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Some Betas….

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here is news about a few Betas from Microsoft (ofcourse)…

MSN Messenger

MSN Messenger 7.5 – Download Here
A-Patch (multi MSN and lots of other options for this version of MSN) – Download Here

Main page in this has been changed and other little little changes also.

Microsoft OneCare Live – (The Antivirus software from Microsoft!)

yup. it has also arrived. It’s in beta right now. I have applied for the Beta. lets see if they roll me in or not.

Microsoft have not announced a released date as yet for the product, and it is unclear whether the company plans to charge for the software (note – setup screenshot two might suggest a subscription model is in the works). When Onecare was announced in May, Microsoft received criticism for offering anti-virus software that protected users from failings in the Windows OS. With Longhorn only just entering beta phases, one might draw the conclusion that Microsoft took the decision to offer a product like this to protect users against serious Windows flaws that require serious Windows updates. This aside, the Antivirus business is a lucrative one; with a ‘unique’ insight into the way its software works, Microsoft could add another integrated product to a already crowded market.

So far, reports from Beta 1 appear positive. The program, we are told, is ‘surprisingly good’. Included in the package are two CD-Rs to help users test the backup function provided. Readers in the US interested in testing the product can do so by entering the Beta ID ‘OneCare’ on Betaplace.

Screenshot – 1
Screenshot – 2
Screenshot – 3
Screenshot – 4
Screenshot – 5
Screenshot – 6 (I have water in my mouth for this CD.) Lolz.

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Hotmail is gonna strike soon!

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I am all time die hard fan of every thing related to Microsoft. Hotmail is one of them. It’s being critisized all over the Internet and is compared with those of Yahoo! Mail and Google’s G-Mail
both of which are providing 2 Gb of space…

Well to answer every one. Microsoft has started a Beta phase of new Mail system, which will be finally taking over Hotmail, that means Hotmail is gonna be updated sometime soon insha’Allah…and some guys have posted a few links to the new mail system…I will be giving its link in the end…

It will have 2 GB :) with new anti spam techniques…which is gonna be so cool. Personally, right now 250MB of email space is enough for me. I have only filled 4% of it yet. :D But 2 GB is gonna rock. It’s better to shut other’s mouth u kno.

Here are the Screenshots.

Today Pane
Smilies in emails
Contact pane

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Water Ice on some crater at MARS.

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this is so cool

Check the pic out HERE

P.S. I have added Google Ads and Google Adsense Search. Guess what it is. ;) its a way to make money. Lolz. like they will be showing their Ads and giving u money according to it…

Lets see when I get first 50 $ cheque from them.

I am trying to find out a Direct download link of Windows Vista Beta 1. :(

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Great review for a great OS by great person!

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I just checked out Windows Vista Beta 1′s Review by Paul Thurrot and I have to say…Windows Vista is gonna be so COOL!

Thanks to Paul for posting such a nice review! :) I am your fan Paul!

Above is the link to the Review Paul has posted…

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IE 7 Beta 1 Tested by ME!

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In the name of Allah, the most Merciful the most Beneficient…

First of all SHUKRAN ya Allah for Allah gave me the strengh to pass through something and also for giving me such nice friends…and then BIG BIG BIG Thanks to all of my friends. I will not name any one here due to privacy concerns and then what if I miss someone’s name and what if I write someone’s name ahead of another. Lolz. They might mind it. They know them selves whom I am thanking :)…Thanks for what? For helping me in a very hard time…very hard indeed…

Microsoft has released Windows Vista Beta 1 to its TESTERS and it shall release it by 3rd of August to MSDN Subscribers also…I have been so excited about it. Not only me but so many people around the Internet are so much excited about it…They are releasing it like to 15,000 testers per week or something like that…I wish I were in a few of them :D…Microsoft along with Windows Vista Beta 1, also released Internet Explorer 7 Beta 1, which I do not think is a Public release but also to the testers, its only available for Windows XP Service Pack 2…For more information about how to get it…Please visit HERE …

I downloaded the Internet Explorer Beta some how ;) and tried to install it. The first thing I noticed during its installation is that it might be a little tricky to install it over Windows XP versions which are PUTE (if you know what I mean!)…But there is a way around that too. Microsoft has I think only included a few Corporate keys which the Piraters are using on very large scale and selling it to people, illegal thing ofcourse…One can by pass this check by either disconnecting your Internet or Un-activating current Windows XP, changing the Product Key then activating it back! It will be installed…

I was waiting very much for both of Windows Vista and IE7, esp IE7 because I can download it by my stupid Dial-Up connection which has only got 5 Kbps…but I was very disappointed when I installed Internet Explorer 7 Beta 1 and tested it :(…

Reasons…I am posting two Screenshots below…One is of Mozilla Firefox while the other is of Internet Explorer Beta 1…just look at them and you will know the differece…Firefox wins!

Internet Explorer 7 Beta 1 – Click to Enlarge

Firefox (The BROWSER!) – Click to enlarge it…

Just look at the difference between these two…Here are a few things which I found in Internet Explorer 7 Beta 1…

  • The graphical look is very simple, c’mon Microsoft I need good graphics while I am browsing and Themes option will be brilliant if included in it!
  • The Computer’s speed it self became very slow after I ran IE7 Beta 1. God knows why! But my P4 2.8 Ghz acted like a 800 Mhz running with low memory when ever I ran IE7 and especially when you switch between the Tabs and when you click to open new Tabs.
  • Address bar is on the very top! I did not like this thing at all…and then you cannot move the things around! Only Standard Buttons and the Control pane can be moved from one place to another, you cannot move the Address bar and the things along it.
  • Navigation Buttons should not be there on the Top…looks strane and is not comfortable.
  • Stop/Refresh button has become one and is just ahead of the Address bar and it’s size is very very small!
  • This Beta cannot be much customized. I hope that they include customization in the upcoming versions otherwise Microsoft is gonna lose grip of Browser market!
  • I would have loved to have STOP, REFRESH, HOME buttons as in current IE6!
  • Tab bar size is not constant. It changes with every Website opened and according to that Site’s title…It should be constant, and when the tabs increase, sizes of all the Tabs should decrease with a constant ratio as in they should remain EQUAL in size…
  • There are absolutely no options for setting Mouse gestures or any thing as such. The Middle moust button opens up a link in new Tab…but where are detailed options?
  • The Add-on thing is much appreciated. You select what you want to be loaded with IE…or if you want to run without Add-ons, that’s also possible!
  • Phishing technology they have in this version. Which is like when you visit some not much reliable site and which are FISHY, and which can take your personal information without your knowledge, if Phishing turned on. You will get notified. Actually, they will be keeping a whole list of Websites and get them updated on some main server with them. Like Phishing site list and each time you visit a site, IE will contact the main server and check if the Site you are visiting is OK or NOT. I do not know nor I have heard but it sounds a bit like privacy is ruined…although they do say something…I was astonished to see that Phishing option started blinking when I visited Microsoft Market Place, where you get Softwares etc. related to Microsoft..its Officially run by Microsoft and I was told that its a Phishing site…Now either Phishing thing was gone nuts or Microsoft is really doing that?

Well, I still have hopes. It’s only first Beta of IE7 not the final release. I hope they furnish it up so I can revert back to use Internet Explorer instead of Firefox! I really miss IE, but I am not ready to use it unless it gets head to head with Firefox!

Long live Microsoft! May Allah help you people to create some good piece of IE! :D I might post all this to Microsoft too ;)…lets c!

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First entry!

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Hello everyone,

So now I am a BLOGGER too. It’s my very first entry. Don’t know what should I write …I should start I think from Microsoft.

I am waiting for their Windows Longhorn which has now been named Windows Vista…I have been waiting so much for it’s releases. I don’t have got Official subscription to Microsoft that I will be getting a Beta from them, but there are so many ways to get you know ;)…so I am waiting…The fact I hate is that I am on a Dial-Up and it will take ages for me to download an OS…

So, Microsoft has now named it as Windows Vista, it’s Beta 1 will be released on August 3…Very near indeed. They will also be releasing the new version of Internet Explorer 7, it will be a Beta as well. I am waiting for it also, as I am sick of people telling me how much they hate IE7. I have used Firefox and its a fact that its so cool and Microsoft have ignored development of IE that’s why it is facing such a situation and they are making a new Browser in such a rush!

And before all these BETAS, I will have to go under a big test my self. Lolz. My result is gonna come on 27th instant…and its reallie terrifying me…

I will leave now…

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