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So I will be going today to attend marriage of my cousin sister. I was not going but she threatened me that if I do not attend her marriage she won’t attend mine. *Ehm* & this is quite BIG threat. Hehe. Will get bored a bit since I am not taking my Laptop but never mind, there will be alot there to do plus alot of people around to listen to and chat (Listen I will not chat much).

A feeling is freaking me out. I will be insha’Allah in College after a few months. It’s freaking me out! Going away from home, which I want to but still…But nyways. I will have to go…

Insha’Allah…just trying on my studies. Nothing else.

Oh, Microsoft has invited me for another Beta too. MSN Mobile call it, I checked it out, sounds cool, I checked out from my cell phone through WAP. We will be able to check e-mails through cell phones plus do lots of other things like Chat etc. directly through MSN site then. I was not able to check it though :-(, it keeps giving me errors…I will report it to them soon.

I am still waiting for physical shipment of the new version of Microsoft Office. It’s so cool.

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Happy Birthday Father of the Nation…

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It is August 7th,1947, a viceroy’s Silver Dakota is standing on the Delhi airport, a slim, saintly, exhausted but firm figure, attired in a stainless white sherwani, walks towards the aircraft with his little court. Flight lieutenant Rabbani carries a cane basket full of documents, a servant carries a bundle of newspapers, as he moves towards the aircraft, his face is pale but glowing with emotions. He pauses for a moment, looks back towards the city in which he waged a crusade and won Pakistan. He waves his pale bony hand towards people, spell bound in his respect and regard. He said in a very low voice, “I suppose this is the last time I will be looking at Delhi.” As the aircraft taxies out he whispers, “and that’s the end of that, I never expected Pakistan in my life.”

It’s Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s Birthday today. Father of our Nation, father of Pakistan. A brilliant and bold person who worked day and night for Pakistan, who made the dream come true… He was just just brilliant. Even his enemies and rivals have praised him. He was called “A person whom no one can buy”. He was a man of principles, a person who respected and followed the rules. A great statesman. It’s no hidden fact that in his freedom struggle for Pakistan, the British’ idiots (I will call them that! who got a problem with it?) never got a single chance to get our beloved Quaid into Jail. In almost 40 years of struggle, the English idiots were never able to arrest him. Even Gandhi ji was arrested and sent to jail, many times. Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, Sardar Patel, Abul Kalam Aazad, Moulana Mohammad Ali Johar, all of them were arrested, sent to jail and they had to face the tough time in there but our Quaid was the only leader who was never arrested nor spent a single day in jail. It was not that he did not say any thing against Britain, he did criticize on them, very sharply in press and what not but the British fellas never held him. Why? Because Quaid had spent time in Britain and he was aware of their constitution and mood very well and whatever he said and whatever he did was within their constitution, what would those British fellas hold him for then? :-D

A grand ceremony was going to take place on the morning of 14th August 1947, to celebrate independence of Pakistan. Quaid had to attend it along with the last Viceroy Lord Mountbatten (a stupid fella). When they were about to leave, Viceroy gave an envelope to Quaid and said, “Read this first.” Quaid opened it, read the paper inside, put it back in the envelope and put it in his pocket. Then said, “Should we leave now?” Viceroy said, “Look, I have already warned you. Your life is in danger. The “SIKHS” have a plan to kill you, they are going to kill you in Assembly Hall today, if you go there, you will be killed.” Quaid replied, “If they kill me I will die as a Martyr and it’s a proud for every Muslim so don’t worry about it, should we leave now?” Viceroy continued the same again, “No, no! I care for your life and I want to protect you.” He asked Quaid again to post pone the program but Quaid insisted to go there. He attended the ceremony. All went fine. While returning, the Viceroy said, “Mr. Jinnah, a hearty congratulations for you are saved! Perhaps because I was sitting with you.” DUMB FELLA :-D haha! Quaid replies, “No! (dude :p), Allah is my protector and that’s why I am saved.” Viceroy must be like what the hell when he heard this. lol. Viceroy just wanted to show Quaid down, that your country is newly born, it still needs support of Britain but poor Viceroy, got rejected badly.

He was very careful about how the Government money was spent. Not like today’s leaders, who will even order their kids’ diapers from Government money. Who will send a special plane from a city to another to bring what they forgot. Who will…*sigh* Why am I talking about such idiots? Quaid…He was not like them. He took so much care in such things. He rejected to take the salary he was going to receive as Governer General of Pakistan. He only received One rupee per month as a Salary instead! He was a wealthy man, he was one of the leading barristers of India and used to have alot of income from his job there, he had invested in a few Companies too…He paid a part of Government expenditures of Governer General’s House from his own pocket. He personaly took care of Governer General’s House expenditures and was very strict with the staff about consumption of electricity and water! He was suggested by a few protocol officers that a new Limousine and an aircraft for his use should be bought. He rejected and continued to use his personal old car, which he brought from Mumbai! Those guys kept telling about getting a new car and aircraft and he did when he was told that they are being offered on very good discount. I have seen the things which he used personally in Karachi. Oh, I remember something. My father’s grand ma arr or say my grand grand grand ma went with us on the trip to Karachi, I was too little by then to understand things, she had actually kissed Quaid’s grave when we visited there. I was quite amazed and asked her why did she do that. She said the land you are standing on is due to his efforts, he deserves it. I think I will kiss it too when I visit there next time!!! Oh, and how can I forget. Quaid’s beloved sisters once bought something, from Government’s money, he was quite upset about it when he came across it while checking the month’s expenditures, he ordered the money to be deducted from her account to be given back to Government. *sigh* There’s alot to tell about him but the thing is this TIME! :-(

He was just great…I wish we have such a politician again. Not a single politician will be able to reach his place but atleast they can try to reach a little higher, near him. Every thing was “messed up” after he passed away, just a few years ofter him actually. Oh…we miss you! atleast I do! Forgive us our beloved Quaid…We even did not leave your party alone, the party which fought bravely and boldly for Pakistan. Even that’s divided into parts now…Forgive us…Forgive us…

May Allah have mercy on us and help us to bring back the Pakistan which was Quaid’s dream…which is my dream……

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New movies…

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Addition to my DVD list,

  1. The Mummy
  2. The Mummy Returns
  3. Home Alone
  4. Home Alone 1
  5. Home Alone 2
  6. Home Alone 3 (It’s name is something else. Not clear)

Rite now I feel like watching Home Alone…just want to have a good mood :(

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ICC is a bunch of fools!

International Cricket Council that is. The organization call it which takes care of Cricket related things…They are not fair…They are not!

If Afridi tries to mess the pitch, he gets out for 3 games. If someone see him shaking his mouth, he is labeled as the “BAD NAMES CALLING GUY”. I did not see all this today with English players. England team I mean…Flintoff SHOOK his damn mouth alot today in the match while fasing “RaWalPinDi Express”, Shoaib Akhtar! I wonder if ICC will look into this when Pakistani team reports about it.

Umpires did not give OUT today for atleast 3 English players. I don’t know why! But ICC should have some rules where they can check the hell out of umpires so they cannot do such a thing.

English players were found moving after the batsman was ready to face the ball when the baller started his run. Moving as in changing their fielding positions. WHICH IS AGAINST THE RULES! IT CAN DISTRACT THE BATSMAN PLUS IT CAN TRICK HIM TOO.

Where was/is ICC? They are just…

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Wat’s new?

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How do you people manage to be NO Lazy. lol. I am fed up of my laziness. Isn’t giving me any good but causing harm…

I despite of all efforts cannot write something which isnt related to Computers or Technology. I certainly don’t want to tell private things over here, I got the best people from Allah regarding that :-D. So why should I waste my time by telling things here? Hehe.

I need consistency in studies. Just pray and drop a few comments if you can about how to be consistent and all that.

I think it’s time for me to sue this ISP! Actually to sue all ISPs of Pakistan since their service is just terrible. It will not work properly when you are at an emergency. It will make you cry! I just hate their speed. I think it’s some kinda POLICY of them, the more user will be online the more will we fill our pockets! Who knows…Unlimited Dial-up packages were once very expensive and not something every person could afford but now prices have dropped. You can get unlimited for something which you had to pay for 50-100 hours per month in some cases! I don’t know when the situation will improve. We need DSL/Broadband/High Speed Internet and I wonder when will it reach us. PTCL is the only Telephone service provider in Pakistan & they are the ones who are controlling the Gateways for Internet traffic coming to and going out of Pakistan. They are improving too but only reason is competition. More Companies are getting chance to get in Pakistan.

PTCL has done a few blunders in the past. As said, they used to be the ones who would control Internet. All Internet backbone to Pakistan was controlled by them, so they had set very high prices for bandwidth usage for ISPs other than their own (PakNET Online). Then a time came when they blocked VOIP (Voice over IP or Voice over Internet in other words). They blocked it with reasons that it’s causing a harm to their Telephone services. Why? Because they used to charge say Rs.80 per minute to USA whereas VOIP in some cases was free and in other was only a few Rupees per minute! Free for PC 2 PC calls and a bit of charges for PC 2 Phone calls. Then they decided to get “ISLAMIC” and do something which would stop the masses of Pakistan from surfing pornography, Pakistani IT experts were harsh on PTCL for this purpose, fine blocking such content is very good thing but the methods they used for blocking were just useless, one could easily by pass it and they wasted millions on it without getting the result. PTCL bought only one Internet back bone for it self to be used by all Pakistan, which usually cuts down atleast once in a year’s time causing damage to our economy and people. There was no Internet for many days a few months ago…

Looks like the situation is improving now. More and more Companies are coming and investing in Pakistan. Broadband/DSL providers have started working in the large cities of Pakistan with reasonable prices too, but I hear their speeds are still bad. Reason for that is usual Telephone copper lines. They are old now, we will only get full speed if these lines are upgraded fully forever. I read a jobs notice yesterday in news papers, a new Telecom company is starting to lay its own cable in the Capital Islamabad for broadband internet and Telephone services, so I hope the situation will improve. Plus, Warid Tel has also planned to lay fibre optic cable across Pakistan, they will start their own Telephone service + broadband and they will be providing bandwidths to ISPs too in very reasonable prices which will effect the end users too, like me! ETISALAT is the company who bought 25 percent of PTCL in an open auction, now they are unable to pay for it. I have heard its because they are not able to make banks give them money to be invested in Pakistan…If ETISALAT takes over PTCL, it will improve by leaps and bounds…insha’Allah.

Let’s just hope…

I have been labelled as Microsoft lover and Bill Gates big time fan too and they said I try to defend their products too much. I mean why not? Its because of Microsoft and Bill Gates that we have reached here. They were the ones who gave future visions of things. They are the ones building more and more. Then they call Billy stole software from Apple and IBM and bla bla bla. My foot! You are all loosers :p. When you cannot compete a Company you just put them in court and label them as “CHEATERS” and “BAD PLAYERS” and wat not. If your products were good enough, they would have struck through! Mozilla’s example is in front of you…

Another thing, “It’s better to fail than to cheat.” Right? But when someone fails why are they not welcome? Why are those passed through who cheat?

What a world this is…Wonderful!

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Windows Live Messenger

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As mentioned earlier. I got’s Beta invitation and I am part of it :-D. I cannot post it’s Snaps rite now because I am not sure if that will come in Microsoft’s policy or not. I certainly don’t want to loose my Beta Tester status. I waited for it for a very long time. Oh, and I got 2 invitations the other day. Microsoft gave away 2 invitations for Live Messenger to all Beta testers who are part of Live Messenger. I gave them both to my friends & there’s another great news for ME. I am also selected in upcoming version of Microsoft Office Professional!!! I have seen its snaps and read its reviews, it’s reallie cool but there’s one problem. My Internet is only a dial-up, worst of a Dial-up actually and the file size to be downloaded is 400 MB! :-/ I applied for a Physical shipment though, they will send me a few CDs/DVDs with all that in it but it said it will reach me in maximum of 6 weeks. So I have to wait for a long long time!!!!!!

Since I am not able to post Live Messenger’s snaps, here are some of its new noted features ;-

Your Contacts

  • Unified Contacts
  • 600 Messenger Contacts
  • Word Wheel
  • Edit your contact’s Info
  • Nicknames (Rename your contacts)

The Art of Instant Messaging

  • Offline IMs
  • Conversations While Appearing Offline
  • Time Stamps

Messenger Face Lift

  • Orange
  • Pick Your Color
  • Toning it Down
  • Display Picture Functionality
  • Frameless Menu Entry
  • Fixed Scrolling


  • How-to
  • Safety
  • Updating Files
  • Multiple Computers
  • Size Doesn’t Matter
  • With whom?

Computer-2-Phone Calling

  • Cheap and easy
  • Crystal Quality
  • MCI Partnership

Windows Live Video Integration

  • See the latest Videos

For more detailed list of features, check @ Official Blog for Live Messenger

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