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Muharram 1427 &…

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Again comes the month of sadness…I think I had my Board papers in the first days of Muharram last year so I was not able to attend the Majlises properly and participate in the activities. I have got exams this time as well but they are school exams, not much to worry about, perhaps I should worry but anyways, will do deal with them in a good way insha’Allah. Why do some students think they own the school? Seriously, why do they?

This new guy coming from Karachi gets admission in our school. We had Physics Laboratory period today, we go to Lab and perform experiments. Today’s experiment was very interesting so I wanted to perform it my self too and note down. So all of a sudden the Lab Assistant point outs a “Key” and says it’s nuts and the “KEY” is missing. Our teacher was angry about it with the students and took a few names, who are usually always making trouble in the class, so they were shouting with teacher about it. Meanwhile I was able to setup the whole apparatus but was not able to perform the experiment but a few points were not clear to me and I tried to have attention of our teacher but he was busy with the #$(*#($ students…Then the missing parts of the “KEY” were recovered from the trash bin, the teacher was even more angry about it with the students and according to the students, who think this school is their property shouted back at teacher and said you insulted us all!!!

Anyways…The Karachi guy was blamed for it in the end by a few who saw him do it. He innocently replied at that time that he has not done it and then in the class he announced to a few of his NEW friends that he had done that indeed just for “SHUGHUL”, “JUST FOR FUN!”…Hell, they made me miss my whole experiment. I don’t think I will go easy with such #$*(#$* again……

So today at school. A fat sunni fella was calling a cast in Sunnis “KAFIR” because they say “Ya Rasool Allah (saw)”, which is like calling the Holy Prophet (saw) for help…I just laughed out to hear that from him. He was pointing to the sky and saying we should only ask for help from Allah. I was not in a mood to argue with him about it and let him know we think the same and it’s not bad or something. We use our Prophet (saw) and his family as say a reference, as waseela in front of Allah, whose family is the most dear to Allah…

And with Muharram, I am hearing same things which I heard in start of Ramadhan, people wouls stop listening to songs. Men would grow beard for whole month, perhaps 10 days only! and around us, women specially sew black dresses for Muharram each year, not just black clothes but other things too. Like they get new shoes too, :-|…I just don’t know why do they do it? Wearing black is fine but why should they have new set of clothes each year esp. made for Muharram and they think they make the new clothes old by wearing it only once before Muharram for a day’s time :-|

Only Allah knows…May Allah give guidance to us Shias in every thing we are lacking……Just pray I don’t get into arguement with some “Hard THINKING Shia” at village…

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Domain name

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*sigh* No time again! Anyways, I sent a money order and have registered a domain name for my self which is It’s not with “O” but “ZERO” (0). I will be setting up every thing there, including a nice blog…

Change of plans for it as well. I am not gonna host it with 5GIGS. Reason is I am getting even a better host than 5GIGS. It’s all for free and what am I given? You don’t want to hear that ;-) cause it’s just cool and perhaps if you want to get a paid service like it, you would have to pay lots and lots of money in Pakistan & the Pakistani Hosting Companies can only dream about giving such packages for free ;)

Thanks to Syed Mohsin Naqi (, hehe, I did not ask him but I go to know about the free web hosting giving service which he is also using. He’s using the same package too ;).

Thanks to Admin of that site as well. It’s very kind of him. He replies each and every e-mail I send in so much detail. Finally, did I say my exams are starting from 13th next month? Oh yeah they are gonna start, so keep me in your prayers. February 14th, 2006 is coming…Valentine’s Day, I don’t usually like to celebrate this day :-|, I would have a few years ago but not Valentine’s just to celebrate friendship anniversary with a friend, nothing such as Valentine’s day. I am happy though, that it’s Muharram this time and hopefully, most of the Shia brothers and sisters would refrain from celebrating it!!!

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So I was busy with studies etc. in past week or so and that’s why I could not post any entry in my blog. After hearing about a few deaths, of people who were laughing and cheering in morning, while dead just after a few hours…I am thinking what is life…and why people live it bad. I mean life is not something which lasts forever, like its mortal. No human is certain of him self, that what’s gonna happen to him the next minute. Who is sure about it? Who can predict it? No one can…

True, we can make plans, we decide we will do this and that on particular day or date but we never know when death would take us and we won’t be able to do any thing about it, I mean who can escape death? Every one has to die, now or the next minute, today or tomorrow, or after a week or a year…no one can escape death.

We, humans, know all this, we do know all this very very well and yet we do bad things. Ok, let’s forget about every thing else. Just think about hurting people. The person who hurts, does he not know or does he never realize that the next moment he can be dead? Then why do they keep doing the same thing? What on earth do they get?

I am not afraid of death. Let it come whenever it want to come. Good or not, I will face it. Perhaps it’s better than living in this world, but then fighting in this world is better than escaping it. But I am not escaping, perhaps I am. Dunno!

BTW. How will you know if I die?

To do in a few days :

  • Try to setup a proper time table for studies
  • Register a domain name, most probably,
  • Setup Live Domain service on it and setup a blog system which will be hosted free by 5gigs Hosting service
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We enjoy breaking the laws

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Harold Wilson born in 1916, was Prime Minister of UK, twice (1964-70 & 1974-76). Had an astonishing personality. Took lots of bold decisions which improved UK’s image in the world. Did not go with USA in Vietnam war, refused to lower down the value of UK’s currency & put together the first OPEN University of the world. Second Prime Minister of UK for whom Queen Elizibeth came to 10 Downing Street to say a farewell when he resigned.

Prime Minister of Japan, Sato Eisaku, was coming on an official visit to UK, first of a Japanese PM after 2nd World War. He had to come straight from the air port to Wilson’s home. When Sato reached central London with his delegates, Wilson was in Parliament. Japan’s PM would reach 10 Downing Street in 5 minutes, Wilson estimated time to reach his home. He could not reach in time. He picked up the phone, called Police Chief and asked him to block the traffic for sometime so that he reaches home to greet Japan’s PM himself. Police Chief refused by replying, “There is no law due to which we can stop traffic for the Prime Minister. Wilson requests again, Police Chief replies boldy, “No sir! You are a law maker, if you break the law , every PM coming after you will do it and you will be labelled as a law breaker. If you want to be a law breaker then let me know and I will stop the traffic right away.” Wilson did not say a word and put down the phone.

Law is like water, which always flow from top to bottom. If our elders, our leaders obey it, the ones coming after them will also obey and it will continue down till the end, resulting in a better society, a better country, a country where every one will abide by laws, laws will be one for each and every person. Be it a poor or rich, strong or weak. Law is like the foundation of a nation.

George W. Bush is the most powerful leader of this world, so much that he invaded Afghanistan & Iraq when whole world was against it. None of the countries were able to stop him, not even the United Nations. He invaded and destroyed the hell out of those countries. But his own daughters were caught in Texas for alcohol and traffic violations, they were brought in court and sentenced, G.W. Bush, world’s most powerful leader was not able to do any thing to save his daughters. This is law and this is respect of law. Today, USA is the most powerful nation in the world, why? Because it has got some laws and they are respected too. Now let’s have a look at our country, Pakistan, we will melt in shame…

Our leaders, who should be law makers are breaking all the laws of this country. What will be future of such a country? Where law makers are actually the law breakers. When they break the laws what do you expect from the public? When a leader is asked, “Why do you break laws?” He giggles and replies, “I enjoy breaking them.” Just think, when breaking laws is considered a game in some country, what will be the country’s fate? Politician is like mother of the law. Just think what will happen in a country where mothers start crushing their babies, where mothers eat their babies, what will next morning of that country bring?

We are standing on a cliff, towards our destruction…We do not need any astrologist to tell us all of this. It’s written in front of us on the wall. They say Allah’s anger, Allah’s azaab comes down on the country, on the people, who’s guards steal and who’s politicians break the laws.

I am sure, if Wilson was a Pakistani Prime Minister, he would have called the Police Chief, Police Chief would have no need to reply Wilson and Wilson would have no reason to be silent and put down the phone…instead, he would have dismissed the Police Chief, he would have made changes in the laws, he would have changed the constitution of Pakistan, because Pakistan’s Wilson is a thousand times stronger than UK’s Wilson…

May Allah help us…

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Centrino’s new version

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With a new year comes new things. Intel changed its name and then announced new Centrino chips, which are dual core basically. You all out there, who are reading this on Centrino laptops, you have been own3d! LOL, you are seriously owned. Just check the performance of dual core Centrino ;-). It’s just cool. I think I should get one with this chip in it.

Check out the complete article HERE

The prices are quite high but it is a great beast & I would love to pay for it. The same Centrino kinda thing will come in Desktop versions too later this year and imagine what performance will we get. The current highest dual core Centrino while tested on Desktop beats the hell out of Intel X-treme Edition processor! When mobile chip beats X-treme edition, just imagine what will be the performance of Centrino’s chip designed actually for Desktop. If any one happens to know Chinese/Japanese (Frankly, I don’t know which language is this) then check THIS out.

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This is cool!

Posted by 5 January, 2006 (2) Comment

Did I mention this before? The Widget I made has been featured in an article online ;-), and it’s not like just a simple and un-popular Web site but the heart of such stuff. I was quite happy to see it featured there :-D, it was mentioned in the Weekly Gadget Report of 11th Dec – 18th Dec, the best thing is it was available on Internet on 14th Dec, so it made place in the article in just 4 days!

Which is sort of cool for me ;) & I just checked out the downloads of the thing I made, here see it for your self,, it has got 2,369 downloads till then which is roughly like 100 downloads a day and it is damn cool and good for amateur like me! Man, I wish I had done better in exams last year and this too, I got Winter vacations, could have devoted full time to creating one of my own such things…I have to wait now.

I am kinda pissed off with what SPIDER (Pakistan’s Internet Magazine) has said about Windows Vista during 2005, it has been labelled “Disappointment of the Year”, and I have got a big problem with it, it was mentioned in December’s edition of SPIDER, I did not get time to read the magazine in December, I came across it 2 days ago and I was like what the HELL!!! It did improve through out the year and esp. when the last CTP build was released to testers it’s just rocking! SPIDER said it’s just sort of Windows XP with a little tweaked GUI…Idiots!!! I wish I had seen it before, I would have wrote them a big complaining letter about it.

Pissed off with something else too. There’s almost no reliable Online Payment Processor available for Pakistan, I mean like Paypal, they do not offer their services in Pakistan. The only options I am left is Storm Pay & e-Merchant accounts from Cyber Net + Citi Bank, but there’s no Citi Bank branch in my city + I bet their service charges will be something more than I can afford. I am still thinking about making money the HALAAL way. LOL. So if any body of you can help me please do :p. Right now I have to clear up a mess with my studies, I will think deeply about it later when this mess is cleared…*sigh*

Did Santa bring any thing for you people? Din’t bring any thing for me, I did not ask it for any thing though. I wish I were in USA, I would have rushed to Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas (is it the hub of gambling or something?) but anyways, I would have rushed there and attended it. There’s lot to see and experience, all about Computers, Electronics, Technology, Software and what not. I would have perhaps got a chance to see Bill Gates live delivering his ideas, could have seen live demos of Windows Vista being tested live for the folks, and man, if I had enough bucks, I think I would have returned with a truck full of electronics from this show ;-). Anyways, if I live and if I got enough resources, am specially going one day for this show insha’Allah, that is if my life allows me. I think I am copying someone’s blogging style but hey, I know that someone is not gonna mind :p. People, I need your comments not just dropping by!!! & hey, try to click on the Ads :p.

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