member of provincial assembly, his brother lives in village and is usually ready to do such sort of a thing. The husband should have asked him for help, they could have made it there even in night with a few pickups, guards and even police! *sigh* But it’s all over now.

Do any of you get “ARY One World”; the news channel? I am big fan of Dr. Shahid Masood’s “Views on News” on this channel. I am further a fan of them now for the fact that he has made it to Lebanon like around 9 days ago! He is doing one program daily from Beirut, loving it! Western Media might be manipulated and they might not be showing the real images but Dr. Shahid is sending some real images and really heart breaking. Hezbullah’s spokesman, I forgot his name, a young guy, I think “Hassan Rayaz”, he took all the media on a little tour of the severely hit areas of Beirut. Blocks of buildings destroyed, alot of people mighe be still under the rubble as rescue workers can’t work. The Israelis hit same area all the time! Even if someone was hiding underground, under those buildings, they would be trapped now. . . Hezbullah’s spokesman was asked if he wanted to say anyting to the Pakistanis. *wub* You know what his answer was. He said greetings to the great people of Pakistan who have always stood with Lebanon in the past and have helped us alot then he goes like we love you. Pakistan can’t openly support Lebanon, we are in a mess our selves, but atleast we are better than the Arab kings. . .

Anyone know “Abdul Sattar Edhi”? He is a social worker in Pakistan and I think has the largest network of ambulances around the world. His name has even hit the world records book. Love him for his work, he lives a very simple life and I hope I am not exaggerating his personality here, he has no new clothes, he still wears the ones which he had in his marriage!

Today not just in Pakistan, but in the Muslim world, Abdul Sattar Edhi has earned a reputation as being one of the most selfless and honorable human beings today. Despite his fame and reputation he continues to lead a simple life, he wears traditional Pakistani Shalwar Kameez, of which he only owns one or two, and he owns one pair of slippers, which he has supposedly worn for the last twenty years. This is despite the fact the Edhi Foundation has a $10 million budget, out of which he takes nothing for himself. His son Faisal once stated that when the Foundation was setting up in Afghanistan, local staff had purchased chairs for guests and the press when a new center was being opened, when Edhi arrived he was furious because the money that was spent on the chairs could have been used to help people, that night he slept on the clinic floor with the ambulance drivers.

He has reached Lebanon in such a time! Dr. Masood showed him yesterday and had a little interview with him. Eidhi wanted to buy 100 trucks of supplies from Damascus and then send to Lebanon but he was told by Embassy of Pakistan that trucks and oil tankers were bombed by Israelis, so that’s not a good choice right now. He has given money to Pakistani Embassy, so if a Paki comes to get out of Lebanon, he will be helped there.

You must have noticed “Supporting Lebanon” banner on my site. I figured out a simple way to put it up there, it looks fine in Firefox but not in Internet Explorer. I am working on a “javascript” version of it, after which I will post it here, for anyone to take. You can even now take if it you have experience with HTML and CSS, just search through the Source. I will also change background of current theme today sometime insha’Allah.

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“War against Terrorism” is “War against Islam”

Posted by 23 July, 2006 (8) Comment

I have been looking forward to write articles about the current things. I had to write about Zarqavi, current Muslim situation and now Lebanon too. Plus, I had to write Computer related articles for submitting in SPIDER. Laziness gets me and other work too. Then I am not able to update the site for a few days!

So till I write a new entry about the current Lebanon situation, read this. I wrote this back in the days when America attacked Afghanistan after 9/11 Attacks. Good old days! Don’t laugh at the English, I don’t think its much good but I like the article all together. I submitted it in School magazine twice but it never was printed, the Magazine I mean so my article was not printed either!

The world has changed after September 11, 2001. A Global War against Terrorism began after terror attacks on America.

I would like to ask a question from Americans, rulers of the countries which supported America and specially American President who is acting as Police Chief of this world, were there no terrorists before the attacks on America?

Of course there were Terrorists before the attacks but America did not care for them as it is said, “Those who feel pain are not like those who are away from it”. The summary of what NATO’s president said is, “According to our rules, any armed attack against any of ally country will be considered as attack on all of allied countries and therefore all allies will defend the country which is attacked”. According to this, all allied countries attacked Afghanistan, supporting America.

Where was this rule when ‘IRA’ attacked Britain? Where was this rule before 11th September, 2001?

These are some questions which rise in the heart of a neutral person; if not then these questions will not arise in the heart of Americans. How can this rise in the heart of those people who are so neutral that when they captured ‘Timothy McVeigh’, the bomber of Okalahoma city, they did not ask his religion, they did not ask his race, he was only a criminal and was called a Terrorist. He was captured, case went on him and he was sentenced to death but no action was taken against his Terrorist Organization. That Terrorist Organization is still active in America and its workers still protest.

Irish Republican Army (IRA) is a strong Terrorist Organization inside Britain; they have done Terrorist Acts every where in Britain. Two or three years ago, ‘IRA’ bombed the city of ‘Omagh’, many innocent people died and much destruction resulted from it but NATO Fighter Planes did not drop bombs on bases of ‘IRA’ nor America sent its Naval Fleets to Ireland. The Allied Forces did not gather to take action against ‘IRA’. No one decided to take “Universal Operation” against this terrorist act and America did not demand for them. International News Channel did not broadcast Special Bulletins in title of “WAR AGAINST TERRORISM” on this act of terror.

What the hell this is? When ‘IRA’ attacks Britain and when an American bombs his own country, it is not clash of civilization, they are not called ‘Christian Terrorists’ or ‘Jewish Terrorists’ but when Terrorists from Afghanistan attacked America then it is called Terrorism as well as clash of civilization and start of Crusade & they are called “Islamic or Muslim Terrorists”.

Dear Uncle Sam! Bullets neither have veil nor bombs have a beard , whether bomb blasts in America or in cities of Ireland, it does not have any religion, it has no race, no identity, it is only and only death. If American Philosophy is correct then why didn’t they send Naval Fleets for the Catholics of Ireland, at last they are also enemies of humanity but what to do with this POWER, with this MIGHT, it is a strange thing, it forces the masters that first punish your slaves and then charge them in court. Don’t conceal the reality from eyes of this world; this ‘War against Terrorism’ is ‘War against Islam’.

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India. . .

Posted by 18 July, 2006 (15) Comment

I was born in Pakistan and have lived here, which means you are going to read alot in course books about Independence movement and then about the wars we had with India. Sadly, in these books, they do not tell you the truth. I see every thing as fake except the Independence movement and our Quaid. I will never accept that partition movement was bad or creation of Pakistan was a bad thing to happen. I don’t want to go in all that now so let’s stick to what I wanted to say.

I grew up with a bad image of India, there was only minor exchange of fire between armies of Pakistan and India during my “growing up” except Kargil in 1999, which was a bit more, frankly speaking it did excite me, used to curse them for it and the propaganda they were doing, was extremely happy when an Indian fighter was shot down by Pakistan & then what I remember is that Nawaz went to USA, met with Clinton and Nawaz calls the Army back. I was quite angry at Nawaz doing that, I thought he did bad by calling back the Army.

I had same thoughts about India for next few years until I stumbled upon an Indian in MSN Chatroom, our first conversations were not so pleasent, both of us were to blame though not just me alone. But then after a few days or perhaps weeks we were friends, I had to think a little better of India now because of the friend! Little after that, I came across the real version of Kargil and the wars before with India, which left me shocked & ofcourse it improved India’s image in my eyes. A few points about India were clarified by my friend from India and now I am friends with about 5 Indians!!! & the hatred part for India is no more there, I still have a few concerns about India’s behaviour towards Pakistan but they are nothing too much to worry about.

It’s really amazing and funny when I look at past and remember my hatred for India. I have become so tolerant just because of a friend from India or say friends. Happy about it. Both countries should go ahead with peace and stop their “stubbornness”. This time is not for conflicts but to live with peace and defend together against a wicked giant, America. I don’t see it happening any soon though.

So majority of the friends I know from India live in Mumbai. I heard alot about Mumbai, watched a program about Mumbai on National Geographic yesterday & believe me, I am impressed. They are doing a really good job out there. It’s a very populous city, they told about the trains, how they were being maintained & told new projects in Mumbai. Like they were building a sort of highway around Mumbai in the sea! and a little between Mumbai to divert traffic in those directions so the people are relieved of traffic jams and the trains relieved of congestion. They showed the newly populated area which is called New Mumbai, it was good too. Also showed the new train system which is going to take place in Mumbai sometime, it’s not a train actually but like hanging bus, hehe, but I liked the idea. The compartment was very well designed, it looked little but when they showed it from inside it was quite huge. Onc compartment can hold 100+ ppl. The good thing about all these projects is that their designers and chief engineers are Indians! Come here to Pakistan and you will sight a foreign company completing most of the huge projects. Oh & the most interesting part there was the “Dabbe Wala Service”. It was just amazing. It’s a lunch box service or catering service in Mumbai, where this service provides lunch boxes to thousands of people. The amazing part here is that in all this process, even a single piece of paper is not used and the ones who deliver lunch boxes are illiterate, they deliver according to the signs made on the lunch boxes and a delivery guy was saying that he has been delivering the boxes since past 27 years and not a single box has gone missing or was delivered to wrong person. If they deliver wrong its going to cause a problem because a vegetarian will not eat non-veg and so on. Now the most amazing part is that Forbes Magazine rated this catering service a rating which they gave to billionare companies like General Motors & Motorola!!!
Must have heard about the bomb blasts recently in Mumbai which killed around 180 people and injured hundreds. Whoever did those blasts is not a human to me let alone muslim. If they were “Jihadis”, then they better rule themselves out of Islam and muslimhood because they just not killed 180 people but damaged 180 families and caused trouble for billions of people. Have you seen Mumbai trains in rush hours? If not then look at them, do you really think doing a blast there is human? You are not just going to kill people but jam whole network of transport, which is going to create problem for a hell lot of people. If someone calls himself a muslim and does such an act then he should be ashamed. Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HF) asked us to remove thorns and stones from the public way so that people are not troubled with it and guess what you are doing, placing giant thorns and stones all over for lacs of people whose life is going with the trains.

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Yahoo and MSN!

Posted by 13 July, 2006 (10) Comment

I sign in to Yahoo! Messenger and see something on the top. Guess what it was, I have been waiting for this since the time Yahoo! and MSN announced “partnership” for their instant messengers, both of which are very popular. It was announced months ago but only now it has come LIVE after full release of new MSN Messenger which is now called “Windows LIVE Messenger”.

I thought it will work without any additional steps but I was wrong, I added my Hotmail ID from Yahoo! Messenger but nothing happened, it is being offered as “Beta” right now, both from Microsoft and Yahoo so you have to join the “Beta” before it works. Here are the steps which will enable you to do so.

1. Go to Yahoo! Messenger Beta Sign up page , click “Join Beta”, Yahoo! Sign in page will come, Sign in and you are done.
2. Go to Windows Live Beta Sign up page, click “Try it”, Sign in page will appear, Sign in, read the agreements, duh! You want to do that? LOL, just click on “I agree” and you are done.

Remember to Sign out after doing the above steps and then Sign back in. If you face any problem, just drop by a comment. You will not be able to Sign in after this if you are using an old version of Windows Live Messenger since it will ask you to get the latest but I am not sure if it requires the new 8.0 Beta of Yahoo! Messenger or it can work with the old 7.x version of Yahoo! Messenger. Test it with the 7.5 version of Yahoo! Messenger if it does not work then download the 8.x BETA version. Here are direct download links to Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger with Voice (BETA) and Yahoo! Messenger.

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Posted by 13 July, 2006 (14) Comment

Now I don’t have a fan list of my Blog so I will have to tell what’s happening. I started blogging from Blogspot, it was rather boring so I wanted to have my own domain name and to host a site of my own where I can put what I want. I never posted after February 2006 because I had papers and I was looking forward to my own site instead of the Blogspot experience so that’s why you are seeing new entry after months.

I am amused to see my last entry, “Mambo Rocks”, I spent hours to choose a CMS for my self, I liked Mambo, then decided to go with Joomla but these CMS are way to complicated, when I was able to set things up, I was not able to get the look which I wanted so my search for CMS continued, I have yet to test around 4 more but I can’t wait for my blog till that long because I feel I need to say a few things around on blog, if I don’t I will burst up, ok now that was exaggeration but still…

So my blog is officially “inaugurated” today. There are still a few things which I want to customize so it will take sometime but won’t be visible to you :p. Using “Word Press” as my Blog software, it is basically Blog software but I will call it CMS because it has got features and options which can make it a complete CMS, if you think I am joking just comment and I can point you to sites who are using “Word Press” as their only solution and you won’t even know if its a CMS or Word Press, so if I don’t get what I want from CMS, I will stick to Word Press for all what I want, I am pretty sure every thing I want is there in Word Press then why use something complicated.

I think if I continue today, I am going to write perhaps 4 entries in a row. LOL. I should stop now, lots of things to customize. Feel free to comment =P & tell me how the theme is. If you want me to have your Blog or Site on my Blog then use “Contact me” or leave a comment. You have to tell your Blog/Site, I see it, if it’s good enough I will add but you have to add mine too.

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